. What is gon na be different. When I upgrade to Windows 11, I would say the experience right, It’s, modern and, more importantly, it’s centered on you., Even just that little subtle shift of the start in the center centered centered centered centered centered around you. Joanna There. It is from the king of Microsoft, himself. In Windows, 11, the company’s next big operating system due out later this year. The start button moves to the bottom center. happy music, But that cosmetic change actually has deeper meaning.. The word. Center. Joanna Is core to Satya Nadella’s vision that Windows 11 should be at the center of your digital life as Apple and Google entice users to increasingly closed off worlds.. He wants Windows 11 to be a compelling choice for people who don’t wan na live exclusively in either. Windows has a role to play as that most open of ecosystems. Today that plays nicely with, in fact the others.. We want you to be able to connect your phones to your PCs.. We want you to be able to communicate to people on phones or other PCs. Joanna. The proof is in the features. Windows. 11 can now run Android apps. To learn more about the new software. Microsoft gave me an exclusive interview with the company’s, CEO and chairman.. I know there’s a new start sound and I wanted to know if you could do an impression of it.. I wish I need more talent. lively Windows, music.

I took away three things: the company’s doing in this new operating system to lure users and app makers. Number one. A new new, modern interface.. Those who remember Windows 8 know that messing with the Start menu before didn’t work out so well for Microsoft. There’s, not somebody’s job at Microsoft, which is how should we move the Start button? Where should we move it I’m sure it is as well and we’ll always have also have the option with Windows. As you know, we’ll always have the option for anybody to go back to whatever classic mode they want. Joanna. But the placement is only part of the fresh Start. Click, the button itself and you get your apps but also cloud connected recommendations of what you might need. Next., The design system of Windows is about you getting to your apps, your files, the people you wan na connect with faster with less friction.. There are lots of other interface and design changes.. This button on the taskbar brings up a widget screen where you can view all sorts of news and quick glance, information. Hover on the maximize window button and you get a tool to help. You place multiple windows side by side.. These screenshots, provided by Microsoft, were taken on pre release software and the features are not final.. Tell me what kind of role did the pandemic play in the development of Windows 11? We definitely were influenced by the need for a modern operating system.

. In some sense, the original idea of Windows has suddenly become again in 2021, a huge priority. Joanna One of those pandemic driven features a universal mute button that lives in the system tray. So you don’t always have to go digging in whatever video calling app to mute. Yourself. I’m very into it.. The second thing: a new store with Android apps. We’re gon na welcome all apps across. Even all the different application platforms in Windows itself., It can be a PWP or a web app.. It can be a native app and we’re gon na support Android as first class as well. All right tech translation.. Up until now, the Microsoft Store was just for certain kinds of Windows, apps. text buzzing. Now it will be open for any Windows app, but the real headline Microsoft is partnering with Amazon’s Android App Store. Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing with the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and specifically there what you’re doing with Amazon.. In fact, you can go to our store, search, find an Android application and then you’ll be linked into the Amazon Store and you can use the Amazon Store apps, as if they’re Windows, apps and all of the windowing will work. Joanna It’s, a big move and one Clearly aimed at Chromebooks, which also run Android apps. In the last year unit sales of Chromebooks grew by 275. Windows. 11 will also enable more Windows apps to run on new laptops and desktops powered by ARM mobile chips from Qualcomm.

. If you think about the traditional role of operating systems, operating systems are very much needed whenever there is a real change in the system. Architecture., I mean you think about the AI chips now it’s, not just the CPU and the GPU, but now MPUs are all becoming part of any PC. Another translation.. All of these parts of the chip set have changed in big ways in the last few years to make computers, smarter and more power. Efficient. Windows 11 will work better with them., And that brings us to the third a focus on openness.. Why Windows? Why should someone get Windows over Chrome over macOS Windows gives you the most choice of systems, to apps, to everything that you wan na be able to do.? I think Windows in fact is becoming increasingly the device that bridges all of these ecosystems.. Do you think of yourself as sort of the Switzerland there of the ecosystems? I think that, more than when we say Switzerland, I think there are certain platform rules by which we principally drive Windows. I’m, not saying that other ecosystems shouldn’t have their own platform rules.. We have a different set of platform rules and those platform rules. I believe in 2021, are more needed than they ever were.. How are your platform rules different than say Apple? One simple thing: we have the ability to have multiple marketplaces that can thrive.. We wan na have a great marketplace, but we also welcome other marketplaces.

. We wan na have great tools like say Teams, but we also welcome Zoom or Slack or anything else to be also. First class. Apple’s iOS specifically does not allow for third party app stores and has been the focus of recent anti trust scrutiny.. So if you have an Android phone, it works great with Windows.. What about the iPhone? We would love to make sure that it works better.. I mean we do everything we can., Like anything, that Apple wants to do with Windows, whether it’s, iTunes or iMessage, or what have you we would welcome that., But overall, we wan na make sure our software runs great on Apple devices and Windows works well with any Software from anyone, whether it’s, Google or Apple or Adobe or anyone., But what Mr. Nadella’s biggest challenge seems to be moving ahead without alienating those who love Windows of yore.. I wan na read you something. You said in your first event as Microsoft, CEO and this was in 2014. – You said: quotThis business does not respect tradition.quot. What it respects is innovation on a go forward, basis., So it’s, really our collective challenge that we now need to make Microsoft thrive in a mobile. First and a cloud first world.: How do you innovate with avoiding a disaster like Windows, 8 It’s, all about the batting average at the end of it, all. The fact that here, 35 years after its inception and there’s, no innovation, that’s risk, free.

, So let’s, say that. And then boldly go forward., But don’t worry. You can still move your start button to where it’s always been. 11 it’s, a big number. It’s a lucky number 11 is a lucky number. Oh, it is a lucky number. Two ones make 11. Two ones make 11.. Also add up to two.