For some reason, my mouse pointer is missing completely missing, but touch seems to work, although there is an issue for selecting skills, etc. Sty, though, the big huge stuff at this thing and getting all the gamers on the lowest settings show you right here, you can see here that it's uh on the last things reading is off ticket equality for some reason that stuck on medium and as I just Mentioned no mouse pointer, which is something I need to fix. I think it's related to Windows, a hide the mouse pointer when touch keyboard is enabled might have something to do with that. Maybe I'll try and get into a bit of gaming. Here now the loading is putting Li quite slow because it's just loading off an external hard drive here. Unfortunately, didn't have space to fit the game on textual ternal storage, so hopefully won't be too bad. The game itself took a long time to load. Okay, so 34 frames per second that's, very playable, but of course there's. Nothing on the screen, so we'll see what happens when I can cast some spells. If I can, I don't think I can okay it's the frames just dropped in, but I need to raise a few skeletons and whatnot, but I don't think I can say without the mouse. Oh maybe I can't at the keyboard so that give you skills. Okay, although I can't see the mouse that is working, so the framerate is it's, not too bad it's a little bit all over the place, but it seems to be once it loads in there special effects, the graphics actually forecasting this bells it doesn't seem to be Too bad it's definitely again that I think, is playable if you can fix the mouse pointer issue that I'm having right here – and I see if I can kind of hover over that – you know – probably need to try and map it's got a lot of other players On the screen, as well so it's, not just myself, no Haven actually joined pardon its cuz.

I probably took hard to do that with my character Mouse as you hear, but as you can see, the game is, I think, there's playable and I think I do recall playing this on a another Bay Trail device and and it was possible to play the game. You do get your occasional legs and stutter and whatnot, but, as you can see there, but it's still one of those games that you can get away with 20 frames per second, you can actually still play – and this is still a tad I'd like to maybe divert The three which, if I have enough space and we'll try, died about three in the system. I know quite a few people have requested death but it's one of those games that it's all they're gon na run like this or pretty much unplayable, so I'll taste that one later on to find out so that's part of it so running on the tick.