There are plenty of visual changes, so there are lots of rounded corners as well throughout the entire ui and throughout the apps. So when an apps not taking up your entire screen, it now has rounded corners instead of the sharp rectangular corners. I dont know if this could hint to a possible rounded corner screen surface device sometime in the future, but i really like rounded corners on my ipad air. So if that is going to happen, then im all for it and because of these round corners, the entire ui just seems a lot more, inviting and friendly just a lot better to use it doesnt feel as uh industrial as it was before. Id say that it is starting to get pretty similar to mac os and also there are some new icons for stock apps like settings and others lets move on to the new features and changes, and plenty of these have been made. So the entire taskbar is now centered, although you can still put it to the left. If you want im personally fine with it in the center, and i want to get used to it. Also, the wi fi speakers and battery icons are now all just one button. Your action center, i think, thats, what its called its activated with windows a. I really like this its a nice place to quickly access a bunch of quick settings, its very chromebook esque to me, although the one bad thing that did come out of it, is that you dont have the four separate toggles for your battery anymore.

So its only battery saver on or off you dont have best battery better battery, better performance and best performance anymore. The settings app also got a nice redesign, as did the file explorer app with a couple new icons, and i also think that the ui fonts got a tiny bit smaller or wider or bolder they changed in some sort of way. Also, the new lock screen has the time and stuff in the middle now, rather than the bottom left, and the font has also gotten smaller, but bolder. Also animations across the entire ui are a lot smoother now and when you are minimizing an app, it gets a lot smaller before it fades away. It now has this sort of little circle bar thing, underneath the app icon which expands when the app is open and turns back into this tiny little circle when youre using a different app. The notification center also got a lot better, its a lot better. Looking now and doesnt open as this entire bar from the right of your screen, instead more of like a little window again rounded corners and the icon is now just the little number that has the windows theme color, that youre using rather than that weird messaging icon. With a transparent number around it also one of the biggest upgrades personally is the new notification sound, because the old one to me was horrifying. I absolutely hated it. This one is just like soothing, its so low key.

Its kind of calming theyre also widgets, which i mean theyre there, but they dont have that much customization. I dont think they have third party app support yet theres, just not much you can do with them. So i find myself rarely using them and, to be honest, i find that its just. I cant really use widgets on a desktop operating system anyway, theyre crucial to me on something like ios, but really anywhere else. I cant really give a crap about widgets and one of the things that youll notice just across using windows 11. Is that its not that sort of industrial, unique windows anymore, now its sort of improved on that and thats one of the good things about windows 11. Instead of being in industrial windows, its got a bit of chrome, os and mac os mixed into it, with the simpler icons, the rounded edges and just a bunch of really aesthetically pleasing visual changes. Also, there are new wallpapers. These wallpapers are amazing, theyre, so much better than the i dont even know what the old wallpapers were. All i know is that i just didnt really like them that much, but these ones are great and they also have themes attached with them. I think both light mode, dark mode and even color themes color accents across all the apps, which is pretty nice, so i think thats most of the features that we did get with this beta. I might have missed some, but these are really just the ones that ive noticed from day to day use all right.

So moving on to bugs and performance ive got to say that there were a lot less than i expected now. Windows is usually seen as the more bug ridden os out of mac, os and windows. I think i mean thats how ive always looked at it, so i was quite surprised when really all the bugs that ive seen were really really minor ones, no major bugs, but these two minor bugs are pretty repetitive. So one of them is that when you click onto a different app or you just open a different app, it might show the previous app that you were using as still open in the taskbar and the second one is. Sometimes your windows desktop background. Might just randomly glitch through the taskbar, occasionally just like flickering so yeah. None of these affect my use of windows. 11 as a whole. As for performance, i feel, like my laptops, actually gotten a bit faster. It was already slow by the time i downloaded windows 11 onto it, really. The only difference that ive noticed is that discord opens up faster after crashing all right. So the question to answer here is: is windows 11 worth upgrading to or worth upgrading to a new device to thats really one question thats split into two sub questions. The first is: is it worth upgrading to if you have a compatible device, then yeah? Definitely this is a great upgrade. I really enjoy some of the new features and the visual overhaul is nice, its just a nice little upgrade that i think your average day to day windows user would really appreciate now, while i do think that this is a good upgrade im, not sure if it Quite justifies a new device being purchased theres, not a huge amount of new stuff that drastically change windows in this upgrade now keep in mind that i am reviewing the like first or second beta.

So not all the features have come on to this, yet like uh, the native android app support through the amazon, app store, thats still not here yet, as well as a couple of other little features, but regardless. I still dont think that this is worth a new device to me, its just a visual overhaul, thats, really the thing that ive noticed the most just if i just keep on going through the ui. If im doing my regular work on the laptop, i dont really notice windows 11 at all its really just when im interacting with the ui that i actually start to see some changes. But for my average work i mean scripting videos watching videos attending some classes, theres, really not that much. That windows 11 has changed. So i think that for pretty much everyone windows 10 is still fine, its not worth buying an entirely new device for windows. 11.. Again, your use case is probably different from mine im perfectly fine with windows 10. Although some people might actually really require some of the features that came with windows 11., if you are buying a new windows device, regardless theyll probably have support for windows 11. When it comes out – and i did see, a couple of manufacturers start saying uh, you know windows 10 except supports windows 11 when it comes out in december, or something like that and my presumption is that all windows devices sold after windows, 11 releases are probably going To be compatible with windows 11.

, but anyways thats pretty much it for the video. Thank you so much for watching.