, as many of you guys might know, the Surface Pro Line is one of Microsofts key Flagship product lines and Ive had a lot of experience using surface Pros. I had the Surface Pro 4 when I was a master student and currently Im using the Surface Pro 7 in my PhD program. I think the Surface Pro is a great device for any student, because it is a two in one device, so it combines the utility of a traditional laptop, but it also includes the lightness and touch functionality of a tablet, and sometimes when youre a student, you do Want to have the flexibility of switching between the two, so in todays video. I kind of want to share my experience about using the Surface Pro 7 and why. I think, its a great device for any type of student. And if you are considering buying a two in one laptop, especially since Black Friday is coming up and the holidays are coming up, I do think that you should give the Surface Pro lineup a try in terms of the hardware. I do think that the Surface Pro 7 is pretty good, as you can probably see its super light super thin and you wont have any issues in terms of weight when youre carrying this in your backpack. Now the Surface Pro 7 does come with a headphone jack. It comes with a USBC port and a usb a port when it comes to the screen quality.

I do think its pretty good. It has a three by two aspect: ratio. The only thing with the Surface Pro 7 is, as you can see, the bezels are pretty thick. It does make it a little easier to hold it as a tablet, because you have room for your thumbs, but the Surface Pro 9 and the Surface Pro 8 does have a much more refined and updated look, and I definitely prefer those devices compared to the Surface. Pro 7., with my Surface Pro 7, I did purchase a couple of accessories. The first accessory that I approached was the Alcantara keyboard. This keyboard simply acts as a folio and it connects magnetically at the bottom and then it just protects the device. It does have. A very soft finish, the only issue that I have with this keyboard is that sometimes it does get a little bit dirty, especially where you rest your palms, and, as you can see here, you can see a little bit of the dirt that kind of accumulated on This area and this area over here, but a little warm water and soap, will definitely clean that up when it comes to the typing experience of the keyboard. I am a pretty big fan. I do think the keyboard is pretty nice to type its very clicky. It has a good distance of travel, and actually the touchpad right here is actually pretty responsive. The next accessory that I purchased is actually the surface pen and personally, I think that this pen is really good, its pretty responsive.

I do like how the tip is a little bit more softer and it has more friction with the screen compared to the apple pencil. And since I am a PhD student, I do read and annotate a lot of papers, so I do find myself using this pen. A lot as Im going through my papers and making little notes in the margins in terms of the build quality. I do think the Surface Pro is well built. It has a magnesium and body, it does feel high quality when youre holding it in your hands, and the thing that I really like about this device is actually the hinge. So, as you can see here, the hinge gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how flat you want to hold the device on the table and thats really good, because sometimes you just want to adjust the angle as you when youre using it as a Laptop but when you are taking notes on it, it kind of gives you the flexibility of how deep you want to lay this device flat, and I did use an iPad 2018 in the past, and one thing that I wasnt a big fan about the iPad is That, depending on the folio that youre using you used to only have two or three preset locations based on how you can lay the iPad on the table, so I think having this flexibility does play a big role in just making your experience with the device.

A lot more comfortable, another thing that I love about the Surface Pro is that it combines both a tablet and traditional laptop together. I love how the Surface Pro lets. You run full windows on the machine, so I do have Windows 11 on here and when Im in my PSU program, I dont have to worry about whether or not a coding program that Im using is not compatible with my device so on this computer I use Programming languages like SAS stata. To do my statistical analysis. I had zotero on here to store all my papers. I can use doTERRA to annotate my papers. I use dropboard PDF to also annotate my papers as well, so its nice just having a device where I dont have to worry about whether or not the program is going to run or not in terms of the specifications that I have for my particular device. I do have an i7 in here with 16 gigs of RAM and its able to handle any type of productivity tasks that I throw at the machine. So reading paper is doing coding, that kind of stuff Microsoft, Office, thats totally fine on the device and if youre a student thats just looking for a computer to handle those basic tasks, then I definitely think the Surface Pro is going to be good for you. The parts for the Surface Pro really falls short in my opinion is gaming, so you are able to play very light.

Games like TFT illegal Legends. Cia, go any kind of emulation, games, youre able to run it on the Surface Pro 7. But when it comes to real games, like maybe Call of Duty, then this is definitely not the machine for you and this machine wasnt built for gamers at all. Another task that Ive had trouble using this device for was actually video editing, so Ive tried using DaVinci Resolve on the Surface Pro 7 and personally, it was a very buggy, very laggy, experience and thats. Why I dont do any of my video editing on this device and I actually have a separate computer, the Asus 2021 G14. I use that for all my gaming and video editing, but when it comes to school, I do prefer to bring the Surface Pro 7 to school, just because its so light and its able to handle all their productivity tasks that I throw at it now when it Comes to using the touch screen and the surface pen, I think the experience is pretty good, so I do read and annotate a lot of papers on this device Ill open up the paper in zotero Ill, open it through drawboard, PDF and thats. The software that I use to make all my annotations and just making little notes on the sides of the paper with the pen is actually really really smooth and I think its actually a pretty good experience now compared to the Apple iPad and the apple pencil.

I will admit that the writing experience on this device is not as good as the iPad and Im not really quite sure what it is, maybe its, because the device for my Surface Pro only is 60 hertz compared to the iPad Pro, which is 120 hertz, which Makes it a lot more smoother and thats? Why I think, when it comes to taking notes its totally fine on the Surface Pro, but maybe dont get the Surface Pro if youre into drawing? In addition to using the surface pen to read and annotate my papers, I do think the overall tablet experience on Windows 11 on the Surface Pro is pretty good. Personally, the best way to make the tablet experience a little bit more accessible is to increase the display size of all your icons. So currently I have it set at 225 percent and I think with that size it just makes things big enough for my fingers to touch the touchscreen is pretty responsive its not as responsive as the iPad, but I think its good enough for an overall experience and Then I do have all the apps that I use every single day on the taskbar or I have it uh in the start – menu right here. The tablet experience is also pretty great, and sometimes you just want to use the Surface Pro tablet and not use the keyboard. Some of the use cases that I typically use it just like this is when Im obviously lying on the couch or in my bed, watching some knife Flex scrolling the web when Im cooking, sometimes Ill kind of have the Surface Pro right next to the oven and Ill watch a recipe video as Im doing all the preparation for the food, sometimes when Im at the gym in my basement, Ill watch, a TV show just like this and set it up right next to me, while Im working out.

So I think, having the flexibility of using this as a tablet, in whatever use cases that you might have, is something thats really really nice. Overall, I think the Surface Pro is the perfect device for any type of college student, especially if youre a grad student or PhD student, because the Surface Pro runs Windows 11. You dont have to worry about not having a device thats incompatible with any type of statistical or coding software that youre using plus the tablet experience, allows you to remove the keyboard and allows you to use the surface pen to read and annotate your papers in a Way: thats much more immersive than reading a paper just on a laptop, finally, its a very lightweight device that will fit nicely into your backpack and you wont feel the weight on your shoulders. If you are considering buying a Surface Pro, there are usually tons of used ones on Facebook Marketplace, especially my region in Toronto. I will say if you are going for an older device like a Surface Pro 7 or something earlier. It is a lot cheaper to get it used and if you dont mind the thick bezels, then I think overall, this can be a really good Computing device to meet all your student productivity needs. Sometimes I think Surface Pro devices do get a little bit of hate. On the internet, because they are pretty expensive and everybody just loves Apple products, especially the M2 MacBook Air and the iPad.

But if youre looking for a Windows based device that has the flexibility of both a computer youre in a tablet, then I definitely think the Surface Pro device is the way to go. Ive been using these guys since the Surface Pro 4. Ive been using it. Since my Masters Degree and in my PhD program – and I think overall when it comes to getting your work done, this is the right way to do it. So hopefully you guys found that video informative. Hopefully, I communicated to you guys why I think the Surface Pro device is great and Im going to continue using my Surface Pro 7 for the remainder of my PhD program.