So I had a really good price to it and in my review, if you've seen it, you would have noticed that thermals just got way too hot. I mean it got up to 96 degrees with thermal throttling, and it also ran into some issues with performance because of this playing some titles like battlefield 1, that it was would cause these huge frame dips and that was not ideal at all terrible really. So I blamed in my review the performance of those coolers they put in here, so the two fans – I thought, but probably just too small – and it could not expel that heat fast enough or get a good enough flow going through it turns out. I was wrong here. It was in fact the thermal paste that they used on this, so they haven't used a high quality. One no repai stood it and I put some Arctic mx2 on here now I used the begi method, which was basically sticking a finger into a plastic bag and using that to spread a very, even even thin layer of thermal paste on both the the die for The CPU and the GPU so re pasted, both of them there and it's, made a huge difference now to thermals increase their performance as well and we'll. Take a look at that so I'm, going to retest one game here, which was battlefield one, the one that really ran into the problems and see if that's now fixed we'll, take a look at the temperatures again compare them to the previous temperatures.

I was getting in my review and also do further overclocking of that GPU. So, if you're not familiar with the spec of this laptop here, it has an i7 7700 HQ and that's quite a typical one. You will find in gaming laptops and the performance of that CPU is quite good, but of course it got up to 96 degrees 93. In my review, that was causing a lot of thermal throttling and it did end up causing these framerate dips, for example in battlefield. We concede now it's, just so much smoother here and performance is really a lot better because it was dipping down to about 20 frames per second, and here you can see it is very now keeping well above 100 there, which is really good performance from the 1050 Ti now the current settings I'm running this game honor it is 1080p, but on the lowest settings that, for me seem to be the fastest that I was going to get now. Thermals that's what has really improved here: maximum of honey, wouldn't gon na last too long of 80 degrees. Here you can see, hang on that was the GPU 65 show you that in a second, so 80 degrees after 20 minutes of gaming. This on the stock thermal job that they did, the thermal paste job they did there would have been about 95 degrees, 96 degrees, so that's, a huge improvement of approximately 15 degrees less to the maximum temperatures.

Due to my repay steer that I did using Arctic's MX 2 thermal compound, which you know isn't a top thermal compound it's, quite a cheap one, two and then sixty five degrees maximum on the GPU. So because of those lower temperatures. I also added a higher clock to my Nvidia 1050 Ti here: our whopping 292, the core clock megahertz, are just quite a lot there and then one gigabyte to the RAM, which is why I'm getting that improved performance there and I did retest firestrike. So I got a higher score: they're nearing up and edging towards the 8000 area, which is where the Nvidia 1060, the max Q lies similar kind of scores there, so that's, not bad at all. Considering so overall now was my thermal paste changed a lower temperatures I'm. Actually, enjoying this laptop because we're not getting those spikes anymore, it just goes to show you the Emma size factory.