Now. This video is sponsored by yep me so, but i actually want to give it away to you guys so there’s gon na be one lucky winner and i’ve got to put i’ve put the link to gleam in the description below now. You’Ve got to be 13 years or older, i’ll pay to ship it anywhere in the united states and it’s your responsibility then to ship it to wherever you live. You know, and also all the customs duties now i can’t emphasize this enough in one of my previous giveaways ted win. Let it stick over in india because it’s like 42 duties there and the customs took it very annoying, and this is you know something i bought and i’d hate that to happen again. So please make sure you do your homework um. So there you go uh now to uh to enter it. I say you just click on the link and there’s various different things. There you know visit visit my youtube channel, for instance, now you don’t need to subscribe at the end of the day. I only want people who watch my videos to subscribe, so if you’re not interested in laptops gaming laptops don’t subscribe, please because it will hurt my channel if you unsubscribe i’ve, also put on there visit our discord channel visit me on patreon. You don’t have to do a do a page one of my, although i’ve only got there’s a dollar a month, but anyway, if you do feel – and you want to support my work – i’d – certainly value that um also um there’s a couple of puzzles on there.

Then there’s one where you know you got ta, find the geek here this little cartoon character, i’m gon na embed him in this video and uh you put in the time frame in uh in the gleam there. So if it’s, like two minutes 20 seconds, you put 02 20. also there’s another video which i’ve done. I wonder actually my favorite video of me do reviewing a laptop bag and i got my wife to carry it. You’Ve got to look find that video out and uh put in the in the gleam question what its weight is in pounds. So each one of these gives you a new entry uh a bit of fun and uh. You know, of course you can refer a friend as well. You get a few extra entries there so anyway, good luck with that and i did the drawing – will take place on april. The 17th now i’m going to be traveling i’m, going to go to the uk, because i’ve got a family member who’s dying, and i i need to get over there very shortly. So my next video will be doing a live stream on this i’m, going to try and aim to do that in a couple of days time and then, when i’m over in the uk i’ll do a gaming video as well. So anyway, you know. Thank you very much for your support and good luck to the winner. So actually i bought this uh from best buy, so let’s have a look at it.

Specs there so it’s 1700 and best buy it’s got the six core. I7. 10. 758 cpu. 16 gigabytes of ram in dual channel um, it’s, 2, 93 megahertz and a 30 70. Now it goes up to 800 watts. Uh it’s got 512 gigabyte, ssd uh it’s uh that’s, pretty much it so, but yeah it’s a nice laptop seventeen hundred dollars. Now, of course, you can also go to hp and configure these things yourself and, of course, here they’ve got some different options. You’Ve got a six core um sorry, if 10 300 h uh cpu four core option there with a 30 60 um, you got it. Then you can have two eight core options: um with 30, 60 or 30 70, all the way up to 32 gigabytes of ram. So you know pricing wise. You know you’re looking like fifteen seventy dollars up to about just over two thousand dollars, depending on the configuration you want to choose. Of course you can go for either 144 hertz panel or a 300 hertz panel, which mine has got a 300 hertz panel g. Sync g sync, and it also got a muck switch, which is great, so you can switch between hybrid and dedicated gpu mode. Now, if you do configure it here through um hp, the keyboard wise, you know you got option. For you know, the base model will be a one zone. Dragon red and my model, like my model, has a four zone: rgb backlit keyboard and you can.

If you go for the eight core and the 3070, you can then spend a little bit extra and get a perky rgb. So the chassis is the same as it was. Last year you um have a plastic lid with a reflective blue omen symbol here in the center and underneath you know, it’s plastic again uh easy to get into big air intakes. You know so that, but the keyboard deck itself is actually made out of aluminium. So that’s that’s not too bad. You know and again it’s, because it’s black, it will show a few few fingerprints, a few smudges but it’s not too bad at all and the trackpad it’s a synaptics trackpad, but it does use precision drivers so that’s pretty decent. I do quite like that, so the keys are island style, keys, uh, 26 key rollover and mine is actually has four zone rgb but, like i say you cannot have the red. If you just go for the the base model, or you can go for per key rgb, if you go for the top end model now, one thing i didn’t, like i remember on last year’s model it’s the same here, because it’s the same chassis is that the Power button is embedded in with the rest of the keyboard, but over here you don’t have a number plot, as you did on the original 15 t, but you do have a calculator button and you do have the used to be there command center or whatever.

There. You know it opens up their gaming center software there, of course, across the top. Here you do have some air intakes and the stereo speakers, of course, are bang along some. So looking inside it looks exactly the same as it did. Uh last year’s model the intel model in here, because the intel model last year also had a soldered on wi fi card, while the amd model had a slotted version. So here you have the 70 watt hour battery and either side. You do have the two m.2 slots on our side of that you have the stereo speakers. Of course, dual channel ram, it’s, always good. The fans are nice and big, but it’s exactly the same. You got the three heat pipes and the three heatsinks there. Now the screen, one big issue of it last time – was, of course, there’s a fair bit of flex to it and that’s still the same here now. Of course, you don’t have the central hinge that we used to have, but you know it’s very thin material, and that is you know one criticism i must say, but you do have still have space up here for the webcam at the top. So, as for the ports, on the left hand, side you’ve got the power connector, you got the ethernet jack, you have a usb type, a hdmi 2.0, a combo headphone, mic jack and the sd card reader and then, on the right hand, side.

You have a looks like a thunderbolt port, which is great, then you’ve got the mini, display port and then at the back, uh two usb type, a ports uh. That is good, at least it keeps that away from your mouse, and so the software is now called the gaming hub and of course it shows you, the the system vitals, you know the percentage of usages uh, the temperatures so forth. You can also undervolt, which is great um. You can either do it to intelligent, which means of course they can do it. You know automatically themselves or you can do it custom and in the performance control you got balanced and performance mode and uh. You have found control, you’ve got max, auto or manual where you can switch just between low and high, and i think that controls the fans for for both. You know the cpu and the gpu, and it shows you the speed here and also you’ve got a mug switch, so you’ve got uh, yeah, discrete or hybrid excellent i’m. Glad they’ve included that so let’s see how it performs. Then. So here we have far cry new dawn, um ultra settings um using the uh, the balanced profile, and so the cpu goes up to around about 87 degrees, occasionally the gpu there’s about 66 degrees, so that’s, not too bad at all, uh the power. You know the cpu is about six. You know alternating a lot ‘ to 65 watts there’s, not much extra power going to the gpu, which is running around about 60.

You know say: 66 to 75 watts. Um gpu utilization is not bad about 90 to 98 percent. There so that’s, not so bad, so let’s uh switch to high performance and see what difference it makes now. I can immediately hear the fans do pick up in speed and uh, but what is strange, this fps does fluctuate an awful lot jumping from like 106 down to 54. This is using performance mode and uh. Consequently, you know i do see generally better performance when doing balance mode when doing the game testing that i’ve done so far. Uh the gpu power goes up to about 82 watts uh. The cpu is jumping all over the place. 28 watts already up to you, know about 60 watts or so, but that you know it’s pretty unstable. Now, looking at the performance chart, you know using the in built benchmark on far cry. You don’t, we get an average of 84 fps and that was actually the same on balance or performance mode and uh it’s, actually slightly ahead of the rtx 2060, which is a little bit worrying. But it is ahead of the zephyrs g15 and the dash f15, which both use a 30 70. But no, those are using optimus, whilst here of course, i’m a dedicated gpu mode, and perhaps more worryingly, is it is behind the rx 3060 in the gigabyte g5. And what what strikes me here that this this game in particular, is perhaps not that well suited uh for dynamic boost 2.

0 because it struggles to send extra power to the gpu. So now we’ve got assassin’s creed valhalla using ultra high settings. This is a performance mode and we’re. Looking around about 93 fps at this scene. Uh, this cpu is about 89 degrees. It does do get a lot of fluctuations, of course like before and uh. The cpu is about 55 watts uh, but it does allow. You know the gpu to push up the 100 watt mark, which is great and they’ve got a nice boost clock and a good gpu utilization. So this game does prefer uh perform much better than far cry. Does so let’s switch to balance mode, so in balance mode. First thing: you notice the cpu and the gpu are much cooler. Definitely the the power profile to use frame rate seems to be pretty well untouched, and the power of course of the cpu is around about 21 watts. So that’s gone down quite a bit and uh the you know. Extra power has, of course, still going to the arch x 30 70, which still touches around about 100 watts at time. So this is a definitely a good way to go so in cpu only work when you’re running cinebench r20. Here the pl1 and balance mode is 45 watts and 707 watts, pl2 and it’s settling in around about 35 watts and the temperatures of course pretty low. Then about 54 55 degrees and the clock rate about 2 700 megahertz, so let’s see what it’s like in performance mode.

So now switching to performance mode. The pl1 has actually gone up to 75 watts, but you know still only using 35 watts, so that’s a that’s strange, perhaps an undervolt will help it. Consequently, the temperatures are around about the same as before on balance mode and the clock rate is still the same. You know 2 700 megahertz, so that is a shame. I’Ll have to try it with an under vote and let’s see what score we get here. You only get 1784 points, so that’s very low for an i7 uh six core cpu. So what do i think of it? Well, i like it, i liked it last year i like it now and of course you know it was one of the most popular laptops. Last year you know it’s got a subtle design. You know you know fit into most environments now the panel of course you know it’s a little bit has that same flex, as it did last year, of course, but it’s, a 300 hertz panel sort of step that up um, it’s, very nice. And, of course, this has g sync and a mug switch, so there’s, some good things to like about it there in terms of its performance, um, i’m running bios f03, and i can’t see an updated bios on there so i’m at a bit of a puzzle. Why? The cpu and cpu only work doesn’t boost past that 2, 700 megahertz i’m, going to try it of course, do and under vote and see if we can fix that.

But i suspect a bios update will be in the works and that will fix that for sure um gaming performance was okay, it’s, pretty much on par, where we thought i think assassin’s creed valhalla shows where you know the true performance lies, and in that regard you Know it was slightly ahead of the 2070 super, which is is very good, of course, that’s a dedicated gpu mode and, of course, switch to hybrid mode and you’ll get you know, you’ll get better battery life and with a 71 hour battery – and i suspect you probably Still get a good five or six, possibly six hours, you know and, of course, the riser models will last even longer still so anyway. I hope you found that useful if it’s, something that you’re thinking of buying and if it is you know, remember like and subscribe and good luck to the you know the competition, whoever wins this gorgeous machine.