Is microsofts cloud pc platform and streaming service? So basically all you need is a screen or a display with internet connection and ideally a keyboard and a mouse. And then once you have all that, then you can just pull down a windows, 10 or windows. 11 cloud. Computer from the microsoft servers so today were going to see how it runs on the ipad pro, because this is an ipad pro first channel and then maybe well do a couple other videos on how it runs on mac os, maybe with sidecar and things like that. But today were going to talk about how to set it up. First impressions see how it runs see. What some of the pros and cons are with this and obviously see if it runs smoothly on the ipad pro because again, if microsoft can do what they want to do and what we think they can do, then this could be a game changer for a lot Of people, but without further ado lets see exactly what its all about Music so lets hop right into this video everybody. So the first thing were going to do is just go to the windows. 365 website were going to talk about some of the pricing. How to set it up, how to actually get it going so literally just type in windows: 365 – im not going to type in that website. But if you go to windows 365, just type that into google, then open up the first or the second link, not the ad link but open that up.

And then this is what youre greeted with right again. So the first thing that youre going to see is that theres two purchasing options: theres windows, 365 business and windows – 365 enterprise. So the business is for small to medium sized businesses, enterprises for much larger entities and organizations, and things like that. But if youre a personal user, because i am a personal user – i do not use microsoft for work im, not under an admin account im, not underneath a larger organization. I just had a personal gmail that i use with microsoft and i just went and created a business account. So the way you do that its actually very, very easy so to get into it. You can just kind of scroll through here see what its all about. All nice and dandy, we know exactly what it is: click on windows, 365 business go to compare plans and pricing, and then this is where youre going to see the actual pricing. So you can see that the cheapest version is basic and thats 31 a month that gives you a cpu with two cores: four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage, now thats terrible right, thats like an old 2012 chromebook or anything like that. But then, obviously you can spec it up a little bit more go with up to four cores: 16 gigs ram. 128 gigabytes of storage, see all plans and pricing, so were kind of going to break this down a little bit and you can go as high as you want, as as you can see, i think right now the best that theyre offering for single users or small Business users is 32 gigs of ram 512 gigs of storage, thats gon na cost you 162 dollars a month which is yeah.

It gets expensive, but that is a pretty powerful computer like if you spec out macbook pro with the same storage. First of all, you cant even get 32 gigs of ram right now on a macbook pro. But if you wanted to do that, its going to cost you over 2 grand 2500 or something like that. But then, if we go back and all you have to do, is press buy now right? So again, these are the small business ones. If you want to go to enterprise, you can check those out too kind of click on it, see exactly what youre dealing with and, for the most part, theyre the same in terms of pricing. So if you go back to business, press buy now and then this i dont really mess with this, because i dont know if im going to keep it after the two months. But uh lets go with no for right now so 35 per user per month, and then this is where it brings. You right so im not going to go through this process because i already did, but before this email i actually had something different. So i had like a different gmail that i used for microsoft and it told me to convert that to a business account now again: theres no money thats being taken, they dont charge you anything, you will need a credit card. So if you dont want to put your credit card in there, then unfortunately you wont be able to use it, but they dont charge you i can attest to that.

You get two free months. You put your credit card in. I think they take out one cent but then give it right back and then theyll bill you at the end of the two month free trial. So once you completed the actual setup process went through the whole login converted into a business account then youre good to go, and then you can start to set up your actual cloud computer now again, the one that im using is two cores four gigabytes and 128 Gigs of storage so now to access that now we go to, so no windows, press enter. It tells you to log into your account so im going to log in let it do its thing, its loading, my cloud pc and then youre greeted with this. So this is your admin dashboard. When you do convert your business account, you become like the admin of that account because youre the only person underneath that business account. So if you do have other users that you want to have in there, if you do at one point, create an organization or a small business heres where you manage all the different cloud, pcs for all the different users. So again, here you can see my vsp policy with microsoft. If i want to rename it, i can do that so right now. This is what its called again. You can see two cores four gigs of ram 128 gigabytes of storage and were gon na open it up right so now were getting to the point where were gon na run windows 10 on the ipad pro without needing your own version of windows? 10 right.

So this is the first time where you can remote into a desktop that isnt physically yours, first ipads have been able to remote into windows computers for a long time, but most of the time you either need to have a running back end server that you set Up yourself or you need to have a windows computer thats, constantly on so its almost like remote play with the playstation. I remember with the playstation i was able to remote play, but my playstation needed to be on it needed to be on the internet. The game needed to be installed the game needed to be running on the playstation, and then i could run it on my ipad. So this is the first time we get true cloud pc for non enterprise users, because microsoft does have their azure virtual desktop. But that requires again a lot more back end work. You need a tech team to help, support that, and things like that. This is the first time theyre going all inclusive. So enough of the jab ring lets open it up. So it opens up inside the browser right and then you get prompted with this access local resources. So i always leave it like this. I dont really want to mess with file transfers because im not going to put any sensitive data on this cloud. Pc im going to press allow its starting to open up, let it do its thing and you can see its connecting and launching cloud pc business.

You got to sign in one more time with that account that you used or that you created and then little by little it should begin to open up, and here we go as you can see, we are in windows, 10.. So the first thing that you actually notice is that i open it up, and i have this open thats, because technically with these new cloud, pcs theres no downtime, it should open instantly. You never have to reset it unless you really need to so no matter where you leave off on youll be able to come back days later, and this will still be exactly how it is right. So again, i just kind of want to walk everybody through some of the things that you can do, some of the issues that ive felt so far and then again, whether or not this is a viable option in this moment in time. So again, this is your cloud pc. You can see its a little bit wonky so im on safari on ipad os 15 beta 4. So also keep that in mind, im on a beta operating system running a brand new software from windows. So the first thing that i have to do is actually full screen it, because if you full screen it, then you can get that bottom bar at the bottom to see. You know your start menu and all that stuff again, its still a little bit wonky because ill show you.

If i press on here, then you can see that everything kind of moves back down and its as if these tabs right here. One thing that i do want to change up is: maybe, if i go into the actual safari settings and do the compact tab bar and then go back, lets see what happens so, let it reconnect, as you can see its a little bit broken right now, lets See what happens and we are loaded up, so let it kind of let the latency fix itself a little bit. Give it a second, but you can see even when i remove that toolbar in the tabs, and things like that. I still cannot see my bottom row. So again, thats another thing: thats a little bit kind of broken. You have to full screen like every single time. You press something. So if i click on here go to again, if you guys can see its not perfect, you can see that there is latency its not as smooth as you want it to be so im moving this around. You can see its janky and stuff like that. So, overall, there is a lot of latency theres a lot of things i need to get fixed, at least on the ipad side. Microsoft does not optimize for this to run on an ipad, i mean. Why would they want to do that? I mean hopefully theyll. Do it at some point, but you can see that this is what were dealing with right.

So so some of the gestures work so im using two fingers to scroll through with my trackpad. But you can see again its not super precise, its nowhere near as good as it would be when using your native os on your ipad and things like that. But it does work right and you can move it around again. Its still messing up a little bit and then to actually move stuff around. You can drag it, but again, since this isnt, a normal cursor. That windows is used to it. Doesnt like move to then extend like it would on a normal desktop situation. So you have to like guess and make sure that youre perfectly on there. If not, then you hit the actual bar and then move you around. So you dont really know if what youre doing is what you want to do so still a lot of different learning. Curves and things that you need to figure out when it comes to this right, so lets go through some of these settings. So if you click on the settings there isnt much to really work with right here, thats pretty much it. You press these three dots. You all you can do is give feedback, and things like that again, you have a full screen button which only keeps it full screen for a second, because if i open up you know lets say i go to the start menu so again, pretty much every time You go into that full screen mode and then every time you take another action inside of the actual full screen mode, then it kind of resets itself right.

So here you can see thats nice windows on ipad pro. I wonder who made that video, but if you go into like the settings right here, you can see that the whole bottom bar just kind of disappears everything gets moved down. But again you can still go into your settings. You can mess with stuff. One thing that you do need to do to make sure that your sound is working, and things like that is you go into your system and then make sure that your sound is on what you want it to be right. So you have to allow this, but again you have to do this every time you log in so i did this before thinking. You would stay that way and be able to portray sound and show sound off through windows 10 on the ipad and then stay that way. But again, every single time you go in you have to re, give permission to allow the microphones and the speakers, and things like that, which is a little bit tedious and not too great right. So overall i mean it works right, its not perfect and theres a couple of things that im attesting this to in terms of why its not working so well, it could be a combination of things. It could be the fact that theres a lot of people signing on on this in the beginning. This is only the second day, thats been out so theres, probably a lot of people on these servers trying to figure out if this is the solution that they want and they also offered a free trial so again, thats even more people trying it out.

Another thing that it could be is the fact that im on the cheapest version, so basically i only have two cores to work with four gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage and those are really the only two things i can attest that too, because if we Go out of here and do a speed test, so lets go into an actual tab. If you go into a speed test for my wi fi, my speed tests are good right. I think you only need a minimum of like 15 megabytes, download, speed or 20 megabytes download speed for it to connect correctly and connect. Well, so you can see right. I mean this isnt, a great portrayal of it, because i am using a remote desktop. I have somebody, you know streaming something right now, so this isnt, the best wi fi ive done before, but still plenty of wi fi right, which is in the high 60s and keeps increasing. And if we get out of that and then you can also do a actual speed test inside of the remote desktop and then ill put a screenshot up, because that got me like 100 download and almost a gigabyte upload speed right, which is a little bit crazy To think about, but overall theres still a long way to go with windows 365, especially on the ipad pro i am going to play with it on mac os see if it runs any better see if it runs better on like a regular, desktop version of a Regular desktop os and things like that, because i think it probably will.

Even though safari is a desktop class browser, you can see that its frozen im trying to move stuff around its, not really working so im going to have to like x out of here, restart it open it up in browser again so again, theres a lot of Moving parts that just arent working super well yet so as of right now, no im not gon na, recommend it if youre on the ipad pro using it primarily only on the ipad pro because, like i said its not working to the point where youre gon na Make revenue gains or efficiency gains and things like that, its not working that well yet, if you have some static stuff, then maybe that – and you want to pay 31 a month to look at excel sheets and things like that directly on a cloud pc, then by All means go for it, but for right now, theres still a ways to go again: its only been 36 hours since this has been out. So i dont want to give microsoft too much hardship, but on the ipad pro it still needs a little bit of work. But hopefully that answered a bunch of questions on how to set it up what the pricing looks like and if it even works on the ipad pro. But lets get out of this view and go to the normal view. So that is the entire run through setup and first impressions that im going to give windows 365 for at least these first couple days.

So i want to give a more long term review because, again august 2nd release im sure the servers were inundated with a bunch of people trying to get on there trying to use the free trials again, trying to figure out if this is what they want. Moving forward right so so again, their servers and the amount of people pulling down cloud. Pcs was probably huge in comparison to where it is right now, so you always see a 48 hour or 72 hour spike when it comes to services like this thats. Why, whenever apple updates to the entire public, it usually takes a little while for everybody to get it. So i believe that might have something to do with the latency effect, and issues like that because, like you saw, my internet connection at home is good enough to actually run this with zero latency. And then you saw that the internet connection on the cloud pc itself was actually even stronger than my in home wi fi. So i dont think its an internet connection thing. It might be due to the fact that were running it on ipad os 15 beta 4 running it on an ipad that doesnt have true mouse support, or at least mouse support that windows computers are used to, so that might also go into the actual latency effect And things like that, so overall, we need to give it a little bit more time. I still have a lot of promise and upside for, but right this second, unless youre like in need of going into a windows operating system and maybe opening up excel files and things like that to view in a static format, then maybe its worth it.

But for right now, its a little bit too much latency, maybe too many people on it, maybe its just the fact that its not really meant for the ipad pro, because we did see that when you do log in it says that this isnt fully compatible and Optimized for this setting – or this os, or something like that, so that could be the case, but i am going to test it on mac os see how that runs, maybe on android and see how that runs, but overall theres still a lot of promise. Still a lot of things that need to come into play and again, another thing that could be holding me back is the fact that i went with like the entry level cloud pc service in terms of ram cpu usage and overall storage. So a bunch of different factors that could be playing to the effect of it, not working super well, but thats, pretty much going to do it for this video stay subscribed because were going to do a long term review. I want to use it for about a week see if it gets better. Maybe i will upgrade the specs, the internal specs of the cloud pc to see if that helps it run a little bit better, because, ideally, i want to be able to run windows 10 when i need to on my ipad pro. That is a perfect situation. For me and thats what i want, i know, a lot of people also want that to make their ipad pro their main computer, but thats going to do for this video.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed hopefully learned something new. Let me know in the comments below. Are you guys going to try to sign up for windows 365., like i said, theres a two month, free trial ill link down below exactly where you need to go to download that no affiliation whatsoever, its just a link, but i do recommend giving it a try. If you guys want to try it out its not that hard to set up again its a two month free trial, just to literally test it out and play with it on any device that you want so its worth a shot if its something that youre thinking About investing in moving forward but thats gon na do for this video dont forget to like comment subscribe.