So i got this tab a 8.4. I don’t remember what year it is. I don’t even know i think it’s. The latest one – and i got it through t mobile by opening up um data line, and they gave me the tablet for free, so here’s a device itself. It’S it’s basic, nothing, major, not something that i’m used to, because i generally buy things that are more expensive and i’ll. Show you what you could do with it. So here we have. Let me start it. Okay, here we go. This is full hd display, uh and it’s laggy, because it doesn’t have the greatest chipset in there it’s, not the latest, but for those who cannot afford to buy like, for example, the the z fold too, like you could see the difference in color too, like if You cannot afford to buy something like this. This is okay, so, for example, you want to use uh windows on it, that’s great. You could use that, and this is where the shadow that tech, um that’s the website shadow windows service comes in um. You could watch your basic videos on this and stuff like that, but we’re looking into the shadow and it’s supposed to be here, so you could start it right here and you know the funny thing is this, even though it’s so compared to the devices that i Have this would be like the most cheapest? I would say that i have.

First of all, i got it uh for free and i think if you buy it right now, it’s definitely less than 400 dollars, so it’s doing updates. So you could see how quickly it does things it’s, definitely um less than 400. So if this is what you have and you need something going to go because this offers connectivity, the display is uh, not bad it’s, not a bad display, not the greatest it’s 1080. But the sound, i would say, it’s really lacking in the sound department, the speakers aren’t the best. But here you go, you get the full windows experience on the go, and actually this works the best out of all of the devices that i have. So you click on the menu here you go. It works this doesn’t work hold on there. We go see how quickly this one cut on comparing to all the other devices. So like this works, a lot better, so let’s go into this. We could go into the chrome browser open up the keyboard and we’re going to shadow that tech. It opens up the website as soon as it does let’s open this up. There you go like it’s, a lot more usable. I don’t know if it’s the form factor, it is 8.4 inches um, but it definitely does respond to it better. Comparing to let’s say if i want to use it on the note it’s, smaller, obviously smaller, and this is smaller but z fold, which is, let me open, it up, z fold it’s a pretty wide display.

While this one is longer, this one is narrow, but it is wider and i’ll show you the whole experience on the z fold, how default to how to use this service on this and the same thing over here like you go into uh, like let’s, say you Have stream you have playstation now, but that’s not we’re? Looking at, we could go into let’s, say balham. I don’t know it’s opening up this big let’s see. Oh, i know why. So we need to adjust the settings. Okay, low bandwidth. Yes, so you can hear the sound, but here we go, you would have to maximize it and then here is where you could play using the remote control like the game controllers. So if you want to use the game and play it, you could and let’s say: um start the game like you have like let’s say: if you want to go to start, you click start start, and this is the ability that you could like. If you want to play triple a games, this is not a triple a game, but if you want to play triple a game, you could with having just the touch control on the go. Let’S say if you are on the airplane or if you are on the train that allows you to have with safety to use connectivity in internet connectivity. You could this works on the lte. Um definitely would recommend using like a five um like 5g device, but it does it works like you could see.

This is touch screen. I just hate using um touch screens for remote control i’m, more a fan of this, and you could pair it and play with that, if that’s, what you want to do, which is the best that’s that’s, where this type of service basically becomes great. So here you go, let’s say you want to close let’s, get rid of the visual controller. Let’S say you want to close this, but you can’t reach this, so you just close and generally it would close everything that you’re dealing with at whatever the window that you have on at this point. Here you go and if you want to watch movies and stuff like that or if you want to use the app on this because remember this is a full fledged windows experience on a device that costs less than 400. I think i think it’s 200, something if i’m not wrong. You could use that like. If you want to use full firefox, you could use full firefox. How can tell me how you could use full desktop experience, firefox on any of the portable devices, such as the phones or tablets you can here. So this is again samsung tab, a 8.4 inches and i got it for free through t mobile, because i opened up a line with them. This is uh. This is the best i didn’t need to so let’s say if you cannot afford to spend fifteen hundred dollars for a basic gaming laptop, and the only thing you could afford to buy is like you could afford to pay monthly for internet and you get a free Tablet so free tablet, monthly, i pay 20 bucks.

Let’S say: whole year is 100 240 multiply each month by 20, bucks, 240 plus let’s, say 12 bucks per month, um subscription it’s 144 per year, 240 plus 144 you’re still under 500, for what you would have paid 1500, at least for a gaming laptop. So you get a lot more over here and i’m talking about gaming laptop that has good graphics equal to whatever this offers, and i think this is for me this is a well money spent if you have any questions post below uh. If you have any questions about this tablet or more about the shadow service which i did cover in one of my previous videos, if you have you know uh more questions about it, go ahead, you could ask me about it or just watch one of those videos.