15.6 inch IPS screen that you can set up. It does actually have mounting points as a just a separate monitor if you wanted to or like this is a portable one that you can travel with. It does have type C input, so at the moment, I've got it from thunderbolt into it straight out here and displaying the image you can currently see of my website, but you could use it even with gaming consoles and even your mobile phones as well, which I Will demonstrate in this particular video, so the screen specs they have a claimed 100, 200, sorry and 15 it's of brightness. So I'm gon na check out a measure of the panel also check out the color gamut and see if this is a decent portable, 15.6 inch. Ips monitor so in the box we get an instruction leaflet here: a cloth to wipe down the screen. The screen itself comes in a protective case which acts as a stand for it, which I will show you very shortly and then right underneath this protective padding. You will find our cables, so we have an HDMI to HDMI, cable, USB 3, 2 type c. Sorry, which is this one right here and then a type C to type C cable. So this cover, as you can see, has a fabric to it. This is a magnetic clip here to keep it closed and when you open it up, they have also included a screen protector.

If you wanted to put that on there, I don't really know if that's needed, I won't, actually be using it myself. So you can see the the bezels here. They are quite slim at least the top and the side. Bezels are I've just quickly checked away, which is very important when you're gon na be lugging this around, with your laptop, so it's, quite heavy 1.27 eight kilos, making it quite a bit heavier than the ven pot. Split that I have. Another 15.6 inch touch monitor the thickness of the screen with its case is 16 millimeters, and this case is actually screwed into the screen itself. So if you need to remove it, it's just a simple matter of unscrewing these right here, which is easy to do and then you're able just to remove it completely, but I'm gon na keep it attached. It does have this two mounting points, so you could mount this on some sort of arm, so you can set it up then, just as a standalone a monitor so this here those are two little speakers and they don't sound, particularly good. They are tiny, so very tinny. They don't have really any bass whatsoever to them, but I'll give you a sample of them in this video Topsy which I'm currently running it's just off the single cable, because I'm running it via a Thunderbolt, 3 port. So it's got enough power output to run it just by itself, so with other devices, for example, using Samsung decks with my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus, I will need to then plug in the top one here, which will give it then power and that power is Going to go through and also charge your phone too, you can be using at the same time HDMI, which of course is just the one point for a spec.

So we get 60 Hertz 1080p. Then, on the right hand, side we have a 3.5. When I made a headphone jack I'll power on the slash menu button and then the menu control for the on screen display, so holding this down will turn the screen off and if you hold it down, there will also bring it back on and then pressing in This little control here it's got an up and down so just pressing and holding this will then bring up our on screen display and here at settings we have through the OSD, so backlight I've got that set on 10, which is the maximum brightness contrast saturation and The adjustment of the screen colors the most interesting, of course, with all these different options. We'Ve got therefore gamma, which I have set to 2.2. The temperature color effect advanced as well matte colors to me the most interesting one here, so I'll just bring it in to dizzy color temperatures you can select, which is good, color effect that I wouldn't use at all, and this is probably the best one here. So you can set the pre configured settings you've got set up here, so we've got Adobe RGB and is RGB modes as well for the screen so let's get on to the important part about the screen and just how is the panel that they have selected? So does a 15.6 inch IPS panel and, of course, with the type C input HDMI input and touch input, so the touch does work.

Fine, I find that equity is good, it's an anti glare panel, so you don't really have any problems with reflections. Now, if you're not running external power, so if you're just powering a say from a type c port, as I was originally, then you're not going to get the full maximum brightness out of the screen so with only just the single cable. So this is Thunderbolt. 2 Thunderbolt 3. I only had about a hundred Lux, which is not bright enough. I mean it's, okay, if you're indoors, that's gon na, be fine. So then, with the power plugged in by the way, it does support power, delivery and that's up to 20 volts. So anywhere from, like 5 volts 2 amps to 12 it's gon na be able to work with this, but you will get various different levels brightness. So maximum brightness is only about 200 lux, so about 195 to 200. Depending on what area of the panel that I'm measuring not quite bright enough, srgb of 56 is RGB, oh dear, not very good. In TSC 40 Wow, okay, it is low, so the Adobe RGB percent, ouch 42, so not a very good panel for anyone wanting to do any color correction work with this. This actually comes out this panel, the performance of it, the color gamut, is worse than the ven pot split, which i think was about 48 Adobe RGB you there so not good for professionals at all this screen.

Then, when you're looking at blacks here, you can see that it looks quite good. The edges I'm, not seeing any real screen, bleed on this, so that at least is one positive of this panel. Now I just wanted to play a video here. Just to give you a sample of these speakers that do sound really actually quite pathetic, now they're better than nothing. Of course, if you happen to be using something that's just got display out in no speakers, then at least you've got that option of actually having some sound, but you have very flat and they've got hardly any volume to them as well. This is maximum volume by the way, and just to demonstrate really quick here that, yes, it is working with Samsung's desktop mode while ways desktop mode as well and any other phones that do support this. So you can see how I can bring up all my apps. The touch input is working really well it's fast, its responsive. There is no lag with the touch all right so to quickly recap. Here we have a rather thicker heavier design than the competitors. 15 point inch screens. The panel itself turned out to be very disappointing. As you saw there with the color gamut that we're getting on this, so an sRGB that is rather low, Adobe, RGB or so very very low, so it's, not a quality panel it's, not giving us a lot of color coverage there. The gamut it's not for professional use, so if you're going to be color grading, your a video editing photo editing and things like that and you wanted a monitor for that.

Definitely not recommend it for that kind of use. If you're just editing documents you want to seek in monitor, perhaps that you want to use and set up with another PC and just be displaying TV series or movies or there's kind of normal kind of things that it doesn't really matter the kind of color that You'Re going to get through the screen, then it will be okay there, but that comes in two other factors as well, like the speakers they're terrible they're, not good at all – on these they're very flat, tiny little speakers now, of course, it's great to have that option Because if you had some tick out there, that was a simple, maybe you're, plugging this straight into a PC that doesn't have any speakers. Then you've got the speakers. I understand that so it's great to have but they're just not amazing there. Now the inputs it's good to have the type C input that it will run depending on the tick you've got if it outputs enough power. Like my HP Spectre with its Thunderbolt 3 port, then it will run it, but at a lower brightness sitting now Samsung's the desktop mode in Huawei's, using it not enough power output to run the whole screen. Just by itself. You will need the external power there and, of course running the external power which supports power delivery. You will get then the full 200 Lux of brightness, the other factor too.

For me, the biggest one is the price of this. So if the screen was a very high quality, matte coated super bright and had a really good srgb in Adobe RGB coverage in NTSC, then they could justify their price. That I've seen that it's selling for about 299 pounds on Amazon. That to me is really expensive and overpriced for what it is. So I believe there are better options out there and thank you so much for watching this review of a portable 15.6 inch IPS panel.