I thought it was just a gimmick but heres the thing after using it for just a couple of weeks, im convinced now that gaming tablets could be the future of portable pc gaming. This is luke with digital trends. Welcome back everybody today were talking about what might be the most interesting pc gaming device of 2022, something that was actually announced back at ces that i was super excited to test out at the time now. This wont be a full review. Necessarily, i want to talk about one very specific aspect of this design that i think is just genius. But if you do want to get into the details, theres a link in the description for my full review over at digitaltrends.com, but either way make sure to subscribe. To the channel for more videos from us lets get into it so gaming laptops, we all love them and in many ways theyve become an even more important alternative to building or upgrading a desktop pc these past couple of years. But if theres one frustrating thing that they all have in common its that they all run hot like internally, many of them struggle to cool their components properly, but just as important and not talked about nearly as much. They also struggle to keep the outside surface of the laptops cool the thin and light gaming laptops that have become so popular over these past few years are the worst offenders and as much as i love the razer blade 14, its the kind of laptop that is Just always warm, obviously, while youre gaming, it can get like downright scalding, and that is just not a comfortable place to put your hands, even if its just your left hand over the wasd keys, and i swear id get sweaty palms, even just in normal work.

Use with this type of laptop, its just nasty and thats, where the rog flow z13 comes in, and more specifically, the fact that this is a tablet and not a laptop. Now. When i first heard about this device, it felt a lot like asus was making something. Just because they could, you know, we all know those types of products who was asking for a surface pro with a discreet graphics card inside i certainly wasnt, and that was even after i reviewed and really liked its predecessor the flow x13 that device, if you remember, Was another tiny 13 inch gaming laptop with a 360 degree hinge very similar components inside to this, but in a different form factor but, like i was saying, the rog flow z13 is more than just a fun concept. It has a very specific advantage to offer in the realm of gaming and cooling a device with this much power in it, so heres what it comes down to, because the flow z13 is a tablet all of the hot components, including the core i9 12900h and the Rtx 3050 ti and literally everything else, its all behind the screen instead of under the keyboard. That does, of course, put some limitations in how much power and performance you can expect to get out of this. Yes – and i was definitely worried about that heading into my testing, but the point is gaming on the flow z13 is so pleasant and comfortable compared to conventional gaming laptops because with one hand on that removable keyboard, it never ever gets even remotely warm all those hot Components are far far away, and i dont know maybe that feels like a small thing to you.

But after using this thing for weeks, it started to become my favorite little device to use. For this reason in particular, especially compared to any number of these overheating gaming laptops out there, of course, the flow z13 also keeps itself cool internally, really well too, especially for a device. This small remember this is the smallest gaming laptop or gaming. Two in one ever attempted, and yet cpu temps never went above 79 degrees celsius. In my testing and thats not a coincidence, the fact that this is a tablet that is propped up off the table is again a benefit for this devices. Thermals air is able to flow unencumbered through the events and cycle through the system easier, and this results in one of the coolest and quietest gaming laptops ever made. The trade off, of course, which i know youre wondering about, is the gaming performance itself and its not what you would call amazing youll be playing games like halo, infinite or fortnite at medium settings to get over 60 frames per second, while heavy games like cyberpunk or Assassins, creed, valhalla are a bit more of a challenge. You can still get around 40 fps at medium settings, its playable, its just, not always pretty, but you know what in most games its right in line with the rog x13, and that tells me when done right. You can get similar performance from a tablet design, as you can from a clam shell. Now that might have upper limits once you put more performance inside yes.

But if you remember what was really the first implementation of this, the rog mothership yeah. That thing from a few years ago, they were able to stuff an rtx 2080 in there once the screen was stretched out to 17 inches and they thickened up the chassis. Quite a bit now im not saying that the rog mothership was the be all end. All of large gaming laptop design and not at all, but i could imagine how a device like the flow z13 could be grown to fit more amounts of power and performance inside with a similar design. It certainly seems possible, at least, and if you did again, the heat would be away from the play area. A gaming tablet, no matter the size or performance level can do things like this with ease that a gaming laptop will always struggle with it. Just comes down to the form factor in design and its also just one of those things that you have to try and feel an experience for yourself Music. Now we could just end the video right here, but there are a few compromises even beyond performance that a design like this would have to make. However, theyre, not the compromises you might assume. One, for example, is not the keyboard itself, which i was skeptical of at first its got 1.8 millimeters of travel and feels just like any other rog keyboard. They did a really nice job with this. The two real compromises i do want to mention, however, are the ports and the battery life.

It only has a 56 watt hour battery inside and i was only getting around four or five hours on a single charge and fairly light usage, seven at the absolute most, and that was just with local video playback thats, really not good and its not any better Than the massive 17 inch gaming laptops out there, with the top of the line, graphics inside the port selection isnt great either youll have to rely on one of the two usbc thunderbolt ports for display connection and power delivery. And then you have just one usb a port to connect your mouse or whatever else its barely enough to get by and most gaming laptops will also include hdmi, as well as some additional usb a but with a tablet of course, theres. Just not a lot of room for additional ports. Ive also gone this entire video without mentioning the xg mobile, which is asuss external gpu, enclosure and thats, because it really hasnt been updated. This year still works great with the flow z13. If youve got the extra cash to bundle it in, but it really still only has the mobile rtx 3080 inside and adds quite a lot of money to your purchase, but none of those compromises take away from what this portable gaming tablet does so well. I think there is a future for these types of designs and i sure hope we see more in the future, but im really curious. What you think is this: the type of device that you would buy.

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