All of your time, there’s a dead spot, it could be in bed, it could be in your office, it could be outside somewhere. You have a dead spot that you just want that wi fi don’t worry my friends in this video we’re going to be doing an unboxing and then setup of the rockspace ac 1200 wi fi extender. This is supposed to fill those gaps, those dead spots and get you all the wi fi you need so anyway, come over here, real quick as i do. The unboxing explain a few things set it up and show you some use all right. So here we are again the rockspace ac, 1200 wi fi extender. You can see that right over there ac 1200, dual band, wi, fi, repeater, so 2.4 and 5g signal. You can see that right over here works with any wi fi router, easy setup and i’m going to show you all that in this video and then back here. It shows you basically how it’s going to work. Here’S, your existing wi fi router, the cut the areas it covers, the most important spaces and then setting up the ac 1200 in those other spaces just inside range, so that you can amplify that signal across your house and here are a little information. High speed, simultaneous dual band: wi fi for better connection, strong wi fi signal all that good stuff don’t worry about it. I’Ll cover it so let’s go ahead, open it up; 100 original product, okay.

So nothing else in that. The rest is right here. In this plain white box, okay, here we have the repeater itself i’m, going to put this away or the extender itself i’m going to put this away for one second to see what else we have in here, quick installation guide and then don’t worry we’re going to Cover all this, but just want to show you they got. You covered power on the repeater, extend your wi fi, relocate the repeater. Extending your wi fi, using wps we’ll be going over power on the repeater. This part over here we won’t be utilizing. Wps relocate the repeater after you set it up and then some faqs okay just putting this away, and then we have the repeater itself. This is a nice looking repeater just plain black mesh or not mesh matte. Sorry, we can see right over here. Whoops it’s upside down signal, wps power, wps and then here we have the antennas and then over here over here down here and then up at the top, the top some vents. So it could breathe. We all need to breathe, and then we have an ethernet connection right over here that way, if you’re in an area that gets wi fi, but you don’t have an ethernet connection, you can plug that into here. Then you can plug the other side into your desktop and i’ll go over that as well. All right, so let’s get started on this all right.

So first thing we’re going to do is just plug this guy into an outlet and when it’s plugged in they’ll all turn on, then we’ll see power. Okay and now on a wireless device like your phone we’ll go ahead and connect to that access point right over here come into wi, fi, okay and then we’ll click on rockspace underscore xt, now it’ll, say rockspace underscore x, connected no signal. Now it wants us to log into here so to create a password one sec. Would i do that? Okay, after i’ve created it just click next it’s scanning for wi fi networks. Again all right now it wants to see which one to repeat off of or which to extend we’re going to select the top one. I know that’s the one that works the best. It shows the strongest signal right over here and then i’ll enter in that password. One sec then extend all right extended successfully. So now we have research, 21, 0 underscore x and research. 21 0 underscore 5 g e x t okay, now it’s connecting to the one. I had before well because it works perfectly here, but in other areas it’s going to connect to this, so let’s go ahead and plug it into an area that we don’t get very much wifi. I thought you’re gon na come in through that door, so out here i don’t get any signal. If i move like like that, i might get signal.

I don’t always get it sorry, i’m, outside there’s, kids playing, but so this is exactly what we need that extender for so let’s go ahead, plug that in real, quick and let’s see how it works out here, all right, so the staircase divides the house right. There is my office, then right outside there, where i’ve taken you already is outside, where my dead spot is sorry for the echo but we’re gon na go ahead and put the ac 1200 right in that outlet right there, where you can see my dog’s head, so Let’S go put it over there, real, quick, all right so for here we just go ahead and connect that right up here now we’re going to notice one bar of light right over here, that’s, just letting you know there’s power. So we have to wait a few seconds for the top one to appear that’ll. Let us know that we actually have wi fi signal and i’ll go ahead and open up my phone, real, quick, okay. So now on network and wi fi opening up research, 21. Okay, now we see research, 21 0 underscore comes out and the 5g as well. So let me put in my password one sec. All right. Research, 21, 0 underscore 5g x is connected sweet. So then we’ll go ahead and open up the speed test and we’ll hit. Go look at that that’s on 5g. That is beautiful. I have a gigabit so, of course the further you are away from it.

The slower it’s going to go so we’re right next to it. So in a second let’s, see how it looks like outside all right. So now that we’re outside we can see we’re still connected to the 5g x, so let’s go back over here and click go we’re not getting 150 but we’re getting real close to it. That’S beautiful now out here without the 5g x or the 2g x. We only get one we get connection, we only get about 30 megabits per second. You can see here we’re getting over a hundred, that’s, amazing and everywhere i move here. I get it um, the one without the 2g or 5g x. If i move over here, it’s gone, but if i move maybe here or right up against the wall, it’ll work, so i don’t have to worry about that now. So let’s see how it works like on the desktop alright. So now for the desktop we’ll go ahead and plug that guy in again we’ll wait till it shows that it’s connected to wi fi. We could already see over here no internet on the desktop and we are not connected to anything whatsoever over here. So i have the network connection the network cable, that’s, connected to the pc so i’m, just waiting for that to come online, all right, so it’s online, all right so now on the whoa. That was quick so on the desktop it connected real, quick! So then ookla opens up and i’m i’m amazed that it went that quick.

So just click go here and like we were getting outside or almost outside we’re getting about a hundred megs per second up or down should i say, and up we’re going to get around 100 megabytes or megabits as well that’s pretty impressive again. This is all going through wi fi, so i’m pretty impressed with the results. So we did an unboxing and i showed you how to use the rockspace ac 1200 extender. Honestly, i didn’t expect much from it. I’Ve used a ton of these type of things in the past. I’Ve, never really gotten good results, i’m kind of amazed. What i got on this 2g 5g, whatever you get you’re gon na get connected. You saw how quick it connected on the desktop. I was honestly blown away turn my i connected turn my head it’s connected it’s done that’s pretty awesome. So let me know what you think down in the comments below. Were you impressed at how quick how easy it was to connect? Not only a cell phone, but a desktop outside inside outside, for me, is if not a dead zone. I’Ll get about 20 or 30 megabits per second and then, while i’m browsing no internet connection. So frustrating so you know i can’t take music out there or you know something streaming. I just can’t. Do it out there i need to be on cellular. You may not have that. You know i may not have that, but now we have wi fi, all throughout the house, so that’s pretty awesome i’m going to have links down below where you can pick one up, it’s, actually, incredibly, affordable and again, let me know what you think down below and Don’T forget if this video helped you and you’d like to see more click like and subscribe.

It helps me out a ton and it lets. You know when you click that notification icon the bell lets. You know when i come out videos just like this. With all these, how to guides how to build a pc, how to upgrade a cpu, how to get wi fi working with an extender all these awesome videos.