I hope you all are doing great today. I want to talk to you about the galaxy book 2 Pro and why you should consider buying this laptop instead of waiting for the Galaxy book 3 Pro, which is set to be announced February 1st. Of course, I do suggest waiting for the announcement just in case they happen to surprise us with something, and I also suggest placing a reservation today. It doesnt cost you anything, and by doing this, you can save up to like a hundred bucks instantly. Just by signing up using the link in the description, you already know that I did mostly for the Galaxy s23, but I am pretty curious about these new laptops. One thing Im not curious about is what it feels like to have a computer thats not protected from the latest threats, and you shouldnt be either when it comes to cyber security. Lets put this in a perspective that we can all relate to lets say your home is like your computer, because it stores all of your personal belongings and information. You wouldnt leave your doors wide open just so anybody can walk into your house. Just like you. Wouldnt leave your computer available just so anybody can walk over and start using it. You keep your doors shut and locked just like most people keep their computers private using passwords pens and Biometrics. Unfortunately, homes have other vulnerabilities, for instance. These windows right here now lets say each one of these windows represents a vulnerability on your computer, so this window represents emails, and this window represents social media platforms and messaging.

This window over here represents website links, and this window over here represents Wi Fi, of course, to protect yourself. You can make sure that all of these windows are locked or that you dont click on suspicious links. However, you can easily slip up and forget to lock one window or open that one email once inside malware and cyber threats can lay dormant. You wont catch these on your own and its like having an intruder in your house that you cant, see or hear, but every time you do something vulnerable. Like lay your wallet on the table, the Intruder is there to copy your info. Now imagine going years with this threat living with you and how much information has been stolen. So how do you prevent someone from getting into your home other than basic precautions like locking your windows and doors? Well, you get a trustworthy and reliable security system with 24 7 monitoring. So, if you think about your computer, just like your home, you need to get an industry standard, antivirus software. That way it can protect your computer and thats. Why I recommend bitdefender Total Security, its a class leading antivirus software, that does more than just protect your computer? It actually improves the performance, unlike other antivirus, software bitdefender is extremely lightweight, so it doesnt take up a lot of space and it optimizes the performance of your PC based off your usage, whereas other software can potentially slow down tasks and ultimately leave your PC crawling thanks To bitdefenders vulnerability scanner, it will make sure your PC doesnt have any weak areas.

My favorite features include the built in VPN, which has been updated for 2023, giving even better performance online threat prevention that can scan websites, letting you know if theyre harmful before you click on them and all of the built in utilities such as the one click optimizer. That improves system performance with one click. Currently, you can pick up bitdefenders Total Security with a huge discount just by clicking on the link in the description, even if youre, not in the market currently for antivirus software clicking on the link in the description, helps, show support to the channel and is greatly appreciated. Plus, just because youre not interested in it now doesnt mean you wont be later, and these prices are excellent. Okay, so lets talk about both the book 3 Pro and the book 2 Pro. The new model is going to come with a few upgrades that will improve performance such as Intel, Raptor Lake, possibly faster RAM and updated design and a few odds and ends, but lets be real. Most of these improvements will probably be minimal for everyday use, and only a select few will be able to take advantage of them, even So, based on the charts Ive seen, I think most people will find the power of the galaxy book 2 Pro to be more Than sufficient, when looking at it compared to Raptor Lake, especially if youre, looking at the model that I have here, which packs a 12th gen Intel Core i7 Evo, certified processor, the Intel Arc, a350m GPU, 32 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte of storage, these specs may Sound average on paper, but based off of my experience using the book 2 Pro the performance is Stellar.

Actually, this is my first reason for suggesting the book 2 Pro over the 3 Pro. I understand that the newer model will be slightly better, but just take a look at these render times for video editing you can see. I ran multiple export tests using both DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro and obviously anything higher than 4K is going to cause most thin and light laptops to choke, but for a laptop thats, two and a half pounds. The results are not bad at all. Even the timeline performance is great, especially in resolve. This is all thanks to the Intel Arc. Gpu 2 that is specifically designed for Content creation or CAD workflows, but it even has enough power for gaming granted youre not going to get the same performance that you would get from a dedicated gaming laptop with a high end, Nvidia or AMD GPU. But the experience isnt bad at all. Most of the time I kept the settings around medium to high in order to achieve playable frame rates, but considering the display is capped at 60 hertz, anything higher than 60 FPS isnt going to matter that much anyways. That said, it is a 1080p OLED display that gets decently bright at 400 nits. It produces a great looking picture covering 120 percent of the DCI P3 space plus the bezels are relatively slim for day to day stuff. This version is obviously overpowered, but the Evo certification will come in clutch, even for average users, since it boots up and logs in ridiculously fast, if youre not planning on editing any video or photos, and you really dont game that much.

You can save yourself over 600 bucks by going with the I5 version, which has eight gigabytes of RAM and Intel Iris Graphics, theres, also a lower end i7 variant with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabyte SSD. But honestly, for my workflow, I would just opt for the higher end model, sure its more expensive but youre, getting a much better laptop and considering that the ram isnt upgradable you might as well get as much RAM as possible at the time of purchase. Plus. This brings me to the next reason why I would grab this laptop over the book 3 Pro and thats pricing, so the book 3 Pro is going to come in at either the same price or slightly above, but this means that the book 2 Pro will get A price cut either directly on the Samsung website or through authorized retailers like Best Buy, in fact, during the Black Friday event at Best Buy they had the book 2 Pro listed for 500 off. Personally, I think the new price of the book 2 Pro will be between the Black Friday discounts and the current pricing, not to mention if Samsung does still sell the booktube pro on their website youll be able to take advantage of all of their great trade in Offerings just like the book 3 Pro for even more savings, for example lets say the highest End. Book 3 Pro comes in at 1900 bucks, but after discounts and trade ins you can grab it for around twelve hundred dollars.

You might be tempted to immediately hit that buy now button. I sure would but lets consider the price drop of the book 2 Pro and give it a new price of around 1500 to 1600 bucks and after similar discounts and trade ins applied. The price drops to around 750 to 850 to me, thats, a no brainer, considering the potential performance differences between the two models. Of course, this is all hypothetical, but even if you were to grab a book 2 Pro on the open box or use Market, the savings will be huge, making the performance to dollar conversion much better. The Galaxy book 3 Pro could offer full SD card support. Instead of micro SD card – but I I wouldnt hold my breath, this is probably going to be reserved for the ultra variants, along with Windows. Hello Face Unlock so if we consider the port selection in IO to be the same as the current model, youre really not missing out on anything which brings me to reason: number three, the design so for i o youll get one HDMI One USB type, a port One USB C 3.2 gen, 1 Port and one silly ridiculous micro SD card slot, and if thats not enough, you can expand your selection by using the Thunderbolt 4 Port. Overall, I think the galaxy book 2 Pro is a great looking laptop that feels nice and has plenty of i o for most people coming from a 16 inch MacBook Pro.

This laptop right here feels like a sheet of paper, its so light. However, it doesnt feel cheap. The keyboard is fantastic and provides a nice tactile experience with around one millimeter of key travel. The best part is that it has a full size number pad, which is something Im not used to on 15 inch laptops or 16 inch laptops. Like my current MacBook now Im sure the new tour model will have some minor design improvements, but I just dont see them being big enough to justify the extra cost, especially when the star of the show is going to be the ultra. Also, the current model has an upgradeable SSD and while I dont think that Samsung will remove this from the book 3 Pro there is that possibility and thats something else to consider. Lastly, if youre a Samsung Galaxy user youll find that the book 2 Pro offers several exclusive features that help close the gap between your smartphone or tablet and your PC. This includes things like wirelessly transferring photos, videos and files between your Galaxy mobile device and laptop similar to airdrop for Mac. In fact, a lot of Apple exclusive features are present on Samsung laptops if you stay within the Galaxy ecosystem. Another example is the ability to respond to text messages right from your PC without the need of special software or workarounds. You can even browse your Galaxy device from your laptop and launch things such as mobile exclusive messaging apps.

Samsung even includes a pretty dope screen recorder with their laptops thats better than most of the pre installed or free offerings on other Windows laptops. Now you might be wondering how is this better than the Galaxy book 3 Pro when it surely will have all of these features as well and youre exactly right? The galaxy book 2 Pro should have all of the same software features as the newer model and if something is missing, theres a 99 chance that it will be pushed out in a software update shortly after the book 3 Pro starts shipping so for less money. Youre getting the same thing you follow me now. I wouldnt blame you for buying the galaxy book 3 Pro over the model that I have right here. The latest and greatest is always a dope thing, and if you have the money go for it, who am I to tell you what to do with your money? All Im saying is that if you want a great laptop that will likely get you 85 percent of what the newer model offers then check out the galaxy book 2 Pro its a great laptop that I I think youll enjoy, especially if youre a Samsung smartphone user Links to reserve the galaxy book 3 Pro and to purchase the book 2 Pro can be found in the description. So Im curious.