com and at the ongoing microsoft build 2021 conference saturday, microsoft, ceo said this: one of the most significant updates of windows of the past decade is coming very soon, i’ve been using it over the past several months and i’m. Incredibly, excited about the next generation of windows. Now satya nadella, saying the next generation of windows is what has gotten everyone hyped i mean. I know. Microsoft said that windows 10 is going to be the last version of windows, but that was way back in 2015. So is windows 11. Finally coming well. Microsoft might be planning to call it windows 11 or even the new windows, but we know that there are three big changes coming: the new ui new features and the new windows store. So the next generation of windows has been in the news, as the windows, sun valley, update and the big big change it’s said to be bringing is a brand new ui, which is more refined and more modern. First up, icons are getting better everywhere. I mean windows has already brought modern icons for a lot of its apps, but sun valley will bring modern icons everywhere. I mean here all the new system, icons that the next gen windows will be using and i’m, not sure i like each one of these icons, but they do look flatter modern, and this is sort of an early look. So things will get better. Microsoft is even getting rid of the outdated icons that have been part of windows since windows 95.

. Apart from this, there are new icons everywhere. For example, the file explorer will also have more modern, looking icons, as you can see. Now, apart from the icons, the new windows will also have rounded corners everywhere, be the start, menu icons, context, menus or even app outlines. Everything is going to have a slightly rounded look, which i think look more modern now, since it is a new windows update there’s. Obviously, a new start menu coming now there are rumors that microsoft will do away with the whole lifetimes, which basically, no one cares about really and then instead go for a more windows, 10x start menu, sort of look where there’s app icons, quick access files, etc. Now this concept gives us a good idea. What is rumored with the live tiles gone, rounded corners, more cleaner. Look, i mean this looks nicer. Right definitely want this in windows. None of the big change in windows – sun valley is said to be a floating taskbar menu design. This basically means that the start menu the action center and the menus will be separated from the taskbar similar to what we saw under windows 10x. Another thing that windows 10x will be contributing to the new windows design. Is the action center well here’s the windows, 10x’s action center in action, and this modern looking action center is said to be coming to windows in the sun valley. Update i mean microsoft did mention that all the windows 10x is being killed.

Its features will come to the full version of windows, so that’s indeed happening anyway. These are kind of early looks at the new upcoming windows ui, but when this finally rolls out in a stable form, we can expect the new ui to be part of all of the system. Apps as well, i mean the alarm and clocks app was recently updated with this newer, ui, so i’m expecting ui updates for all windows apps in the next gen windows. Apart from the ui changes, the new windows version will also bring a lot of new features, as well as improvements, for example, as you can see in the screenshot you’ll, be able to separate microsoft, edge tabs from app windows in the snap assist view which will honestly Make it easier to snap individual tabs as well as app windows? Moreover, snap assist will remember which apps are snapped exactly where on a larger display or multi, monitor setup, which i think will be very useful for a lot of people. The battery page is also getting better it’ll, not show you which apps are taking up the most battery and will also show you a timeline of your battery usage. Microsoft is also set to be working on a new dashboard feature that will come here in this stash review area, and it will give you an overview of your microsoft account showing users upcoming calendar events, recent documents in office, emails to do’s, etc. Windows is also bringing a new news and interest feed on the taskbar.

It basically brings this icon in the taskbar, where you can hover to get info on the weather, along with news from Now this feature is already available in a preview build, but microsoft is said to be improving it further in the sun valley update the next gen windows version will also bring a brand new windows store. Now this new windows store will bring a new, more appealing ui, but what will be more important is the new policies. According to the folks at windows, central there are three big changes coming to the new windows store. First windows store will allow developers to submit unpackaged win32 apps to the store second developers will be able to host their apps on their own cdn and third developers will be able to use third party commerce platforms and apps. So what do these changes mean? Well, this means developer will be able to submit raw exe or msi packages to the store. So we can expect traditional software to be available via the store. Also, since apps can use their own cdn apps that have a built in auto update, feature like chrome or firefox will have no issues. Third means the developer can use their own in app revenue sources, so they don’t have to give microsoft a cut. Now. All of this does mean that a lot of popular apps that are still not available in the windows store, like the adobe, apps, chrome, firefox, etc, might finally make it in the windows store in the new windows store, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Now so far, this is everything we know about the next gen windows update, but there’ll obviously be more new features, more changes that we still don’t know about. But you know what i think the ui refresh refinement is something very important because let’s face it. Windows had started to become a little stagnant, boring now there is a chance that microsoft might not call this update windows 11; instead, they might remove the number and make it the new windows and that’s okay. I just hope: microsoft does not go with windows. 10 october update windows 10.1, or something like that. I personally think microsoft should go ahead with windows 11, because you know what windows needs: a fresh start, it’s still a platform, a majority of the people use and microsoft needs to get us excited about using it anyway. I want to know what you guys hate about windows 10 and, if there’s, something you really really want. Microsoft to change in the next generation update, so comment down below also give this video a like.