10, the rather 11, the integration of microsoft teams into it. This big theme of connect – and so this is the personal version of microsoft teams, not the business version, but they really tried to emphasize being able to touch that device and be able to connect and click into connecting with people very quickly. And so they wanted to show how easy it was to start a conversation to have a chat with people. So you see panos here is introducing teams and it’s a very different icon on the on the desktop, but it comes up as a panel and it’s got your contact list there. No doubt it’s using microsoft accounts to connect in with your list of people, but note that it’s not skype anymore, it’s, microsoft teams. So they really also wanted to emphasize that it’s across devices as well, that you can have the same experience using teams across mobile, desktop and laptop. But here we have a good desktop environment or desktop example of going into a conversation and elevating it to a quick call. Now really uh nice to see a theme here of connecting people because of at a time. And we are all having to rely on video type calls and things like that. But it’s um it’s interesting to see some of the examples that they use, studying connecting with people that are across the other side of the planet, for work or for just getting up. And i i quite like that it’s integrated, but the question i want to ask too here is this: going to make you take a fresh look at using microsoft teams, personal you might be using it at work, but initially my thoughts around using it as a personal Application to connect it faces the same problem.

Can we get all of these people onto using microsoft teams personal? Is it actually possible to to do that? One of those struggles is is trying to convince friends to join teams personal and be available online. So i think, if i just go back to our view of it’s on the desktop um that i think by expecting people to sign into, i think it was micro, uh, windows, 11 and home, and you have to use a microsoft account. You have to be online. I think that’s, some of the things that i’m reading and seeing that’s going to lead towards people potentially using teams just for connecting now think about your own devices, your own phones, whether it that you’re using facetime or maybe using whatsapp or whatever you don’t, really think Too much about the uh, the apps that are just inbuilt into the phone facetime it’s there, so you communicate with people who use facetime um. I don’t know what you use on android. As a google talk. Google me, google, something i forget what it’s called these days, but you don’t really think about what’s built into the device and with windows, 11 teams going to be built into the operating system um so that it’s an option there to connect with people and potentially more People will be signed up for teams, personal uh, i don’t know what this first experience is like when you click in and run it, but i expect that if you’re signed in with the microsoft account, then it’s just going to guide you straight through.

So is this going to be something that you’ll switch over to using a bit more from for your personal life? You know using teams for work. Are you going to use teams for personal? I wanted to take a quick, fresh look at the experience with teams personal on a mobile. This is an iphone coming up here and i’ve taken a fresh look. Look the the main thing that i i see here is my challenge of. How am i going to get other people who i care about or who i want to connect with in so that i can chat with them? I know there’s a couple of friends there, stephen and lauren, who tried things out because of course they’re on the working in the microsoft team, space and they’re checking things out, but this list is quite empty at this stage. So it’s a bit like microsoft’s challenge of trying to get developers to make apps for their uh the os that it’s a same kind of challenge. How am i going to attract people to connect with me on uh teams? Personal? But if i look at the mobile experience and take a fresh look, it is actually quite rich right. If we go into chat, you can guide you towards wanting to start. A group chat, though just do remember that if you do want to just find a just one person have a one on one chat: that’s that’s there too um meet, so you can start up and meet now pretty quickly, but the other applications in the background too, Have been able to share files, so it will connect with your onedrive, and so you can share things directly from there and with tasks.

You might have a shared list between the people that you connect with on your personal life, and then it also gives you access to your personal to do, and so you know, i think that if we’re looking back at the integration of teams into the desktop, we Don’T see some of those tasks and additional apps. What you do see is the um just that it’s one or two clicks away or one touch away as they as i showed that you can get a call going. You can meet, you can chat and that’s inbuilt um as part of a panel, but you’ll go through to that full team’s experience somewhere along here, let’s get into it. There we go it’s a familiar look of of teams. There i’ve been able to work with that. So is this going to make you take a fresh look at team’s personal that’s, my my question there for those of you using microsoft teams who work. Let me know in the comments below i’m keen to hear i might try and use it a bit more. Maybe get a family member or two on and check it out also with some of the other people in my life like lauren and steven, are you gon na start using it again, who knows anyway subscribe if you like it um, you know where to find me.