This is the video that’s going to explain how you can win yourself, a dji fpv, combo kit, things like over a thousand dollars us, but i’m gon na give one away for free. So what exactly is in the kit? What am i giving away? Well, as far as i know, the kit comprises the drone here’s a picture of it here. This is the dji fpv beginner drone, and you also get the version two. This is the best part you get the version two digital goggles by dji. These are long range. I’Ll explain these are. This is probably the most awesome thing of that kit. Next, you get the dji fpv long range controller right here, plus you get the battery the battery charger and some other accessories. Now, if you’re wondering about this dji fpv drone i’ve been checking it out for an awfully long time. I don’t have one because dji never sends me anything. I got to buy my own stuff, but it is perfect for anybody who flies like a mavic air 2 or a mavic pro 2 or a phantom, or anything like that, because it’s a dji drone. So these drones have a million safety features and restrictions in them, and this new fpv drone it’s no different, even though dji likes to say it’s fpv, and can do some of the things that the fpv over here hobby can do. It can’t do everything, but you know what the bonus is.

The bonus is this: if you are not in the fpv hobby – and you have this here kit – well guess what you can then easily switch over to the real fpv hobby, because you have the version two dji high definition, long range goggles, these goggles all work with The latest and greatest fpv drones on the market that are all digital, so yeah you can get in the hobby, pretty darn quick, now, i’m. Pretty sure that the game controller they’re, giving away with the kit also will work with all these drones because it is dji technology and all of them, and that brings you so much closer. You have the goggles. You have the game controller. You go buy yourself, a real fpv drone and you can have the most awesome time of your life flying fpv. Like you see me do in so many of my videos, the skills you can acquire, plus certainly you’re, going to get the skills flying the dji version, but it’s not going to give you the true fpv experience that you’d get in the real unrestricted hobby. But still you know this is the greatest thing to me, since life spread to get people more people who fly camera drones into the fpv world, so two thumbs up to dji for that. So how can you win one for yourself? Well, it’s the easiest way in the world on my channel, because i keep everything pretty simple. The cool thing is i get to make all the rules on my channel and the rules i’ve made for this giveaway are no different than other giveaways.

I’Ve done. Certainly dji doesn’t send me any drones, they never have and i don’t think they ever will because they don’t like the fact that i keep on leaking information about their new products. But, however, i don’t mind i will buy their products because i like the dji products and i’m buying one for myself on march 2nd and whenever i receive it, you’ll see a review on that product and i’m buying one for one of you lucky viewers. So how can i afford to buy two of these since they’re over in a thousand bucks? Well, it’s, pretty simple! I have a day job, yes, that’s, how i do it! This whole channel is just a hobby, but i have a i’ve got a day job. So i can afford to buy two and it pretty much blows my dji budget for the year, but i don’t think dji is releasing a lot of products this year that i’m gon na buy other than this fpv drone thing all right, so let’s get on with The rules first off get yourself a pen and paper and write these down. The first rule is in order to be entered into this contest. You must be a subscriber of this here. Captain drone channel there’s, so many loyal subscribers that keep on watching. My videos posting comments and the only way i can pay you all back for your kindness is to give you a free product if someone’s just flying through the airwaves, seize this contest enters it and is not a subscriber you can’t win now.

A lot of you will say: hey steve: we hide our information on being a subscriber on youtube. Don’T worry. I have third party software that allows me to see if you are a subscriber or not yes, it’s, not legal by google standards, but i can see it next thing. Please only enter the contest once if you enter the contest more than once. I have this happen. Every contest someone will repost their answers over and over and over, like 20 or 200 times, they’re all deleted they’re not eligible, so you can only post once once per email address. Now that doesn’t mean go. Make yourself. 200 000 email addresses because i’m going to see that your address in the end is pretty much all the same, so it’s it’s it’s not really going to work out in your favor next thing you have to do is post the answers to five questions. In a comment below this video, so what are the five questions? Well, they are so simple. You ready question number one. I need to know your first name. The reason i need to know your first name is because, when you win, i want to say congratulations mike donald ralph sally anything like that question number two. You have to post your country, the country you live in now that i will be shipping the product to and here’s the bad news on that i am not a rich man. Once again, as i mentioned, i have to buy two of these one for me and one for you, so that’s pretty expensive.

Do you know how expensive it is to ship a product from my house in canada to some place in the world? It’S super expensive – and i am not gon na – do that. So all i’m gon na do is the winner, i’m gon na get your information, and your address and i’m gon na go on the dji website. I’M gon na go to your country and i’m gon na have dji ship the drone to your house through their shipping method. However, it works now. Why did i say that’s? Probably bad news? Well, the bad news is dji. Does not ship to every single country in the world? They have a select number of countries they ship to. So those are the only countries that can enter so. What i’m going to do now is i’m going to show you all the countries that can enter. So please watch this pay attention and only enter if your country’s shown watch this and finally questions three four and five. This is where you can make or break your entries. So what you have to do is look directly below this video. You will see some information on the contest. Repeat it there’s. What i’m telling you right now you’re gon na, see questions one two, three four and five so questions three four five are going to have a question and right after the question, there is going to be a link to a website. You click on the link and then you write down the answer.

So as long as you have the correct answers. Well then you know what you can win yourself, this fpv combo. So once again you must be a subscriber. You could only enter once. I need your first name, the country you live in, and the answers to questions three four and five, and that is it all of that and you can win yourself a very expensive, dji, fpv combo, drone kit, oh, and i should mention every time. I do a contest i get people who just copy and paste other people’s answers, so they copy somebody’s answer their comment and then they post it in theirs. Well guess what i catch them every time because i’m going to change the questions part way through the contest, and that also means, if you post answers – and i change the questions, don’t repost and post new answers, because you will just cause yourself to be no longer Eligible to win just as long as you post the correct answers to the questions that you saw on the day, you posted your answers, you’re good, because everything is time stamped and date stamped. So i can tell what questions and what answers are applicable on certain days and you’re wondering when am i going to pick a winner well, i’m, going to pick a winner randomly on march 20th? So, basically, on march 20th, i’m going to wake up, have a coffee start up. My laptop look at all the comments.

There should be thousands upon thousands of entries, i’m gon na stick it into a youtube random comment: generator it’s, gon na pick a name randomly. I have no control over what it picks. I’M gon na check your answers, check your name check your country and you probably won, and then after i have a winner, i’m, just going to do a double check to make sure you’re a subscriber and then i’m going to double check to make sure you are Who you say you are anybody who’s entered my contest knows i always do a double check and then i’m going to go to the dji website i’m, going to go to the store i’m going to order the fpv, combo kit and i’m going to have it shipped Right to your address, it will show up at your door and you’ll, be the happiest kid on the block, all right so that’s about it. You can enter this contest all the way up to march 19th, because on march 20th i will pick a winner. So if you enjoyed this really cool contest and this giveaway and you think it’s pretty cool, please give this video a thumbs up and i will catch you in future reviews with many more product reviews of drones and anything else.