That works better with you and for you, we’ve redesigned the experience of windows without a keyboard, so it adapts to you instead of the other way around we’ve refined. The ways you interact with your pc to give you the flexibility to work, how you want and we’ve created new experiences to make windows your go to not just for productivity, but also content and entertainment. So, first adaptability. I have a two in one because i didn’t want to also buy a tablet, but to be honest, i never use it without the keyboard because it feels too different. Windows 11 always feels like windows and you’ll see what i’m talking about. As soon as you detach your keyboard it’s the same beautiful center taskbar, just with a touch more space between the icons, we’ve added, bigger touch targets and subtle, visual cues to make resizing and moving windows easier. You still have snap to make the most of your screen and when you rotate, not only is it smooth but we’ve stacked them on top of each other, because it just makes sense, we’ve also added gestures, because we know how important they are, especially when you don’t Have a keyboard and they’re the same ones you use on the trackpad today, so you don’t have to re, learn how to use your device it’s a consistent experience with subtle differences to make windows adapt to you next we’ve refined the different ways that you can interact With your pc, so you can use it.

However, you want to many of you like to use a pen because it’s a great way to sketch out ideas or highlight and take notes with windows, 11 we’re enabling haptics to make using your pen even more engaging and immersive. I cannot wait for you to get your hands on one of these because it’s amazing to feel and hear the vibrations as you click and edit and write and sketch or you can use the new touch keyboard, which is amazing. There are new themes, so you can make it yours, it might even feel like the one you have on your phone. You can swipe, with your thumb, use the spacebar as a cursor and it wouldn’t be complete without emojis and gifs, Music and last, but certainly not least, voice typing. Arguably the fastest way to get your ideas down on paper windows 11 is so good at recognizing. What you say, and it can automatically punctuate for you, cool right and there are voice, commands, delete that and finally, we’ve created new experiences to make windows more versatile, not just a place for productivity, but also your go to for content and entertainment. Anytime i’m. On my pc, i could check stuff, like my calendar, the weather and the news. Instead, i normally pick up my phone because it feels quicker and doesn’t mess with what i have on my desktop. This great new feature called widgets, keeps you up to date with the stuff that matters to you without you having to lose your place, it slides over your desktop, and you can use it like this or you can make it full screen to see everything at once.

You can rearrange and resize your widgets to quickly check everything from calendar to traffic to the latest in esports. But my favorite part is the news feed and i think you’re going to love it too, because it adapts to you and what’s important to you and delivers stories that might interest you, whether that’s international politics, tech or the local news to help you stay close to Your community, which means a lot to me personally, and not only can i stay up to date. I can even support local content creators and authors by giving them a tip. The last way, i want to show you how we’re making windows 11 great for entertainment is in the microsoft store. We’Ve redesigned the entertainment tab to bring you top movies and tv shows from across streaming services. All in one place, then you can either cuddle up in bed or project to your tv with wireless connect. Music windows 11 makes the pc even more personal. By adapting to you empowering you to work and create, however, you like, and by giving you the best of productivity and entertainment all in one place.