You get the monitor which will set to the side for now, and the monitor does come with a little cleaning cloth for the screen. It also comes with a support car email them if you need the manual or other support, and it also has a thank you card. The monitor comes with the usb c to usb c 3.2 gen 2. Cable that you will need to use for the touch screen to work. It also has a usb a to usb c cable to power, the monitor a mini hdmi to full hdmi cable, then. Lastly, the power adapter that outputs 5 volts to 2 amps, since the monitor only requires 5 volts. You will be able to use most of the power banks out there to power the monitor, which is really handy. The monitor comes with a really nice magnetic folio cover that covers the entire back and front of the display. The magnet on the back of the cover is stronger to keep a good hold on the monitor. The cover also functions as a stand, and it has two grooves in the inside to hold the monitor in two different angles: it does an okay job. It won’t collapse. If you shake your desk, but it will, if you bump the monitor, you can keep a secure hold on the highest angle by flipping the end of the cover like this to keep the monitor from sliding down. This monitor is very thin and lightweight weighing in at 2.

25 pounds on the right side of the monitor. You will find a couple of ports. There is a micro usb port for powering the monitor 2 usb 3.2 gen 2 ports. That will power the monitor, transfer, video signals and touch signals all. At the same time, then, there is a mini hdmi port to hook up to devices that don’t support usb c on the left side, you will find the power button, then the menu navigation, scroll wheel and the headphone jack at the very top of the monitor. There is a speaker cutout on each side for the stereo speaker. The monitor has a 14 inch 1920 by 1080p ips touch display that produces some really vivid colors and has good clarity. It looks great with the slim bezels. It makes watching movies and made a consumption on it feel great. It is using a glossy display, which is a welcome change from their matte display on their 15.6 inch touchscreen portable monitor my finger glides more smoothly on it, and it just feels nicer to interact with with the ips panel. You get the best viewing angles and really good color accuracy. It has a 98 srgb color gamut, so you will be able to do some photo editing and video editing on this monitor. The 14 inch screen is a little small for video editing. You won’t need to be very close to the monitor, but it still makes for a good option if you’re editing on a tablet with a 12.

3 inch screen. This gives you a little more screen real estate to work with the monitor has a maximum 400 nits of brightness, which is really good. It is bright enough to use indoor and outdoors, so this portable monitor comes with a couple. Pictures modes such as standard game movie photo vivid and user where you can configure it to your liking. It also supports dynamic contrast ratio which will help shadows and blacks, look less washed out in movies and for scenes with more whites. It will help them. Look more vivid now, if you turn it on it will lock your brightness so stay aware that before you go thinking that the brightness is broken on it, this monitor also supports hdr that will display a wider range of colors and contrast and produce more details. What i really love about usb c monitors is that i can use them with my surface pro or any laptop that has usb c 3.2 with a single, usb c cable. The touch feature on the monitor works really well, with my surface pro 7., i really love having the touch screen on this portable monitor. It is so useful when i’m doing homework. I can have my book problems and solutions on the portable monitor while working on the problem on my surface pro 7., and this saves me so much time from having to go back and forth between looking at the problem. Solving the problem and checking the solutions to see, if i did it right, the touchscreen on the portable monitor is very useful for me here, because i like to remove the keyboard from my surface pro when i’m, using it with the pen so being able to just Touch the second display to move and scroll around is awesome, there’s no noticeable touch delay and it is fast and responsive.

It has an overall seamless experience since most classes have gone remote. Now, this external monitor will be perfect to have your zoom meetings on the external monitor. While you work on your laptop or tablet, and this will make it easy to multitask. Another cool thing is that, if you’re not using a keyboard, if you tap on the search bar or a text view on the tablet, the virtual keyboard will pop up and when you tap on the search bar on the portable monitor, the keyboard will pop up there And this has been working really well. For me, the compact form factor makes it carrying around much better. It is only slightly longer than my surface pro 7.. It easily fits in my backpack, along with my surface pro 7 in the laptop compartment. The benefits of this monitor, while doing work, is that you can take it with you to the kitchen table to your room or outside to get some work done, and all you need is one usbc cable i’ve been using this monitor for the past three weeks consistently To get some homework done and i love it Music. The cool thing about most of these portable monitors is that your phone can power them. If you have a smartphone or tablet that can output video through the usbc, then you can take advantage of this. It will cast your screen to the monitor, so you can interact with your screen there using the touchscreen of the monitor and you can watch videos in the larger screen or surf the web.

Now, if you have a samsung phone or samsung tablet that supports samsung dex, then you can use it with this monitor. Another cool thing is that i didn’t need a power bank to use samsung dex. It automatically started up with most monitors. You will need additional power from either a power bank or an outlet. It will most likely consume a lot of your phone’s battery, so i recommend connecting it to a powerbank. When you connect the monitor to an additional power source, it will also slowly charge your phone, which is nice. The monitor, screen brightness will only be able to get to 50 before the display turns off, if you’re, only using your phone to power it. If you want to get work done more effectively, while using samsung dex, i recommend connecting a bluetooth mouse and a keyboard to your phone before starting up samsung decks. This way you can get the full benefits of the power of decks. This is a really good portable monitor for gaming on the go perfect to use with the nintendo switch. When you want a bigger screen, and since it can be powered by a power bank, you don’t need an outlet. I was surprised to see that this monitor supports freesync and this matches your monitor’s refresh rate, with the refresh rate of your graphics card to prevent screen tearing. So that is really nice to see on here. The speaker on this isn’t that great but it’s good enough to use for playing games or watching movies by yourself in a somewhat quiet room.

You can always plug in some headphones or a pair of speakers for a better audio experience, but for not needing to carry around a speaker. This is good enough and here’s a quick audio test just so you can get a feel of how the speakers sound cast. Hosted by me, jay jonah, jameson don’t be fooled by the term. Webcast i’ve not gone from spider man web as an interweb or something enough. Techno battle prepare to be informed me. If anybody remind me anybody, bunny, bunny, where’s, martha, come on martha when m.i.a bro. Oh, she disconnected one more overall. I would highly recommend this monitor if you will be using it a lot for work or school and also for gaming, then this will definitely be worth it. What max it did provide me with the discount code that will save you. 10 and right now they have a 20 off coupon that you can apply. I will leave the link and discount code below in the description if you want to check it out alright, so that concludes today’s review. Thank you all for watching leave a like.