Inside of it, you will find the iPad Pro itself, which is just a plain black 12.9 inch screen underneath the iPad. There is a really minimalist cover for some paperwork: Music aside some useless papers in the Box. You will also find two Apple stickers in the cover. I will leave to your imagination how you will use them Music. Fortunately, when you buy the iPad Pro, you will also get a charger, their separate brick, Music and a USBC cable. So if you lose it, you can use any other cable. You have at home. I really hope that you like this little unboxing segment of the video and, if you did dont forget to subscribe to this channel, if you havent already for more videos like this, it will be appreciated. So why do I think you can benefit from having one of these? Well simply because the iPad is really convenient, it is portable and it also looks kind of cool. But let me cover my reasons, one by one. As a photographer, I often meet with my clients, where I have to show them my work, some photos, and I also need to take some notes up until now. I have always brought my 15 inch MacBook Pro to these meetings. Its definitely lighter smaller. I can showcase my work on it more effectively and I can also hand it to the client more easily. Oh, and I can also take notes on it. Let me talk about the display for a little bit its really great, and I swear that the photos look much better here than on any other regular laptop screen like, for example, these photos, Music, foreign Applause Music.

Yes, I also edit photos on my iPad Pro now. Often you can end up with many many photos from events like, for example, weddings, and that means spending hours and hours in front of your computer, like I have here with the iPad Pro, you can bring your work with you really anywhere. All of a sudden, I can edit my photos in multiple places which spices things a little bit for me. I know that laptops are also portable, but you must admit that its easier to walk around with an iPad than with a 15 inch MacBook Pro, for example. So this all means that you are no longer confined to your apartment or to your studio while working, and you can also gain some inspiration while working in other places Music. If you are a photographer or filmmaker, you know, clients, sometimes you just have to show up on set with a big rigged up camera or with a big ass lens, to look professional enough. Its really sad – and I know that you dont – need an external monitor or a med box while shooting a wedding film, for example, but we all do it sometimes to please our clients. The same applies to a meeting with a client you can show up with pen and paper and take notes on that, of course. But if you will show up with an iPad, you will look like you care about your business and that you are up to date with tech Im, not telling that this is the one thing that will get you more clients, but its always better to leave a Good impression than a neutral one or even bad Applause, so when I was considering whether to buy an M1 or M2 iPad Pro, I was considering this now more than ever.

I would argue if you are a photographer wow. This thing thing is your best friend this. This is a massive performance Leap Forward M1 in this new iPad. Pro means that now internally, this tablet is basically the same as the M1 MacBook Air, and also this you see these videos were posted approximately a year ago, when the Embargo around the iPad Pro fell. This means that the iPad Pro itself was not available worldwide for some time after publishing these videos. Now during this one year, nothing really changed that much. The a74 was out, which is still really great, camera Canon R5 and many more great cameras were out and they are used by professionals up to this day. This means that if these people, these professionals were satisfied with the M1 iPad Pro a year ago, using the same camera gear as they are using right now and the M1 iPad Pro was capable back then to edit photos and videos. Probably it should be still as great as good as it was a year ago. My point is that at least 90 of us creators dont need the upgrade right now, because the M1 will still perform really great. It will handle all tasks really great and with a great performance margin. In my opinion, you can buy one now save some money and you will be just fine for two to three years. In my opinion, you can check some comparison reviews on YouTube, but you will find out that the M2 iPad Pro is not that far ahead, its about 16, faster in benchmarks and also a little faster when it comes to video exporting times.

But if money is not the problem at all, and you want the latest and greatest then just go for it, so thats it for today. Basically thanks so much for watching if you like this video dont forget to hit the like button, also subscribe to this channel.