What do you pay the cable company each month for television and how many channels do you get for that money? What, if i were to tell you that you could get over 7 000 channels for less than 12 bucks? A month and i’m talking about all the premiums, all the channels you can think of including pay per view and a lot more today, i’m going to review a new service called willow hosting they have all that stuff. I just mentioned, and it’s less than 12 a month what’s even better is they have a short 24 hour trial for less than two bucks? How can you go wrong? Let’S go Music! All right so i’m really excited to get into this and show you all the stuff that willow hosting has available for less than 12 a month. But before i do, i want to remind everybody how important it is to have a vpn to protect your privacy when streaming these types of apps online on your fire stick or or android tv device. If you subscribe to the cord cutters, li channel you’ll see that i’ve made a number of videos on vpns and ipvanish, specifically and there’s, also a link down below. If you want to go ahead and get yourself a really good deal on a inexpensive vpn subscription. So without further ado, i am here in the willow app and i’m going to show you all the channels that you can get i’m going to go ahead and click into the live tv button here.

So here we go as you can see. We have 7860 channels that you can get now. Of course, you know you’re not likely to watch or want to watch all of those channels, or even even a large fraction of them, but, as you can see, as i go through with the different channel groups here, you have 30 to 40 of the different major Networks, you can see them here, there’s also a whole section of regional networks that you can go into we’re scrolling down here. I’Ll show you the different stuff there’s a whole area on news networks. I’Ll briefly go in there and i’ll show you some of the channels that you have here. If you just scroll down, you can see i’m sure. A lot of these are highly recognizable to you. I’Ll go back out and i’ll scroll down here we have a whole section of kids entertainment. That would be all these channels that the little ones are all interested in. If you go real quick you’ll see that the epg on the side will buffer a little bit. But if you, if you just pause on each of these channels, the epg will catch up and show you what’s playing at any given time and down to usa entertainment. These are going to be your major network channels here in the usa, i’m sure a lot of these all look familiar and come at a premium price. If you pay the cable company each month, am i right? It just goes on and on all right.

So i don’t think you’ll be running out of anything to watch anytime soon, but to get to the really good stuff down. Here we have over 42 premium movie networks, and i think you know what those are. What would it cost if you had to pay your cable company to get all of these channels? This is also available on all of your different streaming devices, whether it be your fire stick: android tv, google, chromecast, your mobile phone, your pc and a web browser just about any any way that you can imagine to watch this content and all of these channels are Available on all of your devices, pay per view, events any pay per view, events that come up, they will update the just a little while before the event actually happens, and you won’t miss any of them all your different sports channels. All of the passes you know, like the the season passes for all of these all these different sports. I think you know what i mean everything is here, not just usa. We also have uk content, latino content, there’s a whole canadian section, many many other countries, hundreds of channels in other countries. It just goes on and on and on so. The next thing i want to show you is how easy it is to get i’m going to post a link down in the description on the website that you can go to to subscribe and where you can also get that.

I think it’s. A dollar 25 for 24 hour trial on this, so the nice thing about this is you don’t, have to call the cable company and cancel your subscription to all those expensive services. Quite yet what you can do is you can try this so i’m gon na go ahead and show you the website now and how easy it is to subscribe. Okay, so once you go to the link in the description of the video you go over here to services and you go to order new services so, like i said there is a trial available for just 1.25 to give it a shot and see if it works. As well as i say, i think you’ll find that it does and if you want to uh after the trial period is over, you can go ahead and try other subscriptions for you get four devices. This lets you. You can install this on 50 devices. If you want to, but you’re allowed to watch it on four simultaneous devices um for a whole month for 11.99 a month – and you get all that content that i was talking about so let’s just say that uh we’re going to go ahead and do this uh Subscription just to see walk you through the steps and see how easy it is. You’D hit the order now button go over to check out one nice thing about this as well as they accept paypal, and i think, for the most part, most people have paypal right.

A lot of iptv services, just uh, accept like bitcoin or some weird um method of you know like a weird app or something. Some of them are okay, some of them not so much so i like to see a service that accepts either paypal or credit cards. Also, like venmo, is another method that works pretty good, but for the most part, paypal is pretty safe. So you can go ahead and hit complete order and that’s it. What you’ll get is you get an email with the receipt, letting you know that you paid and also um instructions with your credentials, how to log into the service and uh instructions on how to install the app the free app that you can get that you can Get installed on your amazon fire stick or whatever device that you’re looking to install it on so that’s. It guys you’ve got a pretty good look at what’s available and how many channels you can get for just 12 bucks, actually a little less than 12 a month. Give it a try and see what you think. Let me know by writing some comments down below. If you enjoyed today’s video, please do click the like button below and if you want to see more videos when they come out record credits are live.