But first you know know about windows, 11 and a whole lot of stuff, okay coming up and uh, so, firstly uh. We are compared that windows. Sp was the price of microsoft. Okay from there we come to the bad news of vista and from vista we came to what we call uh windows 7 and we came back to windows, 8 and windows 10 and now windows 11 as simple as that and now i’m. So happy they’re about to release with this level and you could see from regular screens like things are going to be so smooth. Just look at the interface of windows. 11. So quick, so smooth. Just look at the ai, the artificial intelligence of how they build this operating system, it’s, so quick and so simple, and you could see now they’ve implemented a center of let’s, see uh i’ll put it in the center of gravity. You could see that the icons, okay or the start menu – i just forgot, uh you it’s been centered just like when you run your mac os. Okay – and you know it brings him so much shiny stuff into this operating system, which makes it so unique. Oh, my god, just look at this let’s look at how they build this windows level, it’s, not easy to even write 15 lines of code, but the whole team bringing up such an incredible work. You should always recommend them for that. They’Ve done pretty! Well.

Just look at the interfaces, how things are moving the swipe functions and implementations of uh good and a whole lot of stuff from the mistakes they’ve done and how they’ve been able to work on it. It makes it so unique and i hope everyone is going to enjoy these quiet moments. You know they’ve added some new features which i’m so impressed with it, like you still have the skype, which you could just uh, communicate with your friends and family back home, which is so unique. You know microsoft bought skype from about skype of about around like uh. I think 10 or 8 points something billion dollars if i’m quite cool with it. Uh and you know, they’ve implemented a whole lot of stuff from uh previous uh things uh, which makes it so unique in its own way. Okay and the the funny thing in this so impressive thing is that now you can install android apps on your windows, 11. You could see tech talk is moving yeah, we didn’t have to talk on windows 10 and then previous versions of windows. But now you can install android natively on your windows system, isn’t that impressive. So it means now whether you have android phone or you, don’t have android phone, but whether you have android or you don’t have you can still install your apps. You needed on your phone on your hot windows level and just look at the previous it’s, so amazing.

So that is my reaction to windows 11 with android apps. You are good to go the design everything now gaming is going to be so smooth. So that brings me to the end of this reaction, enjoy and wait for it.