The way i used to record, which is um with my phone and i’m doing this, because there’s uh some issues with the screen capture and with the what you’re, seeing in the background right now, so this is windows 10. I was inspired by the windows. 11 builds that have been released recently and i thought uh well. We can do some pretty cool stuff already, so i want to go into this. This is my desktop uh, so let’s see if i can do certain things: yeah, there’s, a right click and then over here i have the side mode from tablet pro and i’ve kind of themed it. Along with this, you can change the colors of these. You can make this dark mode if you’d like this is super cool i’m using a program called lively, wallpapers and rain meter. So this is the i can put these links down there. Okay, so i’m going to bring up the taskbar and we’re going to go into rainmeter, and this is small, clean weather and then there’s nana lux slash player, which is this audio down here and let’s see player player.ini? Okay, i can put more information about these. If you would like this up here is the small uh, what is it called small, clean weather, and i have that set to high low and settings right here and again, like i said this is super cool. I love this really really really quick. This is called lively, wallpapers and we’re going to customize.

You can choose audio visualizer, which just goes crazy, is too much for me, but random. You can change the resolution which is – and this is beautiful, let’s go ahead and hide that just gorgeous here’s a track pad. I have a couple different gestures set up using gesture sign and then i have key press osd up here. There’S a whole lot going on here: keypress osd does the keyboard shortcuts at the top and it does text expansion let’s bring up the little side mode. So up here this is text expansion, so this will open up and i can really quickly input a new text – expansion, snippet um right here. This one right here is my recording on and off for obs studio. This is the media player play pause. This is a transparency, uh copy paste screen, snip our screen grab. This is switch to let’s, go ahead and all right. So this is uh opening up my uh like the task viewer or the windows. I forget what this is called so here i can open up a another program and the switches to the tools for that program. This is rebel four and you know just all sorts of different controls for navigating here. This is the artist pad from tablet pro so let’s go back here and i have delete. Oh, how cool is that reminds me of jellyfish all right let’s bring the side mode back. Okay, so this is delete.

This is uh control uh. What is this shift? I think this is control a so select all track pad. This is cortana, so i can do text to speech. These are fantastic for all sorts of different things like if you just need to use the keyboard touch keyboard or if you need the full keyboard. This is the on screen osk. This is enter because sometimes you need an enter key if you’re inputting in a field, this is undo or undo redo, and this is right click. So i thought this was really cool. Um really great way to use windows i’m using gesture sign. So that is right here control panel and i can put all this stuff on a link on the tablet. Pro.Com website um, maybe i’ll name it something silly like windows, 11., but here’s. My default sets here. Taskbar uh these keyboard shortcuts are triggered by the pen tool, so there’s a lot um here. This is a transparency let’s see. If that will work, i think i need a different type of window. This will turn the foremost window transparent. Okay, so i have start four finger: tap taskbar show and hide copy decrease volume float mode, so um let’s go here, float send uh these hotkeys. These are tablet pro off and on oh that’s play and pause as well and then web browser. Is there save a couple other different ones anyway? I have this saved somewhere, so you guys can use that if you want look at that isn’t that cool super cool.

This is the float mode from tablet pro. I love this because it really makes using a windows. 10, uh really really usable in tablet mode. So let me show you let’s make this transparent, let’s see when shift backslash, you can see it go through it’s, a totoro picture. I did recently it’s one of my favorite shows or movies this one right here. This can be found. Let me show you one of the other settings here. You can do lively, we’ll go to open lively. I have this one here, which is just that same drawing that i did before, but it’s it’s just running on a window in front of it and i think that’s, pretty cool Music, so there’s there’s, a handful of other ones that you can choose that are, are Really neat, but these are the ones check that this is in the microsoft store app, so you can just look for it right here, just search lively and you should be able to find it tablet pro is there and the pen tool are there and you need Both of those for this setup, so you would just type tablet pro up here. Are you guys well that is it for this video um, i’m sure there’s gon na be a lot of questions about what some of the settings are for some of these different programs, but i’ll link to all of them.