Have i changed my opinion? Basically no and heres. Why, even though i tested windows 11 with the windows insider program prior to its launch, i wanted to take another look: has my impression of windows 11 improved yeah? It has in places, but its still trying to keep up with windows 10. windows. 11S. Most significant flaw is that it still feels less fun and less functional. Let me give you an example: in windows: 10 settings menu. If you navigate to personalization themes, youll see large evocative icons, telling you what themes youve installed. Now i like the windows, 11 settings menu, but themes here feel less about your personality and and more like a neighborhood paint scheme. Thats been instituted by your hoa its very corporate weve written stories on pcworld.com about how to personalize your windows – 10 pc, but you cant really do that for windows 11, because one of the things to personalize in windows 10 is the start menu and in windows. 11. You still cant really do anything with it in windows, 11. The start menu is just a sea of icons with no real rhyme or reason you can move them around and well thats about it sure we know changes are coming. Microsoft has scheduled start folders for release during the fall, but lets face it theyve already botched those too one of the key visual elements of windows. 10 is the ability to visually weight, specific apps and folders by resizing them.

You can group windows, 11, apps together together in a folder, but that makes the icon smaller. I mean how does this make sense at a company where accessibility has been a priority? Just let us resize everything, icons, folders the start menu itself. I mean it might end up being ugly, but its r ugly look ill be honest. I i dont even use the start menu. I simply hit the windows key type, the name of the app and then launch it or i just use the taskbar icon itself. Speaking of the taskbar, you still cant move it. You can resize it. You cant, drag files onto taskbar shortcuts and launch them look. I have no problem with the aesthetic. If microsoft wants to move from windows, 8s fisher price tiles, all the way to a clean, orderly, aesthetic, with icons centered on the taskbar thats fine, i mean i honestly kind of like it, but microsoft edge allows you to vertically group tabs along the left or right Edge of the screen, so why cant windows in windows, 11, microsoft, added widgets teams, chat, replaced the search bar with a search icon and essentially got rid of cortana ill, be honest to me. All of these are almost worthless. I mean as a journalist. I should use widgets and its news and information i dont, but ive set my edge browser to informative, where i still get a full page of news stories. Every time i open a new tab, the weather icon, i mean come on its always sunny in california right and i turned off teams chat ages ago, its just unnecessary in a world full of the real teams and zoom and google meet, and i simply search via Browser or just tapping the windows key as for cortana, well yeah.

I liked her, but now i have a phone or a smart speaker to replace her ive generally come around on the action center thats, the cluster of shortcuts to different features down in the lower right hand, corner of your screen. Windows 10 does provide more detail if youre listening to a bluetooth speaker, for example, itll tell you but windows 11s organization is just better. Thankfully, now the clock appears on all of your displays, but the calendar, the calendar still doesnt, really do anything, its just a desk calendar and it wastes space now lets talk about the windows, shell in windows. 11. If you right click a file, you end up with this mess of choices with new icons for cut paste and rename, which fortunately ive learned, but then theres. This second overflow show more options, menu for resizing a photo and whatnot. I mean. Why does this exist? Why isnt there a single unified menu for all of this file explorer, i guess, is his own problem that what a file is and where it lives is a little different in a world of teams and google workspace, but microsoft at least seems to be recognizing this Other thoughts, snap view its a subset of the fancy zones utility, but it works wonderfully id also encourage you to tap the windows, key plus h and try out windows dictation its simple, its effective, and you can just do it for a few seconds at a time.

If you want, as far as the browser is concerned, windows 11 now allows you to designate a specific browser as your default with a single click. It didnt before thats a step forward, but its still kind of ridiculous that you have to designate a specific browser for opening pdf files, for example, microsoft, revamped. The look and feel of the microsoft store app on both windows, 10 and 11, and its far better organized and more useful. As a result, microsoft also updated some of its native windows apps. It jumbled up paint a tool everyone has used so that an entire generation had to relearn it. Microsoft also reworked photos releasing it with a buggy thumbnails feature, though it later fixed it, but photos cut out. My favorite feature spot fix and left the useful magic select tool buried inside paint 3d, a tool that no one uses honestly. The strongest argument from windows 11 comes from the pc makers themselves, which have made windows 11 synonymous with new pcs and especially intels all their lake chip and its thread director tool. Otherwise, its probably fair to say that neither two under the hood selling points, auto hdr or dynamic refresh rate, have made much of an impact drr ups, the refresh rate of certain tablets for improved inking and auto hdr, adds hdr on older games without specific support. But in our testing, auto hdr didnt actually do all that much now one selling point could be direct storage and the one game weve seen demoed for spoken game load times were cut to under two seconds thats big now microsoft has told us about upcoming features, dragging And dropping files onto taskbar apps, these start menu folders we mentioned before live captions and more but theyre not here yet.

Well i mean, even if they were. The sense is that microsoft is spending as much time playing catch up with windows 10 as it is in launching new features for windows 11.. This is the way the system is supposed to work. Microsoft introduces new features, windows, complain or cheer and microsoft responds, but you cant get away from it.