, So this is my Surface Book 3. You saw me undock this and I’m running Windows 11, which was an update through the Windows. Insider Program ran pretty quickly and smooth, but I wanted to show you some of the functionality of Windows 11 via touch., So I’m gon na kinda zoom a little bit closer, get as tight as possible to this device.. So we have of course, our Center Dock right. Here. Now we can change this, but I’m gon na just keep it here for now., And this is a beta, so some things may not work too well.. So the very first thing, of course, is you can see. The Windows icon shows your pinned, applications right, there. And then you’ve got your search, which is kinda, showing your recent apps as well as your search. So you can actually go ahead and search.. This is where the keyboard comes into play.. So if I tap on that, that brings up the keyboard and I have the keyboard on the side or I can have it center laid out.. I do prefer the floating keyboard allows me to move it around the screen quite effectively and it works out pretty well. Plus you can swipe on this keyboard, so you can go office and boom there. You have it., So this keyboard is truly nice. Also has emojis and it has gifts, so solid, all round.. Now your next button here is your desktop button, which gives you the multiple apps that you have open and your specific desktop.

. So I have my gaming desktop, which is strictly gaming. You can see Master Chief, there. I’ve got my main desktop here and I can go ahead and create a third desktop.. So as I’ve created it, I can press and hold.. If I press and hold just give me the options to choose the background and rename. So I’m gon na rename this one. Let’s call it again. This keyboard is pretty cool., So let’s call this Test. Video. Boom right So we’ve done that, and then we can go ahead and change. That background choose a background specifically for this desktop., And you know what I’m gon na put this other Master Chief helmet and boom there. We go. So we’ve got that and we can cycle through our different specific desktops, as we choose. Now here. We’Ve got, of course, our new sidebar. If you will, this is like your news and information bar which you can bring up and close by tapping the button, or you can swipe from the right left to right. That brings that up and it’s actually pretty nice., So you don’t have to swipe back.. If you can swipe – or you can just tap on the screen and it disappears., You can also swipe from the right, and that brings up your notifications as well as your calendar here, which is nice. Now after that, of course, we’ve got Edge. Browser we’ve got Chrome, which I do have on here. I’m, just gon na close I’m, just gon na minimize, Chrome, down.

, We’ve got X, Box, we’ve got our File Explorer and then we’ve got the Store as well Mail and then some other pin apps.. You can continue to pin apps as much as you want and you will begin to look like Windows. Again, you tap in the corner of your screen and that should minimize everything as well so that’s nice. Couple of things to note on this kind of notification area. On the lower right hand corner you do when you tap this. This brings up this nice area where you got quick access to your Wi Fi network, Bluetooth, you’ve, connected Airplane Mode, Battery., It’s, much cleaner, altogether. You’ve got your volume rocker here and you’ve. Also you’ve got your brightness rocker., So I can easily manage this by simply bringing up this menu. And, of course my keyboard is next to that., And now I’ve got. Of course, this quick running applications there.. So that is the very first thing you notice Surface wise on Windows. 11.. Again it runs pretty well.. It feels like Windows 10 with upgrades, but there are some more things to it that you can actually do. So let’s do the the multiple screen layout.. So, for instance, you open up an application like let’s, take Edge here.. Now with your. If you had a mouse and keyboard, you can just basically hover over the center icon here and make multiple windows.. The easiest way to do it on touch is to press and hold down.

Here. Actually grab it down here and snap to the side., And that will create these four quadrum bubbles for you on touch. That’s. The way it does it in touch. And the first quadrant here I go okay. What should I put here? I’M gon na put the X Box store. It populates, so the next one I will put say my File Explorer and then here you know what I will put Chrome.. So I now have a full quadrant layout of all the applications I’m using all in touch.. Very simple, very easy, and you know I can go ahead and basically either tap each one to minimize it or I can of course kill everything from the edge if I can get there. And it’s very simple and very easy to use.. So nice layout overall. I’m gon na switch now over to say my gaming desktop and I’m gon na basically do a video of gaming on Windows 11, so stay tuned on that.. This will be on the Surface.. This will be on the Surface Book 3. So at least there’s some performance there. With our device docked the way to actually set up the multi screen is a bit different.. You can hover over applications that are, of course, Windows, 11 applications, or at least updated. You’ve got this option to basically have multiple. You know desktop layouts that you can pick from., So you can switch to something that is a full quadrant.

You can do this larger, smaller you can do you know a three quadrants set up here, which is what I just did and say we go into the File Explorer. We can do it side by side and then we change that there. So there’s a couple of ways you could do it. Or again. You can still go ahead and snap to the corner and then you can select where you wan na put either application.. So I’ve gotten a three quadrant as well., So very nice way different way of actually doing things.. All right. So let’s take a look at settings menu with touch on Windows 11.. So settings is actually pinned here on your Windows Start Menu, something as this is beneficial. Tap you get into the settings.. Now the Settings menu feels a little bit different.. It looks like there are it’s a little bit more better animated, much smoother.. Also the icons. Look a little bit more visible and a better representation than your traditional Windows look.. So you can go into these things like your display. You’Ve got brightness all that fun stuff. Okay, head back. I’ve got sound notifications actually setting this up., So they have a bunch of menus here for Windows. They have power and battery, which is really important, especially for devices like this.. It shows is my power right now: 23 battery levels., Better indication. I do like what they’re showing here so it’s, pretty nice. Screen sleep all that fun stuff.

, And then you can go into your storage check out your storage amounts which you’re using for storage.. Again, you can see it’s not that smooth, just because this is still a beta. This is the very first one. Activation, multitasking and tasks.. Switching some of the shortcuts you can use, then we go to Bluetooth and devices shows it’s paired with the X Box. Controller. Again, better icons looks more visually appealing. If I may say., Then you’ve got your Network settings and it shows I’m connected to ThunderNetwork.. Some other options are Mobile hotspot. If I need to if this device supports it, Personalizations of course, which you can go into theming and also the colors Dark Mode, those kind of things. Now Dark Mode. What is represented, here., How I got it was simply by searching and it takes you right to Dark Mode., Your apps, your default apps, the accounts Time and language Gaming X, Box, game bar captures in Game Mode.. Now Game Mode is optimizing. Your PC for the best gaming experience., So that is something that I think a lot of will definitely appreciate. And then you’ve got your Accessibility and then you’ve got your Privacy and then Windows Updates.. Now, when there’s updates here you also have it just styled a little bit better., You have your pause and play so you can pause updates now. You can also check your update history and the advanced options which allow you to get into deeper details for your updates.

. Give me updates download it in metered connections, those kinds of things. And then of course, there’s a Windows, Insider Program which I’m part of and anyone can join. That allows you to go ahead and get those updates on a timely fashion.. So let me change screens head back to something much brighter here.. I think overall, the functionality of Windows 11 really is solid.. I do like it.. I think a lot of people will find it quite useful, especially with devices such as this, where touch is touch enabled and you’re going to be using the screen. Quite a bit.. My favorite feature honestly, is the keyboard right now.. I like the way it works. I like that swipe works with it.. I also like the multitasking operations here on the device now where it makes it really fast to snap to either corner of the screen, and then you can basically start placing applications wherever you want to, in whatever fashion you wish.. So that to me is pretty awesome. So anyway, guys if you have any questions, any comments about Windows, 11 on a touch or, of course, a laptop, a or two in one or anything, with a touch screen. Let me know.