In this case, my little iso image for windows 11. – i believe you can also hit on the power the volume up button, as well as the power button that will actually make you go into the bios in this case. But so here we are the traditional um setup menu im going to go ahead and click next to install. Now this is a full fresh out of the box windows. 11 installation, not an update, even though the process will probably be pretty similar once this particular scene. Here is completely finished: go ahead and bend this down a little bit. Try to get a full screen here right now, its asking for a product key im going to go ahead and have one, maybe it just doesnt like that. Oh there we go. Obviously your big agreement here im going to go ahead and hit next im going to do a custom installation as opposed to an upgrade. This device does have a windows 10 on it. So im going to go ahead and do a fresh new installation here, im going to go ahead and delete all these partitions. Basically, your windows, 10 installation plus recovery, drives and goodness knows what else in these little partitions here just clicked on next and now you can see the installation is continuing to go. Youve definitely seen this. The installation for windows 11 is very similar to windows 10. So, im just going to go ahead and bypass this part here.

Actually let me speed through it just see how long it takes im pretty sure it shouldnt take any long longer than uh. Obviously, that time i installed windows 10 on that netbook, Music. Music do Music! Do Music, Music Laughter, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so i would say that the insulation actually took about, i would say, eight to ten minutes or so maybe about two or three reboots. One little thing i want to know immediately if youre actually going to go ahead and install windows 11 from scratch on this particular tablet by using the usb thumb drive after the first reboot be sure to disconnect your usb or actually just about just before it reboots. For the first time after it copies over the files go ahead and disconnect your usb thumb drive. Otherwise it will attempt to reboot into the usb thumb drive again starting the whole process all over. You can always bypass that just by disconnecting it rebooting the tablet and itll continue where it basically left off just want to go ahead and make a note of that, because i did notice that on an earlier attempt when the noticing not trying to install basically this Os on this particular device, but you can definitely see here – the installation is complete and now basically our little uh setup over here, uh just a little bit of a feedback im not going to be connecting to wi fi just immediately and well just go ahead and See how things work out just out of the box, i will definitely go ahead and proceed with updates and drivers obviously need to be downloaded as well too.

Lets get the keyboard layout, just the basic stuff connecting to wi fi. Another reason i actually dont like to connect to wi fi during this setup, because then microsoft will kind of really force you aggressively to create a microsoft account, as opposed to just using a local account. So let me go ahead and continue with limited setup now heres a area where i previously also ran into an issue here. Unfortunately, as you notice some other little windows, 10 videos that actually mess with the surface go 2 tablet on did notice that occasionally it does take a moment for this keyboard to actually just get up and running, but that doesnt seem to be the case here. The keyboard actually is not even loading whatsoever, which is no bueno. Definitely not good. Im gon na go ahead and click on the little accessibility icon down here, make your computer easier to use. I just went ahead and turned on the on screen keyboard. This is not the default one that will show up. Obviously, when you forgot to actually click there, when you actually do go into an area that does require you to go ahead and type stuff in go and not set up a password to minimize this. For now, and just continue here, some privacy set im going to go ahead and turn all these off. I cringe a little bit to be honest when i see anyone really just hitting accept all these.

This uh particular one here about the inking and typing is uh. You just have to admit just a little creepy and looks like its just gon na go ahead and proceed with a couple. Other things here so probably just take a moment. Lets just go ahead and speed right through this Music, Music, Music, Music. All right, we are in the main menu here. Basically, the windows desktop and windows 11 on this tablet and go ahead and reduce the on screen again, you know its obviously because im not connected to wi fi, a lot of icons here that just load by default. Slightly annoying but dont appear to be showing also. Additionally, this is a little strange thing if you actually try to go ahead and connect on the magnifying glass for a search. Nothing appears to be loading and even more so almost looks like explorer, actually crashed, see all the icons reload. Let me go ahead and just give you that abnormality over here again magnifying glass does change color, you notice that everything disappears and then the icons all basically reappear. Obviously this this uh device is begging me to connect to the internet and download some drivers, so lets go ahead and take care of that. This probably take a while so ill go ahead and show you the finished product in just a moment. Those windows updates definitely take. They take quite some time to install, but not just the updates uh, a bunch of device drivers, obviously, and even a firmware, update um during one of the reboots i didnt notice, a little uh surface, uh status bar appeared saying that its actually updating the firmware not To go ahead and turn the device off.

I wasnt expecting that, but here we are basically windows. 11, all updated for the most part. I would say i have not seen any further updates, and now you can actually see that the start button is working correctly, and so also when clicking on this particular icon. Here as well, cant really say what was happening earlier when i would actually click on this, and it almost looks like the explorer um in task manager just crashed. But the good news is everything is working. A okay now – and i actually do have the little battery uh saver option here. You can see. Ive actually had this tablet on, for, i would say about 25 now, maybe about 20 minutes or so, and it basically just dropped down like two percent since um. Actually uh being here, so i did go ahead and um just a little earlier, while it was still plugged in open up one or two youtube videos and just explore around everything seems to be working pretty, ideally for the most part, obviously as much as it possibly Can obviously dont forget this is not a high performance tablet, not none whatsoever, but youll definitely see that all the apps are here actually got rid of a bunch of little junky apps. I dont really use as well. You might, but i definitely dont need it when i had the justice and privacy set and said all the updates and everything appears to be running pretty well now, um a little reactive on the uh double click there, but heres the good news, if you click on Any area that does need the on screen keyboard.

It now does automatically come up, as it probably should be so thats. Definitely a good thing here just going to go ahead and click here and just uh type in you see, you know just typing in device, get device manager and everything just go ahead and click on that. If it opens up correctly itll open up the wrong thing, but no big deal, let me go ahead and bring up a little youtube. Video here and microsoft edge is actually a little review. Video that i made some time back of the dji osmo mobile 5 gimbal go ahead and play this. This is obviously playing in 1080 video. I dont want you. This video is obviously available in 4k, but i dont really want to push this tablet further to limit by actually playing it in 1440 or 4k video you can see its actually performed pretty well, obviously playing in the higher resolution than this will probably cause a little Bit of a stutter and frame skip to some degree, looking pretty good for the most part, so hows. This uh windows 11 perform on this tablet compared to windows, 10.. Obviously getting the initial startup was uh, quite cumbersome and just really time consuming. For the most part, the most basic things, such as the on screen keyboard, which is not working just out of the blue, as it really should be even windows. 10. I was able to connect to the wi fi automatically without turning on something like the on screen.

Keyboard from the accessibility, which is just so old school, i think the last time i do that i really did that was uh installing windows 7 on hardware, that really shouldnt be supporting windows 7. But of course all of us definitely know our tricks around. That particular restriction there, so this video definitely um performed pretty well go ahead and skip ahead a little bit and uh yeah. Definitely you see that it is uh working, pretty well im gon na go ahead and pause, this just minimize it, and i did change the default wallpaper to this nice little sunshine um stuff over here i would say, for the most part, this tablet is working. Are you okay on it? If windows 11 is your desire to actually use on this tablet go for it um, depending on your model. Obviously i do recommend youre using an 8 gigabyte model because, obviously running anything, even just a browser or even open up word will immediately start giving you some memory issues when um just uh just doing basic uh little tasks like that youll start having an issue, but Thats not really the os as well its just the hardware. You will experience the same thing in windows, 10.. Everything seems to be working pretty straight so far, so hopefully you guys found this. Video pretty entertaining definitely should like and subscribe um. Let me know your particular experiences if you actually own this particular tablet, the previous generation or even the new one, the surface go 3, which i believe is uh just has a slightly better cpu um, i believe.

Maybe the borders here are just a little bit. Maybe a little bit smaller, so you get more screen and theyll. Definitely that was a big upgrade from the surface go to the second generation tablet. Obviously this is a pretty good device and i definitely do have a review if you want to go check it out out of the box and getting windows 10 up and running and shooting some videos on it as well too.