Do i have an exciting video for you today, at least it’s exciting to me now. Let me first show you and take a look at all this stuff. You see here. All this stuff is going to be used with this product. Like always, i’ll put a link in the video description where you can get this product for yourself. So this is a lcd display portable monitor for different um things. What we’re going to be using it for is our raspberry pi 3, which is over here. So this is a raspberry pi that i’m about to show you. We are going to use with this, but not only just use it with it. We are actually going to be customizing, our own box and our own system from this speaker box, and she is a beauty, look at that beautiful beautiful screen. So this is a do it yourself kit, as you can see, in the back all open backlight volume. Earphone 7 inch hdmi display h, 1024 by 600 pixels usb touch, we got the touch, we got the power, we got the display it’s nicely lettered and it lets you know which port does what that way. You know what you’re doing now to remove this film. It will look a whole lot nicer if you peel this back, but we’re not doing that until we’re done with the project. They supply you with different things and we’re going to go ahead and show you for the safety of this monitor, we’re going to go and set this aside out of the way.

While i show you what’s in the box so right off, we see this maybe for the touch screen. We’Ll have to see and we got our hdmi cable in here. So again, this is a do it yourself project. They supply you with different components, different plugs and ports that you can so this is a usb h, so they supply you with just different plugs and ports. They supply you with two mini speakers, as you can see right here. Two miniature speakers that have tape on the back that you can mount inside or whatever you’re doing 3b, so let’s actually go here and uh keep tabs. So this is 4b like these are usb, so that’s a usb port. Then you got two hdmi ports, let’s see what else we got in here. So this looks like it could be a mount, so you would prop it up, probably like this put the screw in the hole here and you would mount the leg up. So this would hold it all right. Let’S go ahead! Let’S, quick, pick! A game got our sound bar over here. All right. Audio works, great perfect, everything’s, working great.