Something that will make your overall gaming setup just that much better. Recently i talked about this wingman converter, which allows you to use xbox 360 xbox, one ps3 and ps4 controllers on the nintendo switch, and i really liked it because it was practical, but it was also very easy to set up and now friends. I got two more products to show off because hey everybody juan here welcome back and today, we’ll be taking a look at first, the power bay ethernet dock. This beautiful thing looks like a tiny gamecube, but it has a ton of features which we’re talking about gamecube. How about two gamecube controller ports – and this is about half the size and width of the nintendo switch dock, which makes it very practical if you want to remove some clutter from your space, but it’s also called ethernet, because when you turn it around boom, you can See i actually plugged in an ethernet cable, because that way, if you’re playing games online and your wi fi connection, isn’t too stable, you don’t really have to worry about that. And if that was not enough, my friends we’ll also be taking a look at the switch hdmi cable, which hypothetically say you want to completely remove the dock from the equation or you’re going to be traveling eventually, and you don’t want to just be carrying all of This with you all you do is take this lovely cable with you. It has an hdmi out the shorter end of the cables you plug this into a power outlet with the included power, brick, and then you plug this end to your nintendo switch.

I want to give a huge thank you to brooke for sending in these products for review and supporting my channel, and all of the opinions that are about to be shared are my own. As a matter of fact, i made sure to take an extra two weeks. Reviewing these products to make sure that i put them to the test, not just in my home office but in other spaces as well and overall i got ta say they are definitely top notch, so without further ado make sure to subscribe and let’s. First, talk about the power bay ethernet dock, so the first question many of you may have is how reliable is the product right, because when you talk about third party products on the nintendo switch, you know when the when the switch first came out. Some of them were faulty and all of that, but something that i really like is that when we take a look at the back again, you’ll notice that i’m using the original hdmi cable for the switch, as well as the power, cable and that’s, because they suggest That you do that and i think that eases a lot of the concerns that people may have about these things, and then you see, i have a slim, ethernet adapter here which right here when we go over to the screen, you see right off the bat. I see this lovely little icon, which i had never seen before. So when i first plugged in the ethernet adapter the cable.

I was wondering like how do i know it works. Oh it’s, like this little cable thingy here and then you see that i have super smash brothers and i think that the best way to talk about this product is actually just to put it to the test. So you see here, i have a gamecube controller gon na be plugging it right here. Something that i love is that the light actually changes when you plug in the gamecube controller. So that way, it’s an easy way to know that hey it detects it and it’s functional, so you can see it’s fully functional. I should have unwrapped this, but we’re doing this live people. We are doing this live it’s fully functional and the rumble works. Damn it smash, i literally updated you last night, but something while the game loads. I can’t stress enough how much i like this, because this is the original nintendo gamecube adapter for the wii? U and the switch look at this and compared to the size of the dock, like these things are huge. If i show the the size comparison, this is wider than the entirety of this dock. Now, of course, the dock only has support for two gamecube controllers, which some people may not like, but honestly like in my case, i really only care about plugging one or two of them in and you’ll see here on on smash, because i read up a lot About this there’s, multiple adapters or docs that do something similar, but then they’ll detect the gamecube controller as a generic controller.

But you see that some of the icons actually switch. So you see the x over on edit. So if i press that it actually works, so it fully detects it as a gamecube controller which, if you’re looking for a dock, this one is portable it’s, functional it’s got ethernet, but then the gamecube controller also works and ultimately, i think, that’s what everybody wants right. It’S, like the the defining features of a product, have them be functional and they really are so i’m just going to be terrible in smash here for a second and it’s, actually motivated me to play smash a little bit more because i bought it when it first Came out, i got that adapter to play smash, but honestly it was very ugly and i was looking at many different solutions that people had on etsy to just connect everything. I clearly cannot talk and play at the same time or play for that matter, but i truly do love the simplicity of this device and when we’ll we’ll talk about the other one in just a second real products are very good quality and i’ve actually used. Some of their products in the past, and some of my best friends who are big in the arcade scene, the fight sticks and all that even like over a year ago. They would be like hey. You should get some of these products because some of you know i have a modded, rk1 up cabinet and some brook products were suggested.

Wait a minute. Wait! A minute: hey, hey we’ll, get that i’m, calling that a victory, but something that i wanted to show you is. I have here my ps3 controller. This is a flashback to my previous video, so now i’m, actually going to be switching the screen here and plugging in this uh wingman adapter, which once again lets me use a ps3 controller xbox one 360, multiple on the nintendo switch you’ll, see it’s flashing and then All i got to do is plug this uh cable here ever so carefully. You’Ll see detects it already already did a rumble and just like that it is functional. Now this is not something that would be ideal but i’m curious. If i can do this, okay, so i’m, going from a gamecube controller on smash to a ps3 controller, i didn’t even know the screen existed. So when you switch cables, uh smash is like hey, just just to confirm. Uh move over to the character kind of like the select screen. So today i learned something: let’s uh press start and there you go if you actually use the ps3 controller to play smash. Let me know this right. Here is the current retail price because of the pandemic and everything things are all over the place, so it’s not so easy to find things. Sometimes they may go out of stock. As a matter of fact, in the description of this video i’m gon na leave some amazon affiliate links if anybody’s interested in buying any of these products, but let’s put it this way.

Would i actually recommend that you get this power bay, ethernet adapter as a switch to the switch hdmi dock? This was actually hidden all the way back there for the past month, people ever since i got this it’s been, i think, it’s one of the first products in many years. That is not just as good quality wise as the official one, but given the two gamecube ports, the ethernet compatibility and all these different things i’m. Like wait a minute all of a sudden. This is just like very outdated. You are technically losing out on one usb port because there’s one back on the nintendo switch. But honestly, i think without question. If you’re looking to upgrade your your switch dock and mainly if you want to play with the gamecube controller, i do think it’s something that you should definitely consider and now talking a bit about the switch hdmi cable. What i like about it, the most is the beauty in its simplicity and the build quality it’s a very sturdy, a thick cable, like sometimes with some third party products, you’re going to be very concerned about them breaking down or the cables get bent or something. But as you can see, uh this uh first cable here, which this is the one that plugs in to a uh power strip or something you just plug this in over here, and this cable is about three feet long. So it’s lengthy enough so say that i have my switch here on my desk.

I can just plug this in over there and then the other end, which is about four and a half feet you plug this on the nintendo switch. This is really beneficial if you actually just want to put the switch on the back or something because keep in mind – and sometimes i forgot about this, because you have the switch plugged in via this hdmi cable it’s, like if you’re putting it out to your television. So you’re actually still going to have to remove the joy cons. If you want to use them, you can’t just grab the switch. Ideally, that would be kind of amazing, rather like a two screen solution or something almost like aching back to the days of the wii. U, but that is not an option right now, with the whole process of the pandemic and people, maybe eventually being able to travel. Maybe you don’t want to lug all of this in because you got to take this. The hdmi cable, the power strip, because this is all self contained – you can easily just wrap this around and then just take it with you, and in my case i don’t like the joy cons. I hate the joy cons. I’M gon na go out of my way to say that if anything, that’s yet another reason why i love using this uh gamecube controller. This allows me to free up some additional space. So maybe i can uh take the uh pro controller with me or any of the 8bitdo controllers, which i’ve talked about in the past.

But overall i got ta say after using both of these products for the last month. I continue to be impressed and, as a matter of fact put it this way, i usually have my consoles all plugged in to my left and they’re in this uh desk off screen like this tiny little table here. But then i like this so much because i freaking love the gamecube right and the fact that it does have that front. That gives you those gamecube vibes. I thought to myself. This is small enough that i could just put it right there and then, if i want to take the switch out and use it, you know portably in handheld mode or something i can just do that and the fact that it is visually appealing. It is practical. You’Re actually gaining two different things that the original uh switch dock does not give you hey. That is a pretty good deal, so this is the price for the powerbait ethernet dock, and this is the price for the switch hdmi cable. Once again, because of the pandemic, your mileage may vary when you go to amazon or anywhere else, don’t be afraid to go down to the comments section, and let me know if you have any questions about these products and i’ll gladly respond, because i know once again This is a very concerning thing. Sometimes, when you get third party products, but after extensive use of playing things like smash, i play breath of the wild, a couple of retro games or retro inspire games and whether we’re talking about 2d or 3d games.

At no point was my screen flickering. At no point that i feel like my nintendo switch was going to catch on fire, because if that was gon na happen, i mean it would make for an entertaining video. I think the title of this would be a little bit different, but i know it’s sometimes very hard and difficult to find honest reviews, and i would not sit here and talk about something in a positive light. If i didn’t feel like that, and sometimes you do have these opportunities to review products and they’re a little bit more in the gray area, so that’s, why? Whenever i review a product in this channel, know that if i recommend it, i will talk about it. If it’s, not something that, i would recommend i’m gon na have a fun time with uh, something like that. Ps3 controller video that i did or honestly i’d, rather just throw away all the concept and not even record a video just to not waste your time with something that isn’t worth talking about. So if you like this product, make sure to subscribe, give me that thumbs up – and i just got to thank all of you for my previous video. There are going to be a whole lot of ps3 videos from here up until the ps3 stores closer during the month of july. I talked about six plus games in my previous video with over three thousand views, which is just ridiculous.

Thank you all. So much gon na be talking about some ps1 ps2 games, exclusive, the uh psn digital games that you should get that you should check out in the future so up until next time.