. Due to some of the big changes in windows 11, i think that more portable tablet style touchscreen devices like the surface pro 7 – are probably the biggest beneficiaries in regards to the changes that were made in windows 11.. So, im going to give you here today a very quick re review, so to speak of a year old device in the surface pro 7 and tell you now look theres the surface pro 8 out now its got thinner, bezels its got a fast refresh rate, but The surface pro 7 is still pretty darn good. I think it still looks great still performs quite admirably and with windows 11 it might have just gotten a brand new lease on life. So the surface pro 7 that we are going to be talking about today is my surface pro 7. ive been using it for a long time like i said this is the core i5 model. Of course that means its got four cores eight threads. This is an ice lake processor base clock at 1.5, gigahertz and performance on this thing isnt. You know crazy good by any stretch of the imagination, but for a device that is this thin and is this portable and can do all the cool things that a surface pro device can do its definitely adequate. But since of course were here to talk about software im not really going to spend a ton of time on the hardware instead lets just jump into the operating system itself.

If you dont know, if you are uninitiated in the world of windows 11, of course, this is going to look quite radically different to you and i am just simply recording the screen of my surface pro 7 here. That is what we were doing, so everything you see here that was loud is going to be captured directly off of my surface pro 7.. So this is windows 11., so youre going to notice first off the taskbar down here. Everything is now centered in windows. 10. Your start menu was all the way over here on this side, but now in windows, 11 everything is centered. Your icons are centered. Your start menu is senator when you hit that start button, youre graded by a start menu that looks radically different as well from what youre used to the live tiles are gone. Instead, you have icons that you can pin there as you please, as well as recommended items down here at the bottom, which are recent apps and recent files as well. Now, of course, you can still access all your apps by touching or clicking on that all apps button, and then you have your list of applications there as well, so thats actually fine. As far as i care, i think it looks okay. Now, if you like, the live, tiles im, sorry they are gone, but there are more changes here as well. Lets look further to the right of the taskbar youll notice that things look a little bit different here, thats pretty much the same, but if we touch the battery button were going to get this little pop up thing here.

It has some quick settings, your brightness and your volume. This is very chrome os. Looking to me much like how the start menu is very chrome, os. Looking look at the nice animations as things come off and on screen, i think everything looks really quite nice. Your notification center with your calendar and everything uh looks again similar, look, everythings, rounded everythings kind of see through clear and generally things look pretty good on the left side. If you swipe in you have a widgets panel, which i wont use, i dont use theres, not enough widgets there that do much for me and if you dont use microsoft, edge heres a big problem, because if you click on any of these things, it will open An edge, regardless of what browser you are defaulted to, it is no respecter of browser preference. Unfortunately, if we dive into the settings application here, everythings laid out in a pretty logical way and once you kind of get used to it, i think its a positive change from windows 10. Now there are problems here, because not everything looks like this. For instance, if you click on more sound settings, unfortunately you get this layout, which looks so strange now. This looks so off and odd when compared to the rest of windows, 11 and, of course, control panel is still here as well. These things are quite disappointing to me id like to see these things at least look like windows 11, let alone being here at all, but i digress.

That is probably the worst part about this. I didnt mention that if you hit your start menu and then you start typing, youll get a search thing that pops up as well, just like weve had in windows for quite some time, and it works great. The file browser has gotten a refresh as well to match this new theme, and i find that actions like resizing it work really well with the touch screen moving it around works really well, with the touch screen, we also have a new menu if you hover over The maximize minimize button – and you get these snap layouts, where you can click on one of these squares, and it will put it in that spot so that, if youre doing something like using your web browser here and lets mouse over there lets put that there and That there, it just basically makes the snap layout that weve had in the past, much easier to use versus just simply dragging it to the edge which does still work now in regards to touch screens here, which is something important with the surface pro 7. A cool thing here is that if i disconnect my keyboard like so so, the keyboard is now off. You will see that there is now a keyboard icon in the lower right hand corner and if you hit that button youre going to get this brand new floating keyboard. And i think that this keyboard is a step in the right direction.

In terms of appearance. But also in terms of performance, you can change this thing over to the traditional layout, which is larger and adds a few more keys, theres, also the small layout, which you can kind of stick into a corner and thumb type with as well. You basically just have some options here now that all i think look pretty good and perform pretty well, but maybe my favorite thing about this new keyboard. Is this icon right here, the microphone icon, which is a new, better dictation software for windows 11.? And if we select a text box here, lets go ahead and do this shane craig surface duo2 review and we could go ahead and hit enter there and be checking out some content on my youtube channel, which i dont think has actually propagated uh to no there. It is okay, so we are on google already and, of course, punctuation, and things like that also do work. Well, i find this to be a really nice feature to have, because i use speech to text on my mobile devices all the time and i love having it working really well here on windows 11., so windows 11 does run really well here. On my surface pro 7, and if we look at some geekbench scores, it might actually run better than it did on windows 10.. You can ignore my terrible scribble and hear my handwriting actually done with my surface pin here on my surface pro 7.

, a geekbench score here on a surface pro 7 just running windows: 10.. That was your score 1168 and ‘.81. On my year old i5 running windows – 11. Well, my scores went up on both now this isnt, a huge jump by any stretch of the imagination im not going to tell you. Oh yeah performance is like way better or even noticeably better, but performance has improved a little bit. Battery life has remained about the same for me four or five hours of screen time. One good solid, hard days work and i could probably kill this thing, but thats the same as it was before, so no real change there. There have been a few bugs here, though, on windows 11. bear in mind. I am using the beta build and some weird things have gone on here in general, like the fact that its supposed to show larger icons on my taskbar here when i go into tablet mode, but that just isnt happening at the moment. So theres been some weird stuff. Ive also had my touch screen, just stop working and have to uh reboot windows. Hello has been working really well over the last couple of weeks, but before that it was really spotty, it would wake up and it just wouldnt work. It would sit there and look at me and it would give me an error and id have to use my pin to unlock or reboot to get windows hello to work again.

Sometimes, when im plugged in charging the charging icon down here at the battery does not actually reflect that im charging thats a little bit weird and at least once my audio stopped working. So these are some bugs i have experienced, but i think the experience has still been all overall better on windows 11 than it was on windows 10, just because the interface looks so good, its so smooth when you open up these things. Moving around the settings moving around the interface is so snappy and so fast, and it looks so good to my eye. I really do like it now. You got to keep in mind that the surface pro 8 does exist and with the surface pro it, you get a 120 hertz refresh rate on the screen, which is really nice to have thats a great thing to have around you get smaller bezels. You get a replaceable, solid state drive, you get a new pin the slim pin instead of this pen grain that is sold separately as usual, a new keyboard case, which is has a little bit less flex and is apparently better graded. I do think that the old keyboard is not perfect, but its still a really good mobile keyboard, especially considering how thin it is. But the new one is meant to be better and it does charge the pin as well so theres a lot of good stuff there.