As a result of this reply, i immediately installed the windows. 11 developer, build on my machine as a lot of people recommend you not to do. It’S been out for 24 hours and i’ve been really enjoying it. I’Ve been playing some games and edited 4k video. Without any issues in this video, i will show you my first impressions with windows: 11 in 4k, let’s check it out Music. So here we are the first thing: we’ll notice is the nice wallpaper the center transparent taskbar, with some more spacing as well on the right side and uh yeah let’s, just press start. So this one is actually looking beautiful and i already see some animations going on. They actually are respecting now the beautiful third party um icon design. So if you press on all apps, we have still a list here. Oh i see this cutting out a bit there, but yeah let’s go back so we’re, seeing some some beautiful designs, very minimalistic. Very simple: um, some user settings, a power setting also pop up slide up with rounded corners, looking very beautiful, so let’s press search all right. This is very fast. So, for example, explorer we get that so it actually works the same as just pressing start and then uh so yeah. I would say you can also use start for this um right here. We have the task view with virtual desktop. So here this is a different desktop i’m, seeing some oh artifact just updated um, but yeah, very nice and then as well.

You can add some new desktops. If we click this, it will expand widget area. We have some nice widgets here. We can also see here that, if you can add a widget, you only have these options right now, which would be very nice if there would be um some third party applications or widgets in here, for example, discord or whatsapp. That would be very nice, but for now this looks great too we got some weather calendar um. Some news, probably we’ll, use edge search the web here. So the thing we’re noticing as well is uh once we’re opening an application, for example, so let’s say spotify and we close it. It actually makes a very beautiful animation in a task bar unpinning this one from the taskbar. You see that already that beautiful snap to the center, the animation is very nice and as well opening it and minimizing it. So for opening then spotify here, um powertoe is also still working, which is very nice. You see here that you have this beautiful bar as well expanding on the right side of the taskbar. We actually have a split action center in two fly outs. So if you press on the clock here uh, you can see some notifications as well as a calendar, and if you close this, you will see here. If you press on the settings, you will have a settings fly out, and this just looks very, very beautiful. You can add and pin and unpin some settings as well and if you hear select the sound, you can quickly change this the volume.

So that is also a very beautiful sound. They did some amazing sound design for windows 11. So it would have been very nice that if you press this arrow, it expands into different audio volumes for um for different windows and different applications. So maybe that’s an id for the future like air trumpet something microsoft has updated for windows 11. Is the contacts menu design so here we’re, seeing some beautiful easy on the eyes settings and if you press show more options, you will still have the older design with some more options, also in dark mode right here, which is very nice. So if we then open file explorer, we will see that this design is also on here, also noticing some beautiful expanding. This as well looks very nice, but if we go to file explorer, you will see that it had in has a new header and with simpler options. It would have been very nice if they have an additional tab section. So you can add different tabs different file. Explorer tabs, but maybe that’s an id for the future and as well the same context menu on this one, which i like a lot new colorful icons, which i think are very coherent and nice. So next to this they actually updated the settings panel. So if we right click on this, we go to settings, we will see some very beautiful layout with some new icons as well. So we start off at system and on here we can actually already see the windows update, which is very easy.

Furthermore, i have noticed some amazing scaling on my two monitors with 4k and 1440p, so that is something i’m liking a lot. So when we press bluetooth and devices we’re already seeing some very nice new icons for different devices, something else i’ve noticed is the open. Your phone with some nice animations, you can actually press iphone i’m, really excited to try this one out and it will be on your taskbar as well. We cannot cover everything. I am aware of that because it will take too long, but an interesting part of the settings panel is the personalization so on here we can choose between different already pre made themes, choose backgrounds and do some other things, colors accent colors. We can also choose dark theme that we’re seeing right now, which looks very nice and the transparency effects. We could turn that off, but i want to keep it on for now right here. When we move over to themes and go to mouse, you actually see a new design, and i think this design was already there on windows 10 at some places, but i believe that they might actually change this design. This, the mouse cursor design to this one and that really excites me. So when we click on other mouse cursor settings, we will still see the older settings tab in white design in light theme, but we see some round corners there, so that is nice, some round buttons, so that is looking very promising.

If we go back to personalization, we actually see a touch keyboard and i think this one is amazing for people that are using a laptop with touchscreen or a laptop that can become a tablet or just a tablet in general to have a nice keyboard. So you have a lot of different designs and options and you can even create your own, which is very nice let’s. Take a look at what it looks like so right here. This is the keyboard it’s. Looking very nice, we can make it bigger, maybe large, oh that doesn’t change. Maybe it changes the yeah. It changes the size of the font. Okay. Last but not least, we can go over to windows, update and we’ll see. This tab is modernized as well with a very beautiful design. Continuing on. We have some other features here that if you right click for example, now you have windows terminal and if you press that the admin panel has been updated in a nice dark theme as well, which looks very nice open that. So when we open the task manager, you will see that it will have a new icon, but still the light theme, though i noticed that the scroll bars are actually updated, and these are looking very nice i’m curious to see if they will change this to dark Mode as well i’m sure they will so let’s continue with the snap layout we see here. If we hover the maximize button, you will get some different layouts.

So this one press that or maybe even something like this i’m, not sure very nice – and i believe you can maximize and minimize this group as well, not entirely sure how that works. So let’s now open the microsoft store. So this is looking a lot better than it used to we’re, seeing some bugs here, but that’s fine, because it’s still a very early build but it’s. Looking very nice, so we’re seeing a new layout. Some rounded corners as well i’m really excited for this yeah. So this will be the new layout. I think it looks great also the design pop ups. This is very beautiful, so yeah, i think, that’s about it. Let’S close this up thus far. My first impression of the first official windows 11, build if you’d like to try it yourself go to settings, find updates, find the windows insider program at the bottom. From here you can select the developer channel, which will let you download and install this very first version of windows. 11.. Alright. That concludes my first look. I hope it made you excited for future releases and i’m also planning on making a video on everything you need to know about windows 11 very soon, so subscribe if you’re interested in something like that for any further windows. 11 conversations join us over at discord. The link will be in the description below and thank you so much for watching.