That’S seen videos like this on Facebook and promoting a product called the drone X or the drone X Pro. They say this is a fantastic quadcopter. They make stupid ridiculous claims such as it’s a 3 axis gimbal, and it does high definition, video, fantastic shots, and also you need to know that most of the footage from this issue, this Facebook promo thing here, it’s not from that drone. It honestly it isn’t it’s from vivix and phantom fours and mini quad copters embracing quads and things it’s. Just this is no. This is totally bogus absolutely bogus. You are not going to get these results from this cheap, ass, little quadcopter, but hey. Having said that, it’s not a bad little quadcopter for the money, no, not for the money that drone ex pro are asking for it, which is ridiculously expensive, but for the actual price, because this is a machine made by a company called EA Xin. And I think it’s fear is that their 52 we’re at 53 I’ll put down here – I can’t, remember it, but it is. It is a machine you can buy from been good for a fraction, the price that drone Excel it to you for including free shipping. So why would you pay a jumped up price for this thing that they say is all fantastic when you can buy exactly the same product, so you’ve got the same names on it, look look see same and you can buy the same product for less money and It’S the claims made for it on the been good site, for example, art is hyped up as this.

This is just know, what’s happened here is and I’ve seen it before. There’S also a thing called the this is a Celt, the smartphone that they’re trying to sell by the same thing to say: ah you know we bring it to you cheap, because we don’t advertise. I saw ads on YouTube. Promoting this thing so it’s bit of a lie for a start. The other thing is that that’s, how I that was invented by this guy developed by this geithner rubbish was manufactured, invent it was designed and built by Chinese company wasn’t anything to do with anyone in the West who had a brilliant idea and decided that they would Do it through a name brand drones, and then there were cheap drones and there’s, nothing! No it’s it’s I’ve taken a cheap Chinese drone that’s been on the market for a while they’ve decided to rebrand at the drone X or drone X Pro and fleece. You fleece, you take your money unnecessarily. So if you want a drone that it’s it could drive for the money, if you buy from someone like banggood it’s, a good little it’s, not gon na, be the same as the expense of phantom she’s, not gon na get. What did you see in this you in this Facebook, video you’re, not gon na give that you’re not gon na give it it’s it’s shaky and the colors are pretty washed out and there’s poor contrast, here’s a bit of video here that would actually be from you.

Can expect video like this from that drone ex prime machine? You can’t expect the big fancy video you get from your phantom and your medic machines that their DJI are selling or similar high grade consumer drones, not gon na happen, so hope with the lead up to Christmas or whatever I’ve saved you a bit of money yeah Who am i, if you’re, not if you haven’t been to this channel before my name’s Bruce Simpson, I make a living out of reviewing RC products. I have a product, a channel called RC model reviews and have a channel called X chip, where I also have a lot of fun with RC products, so I’m, not sure which journalist is going on to be on one of the two. If it’s just look at the other, if you didn’t see this one, so I pride myself on not only promoting the Hobby but protecting people who are going to make investments in products related to the Hobby. And I don’t like seeing people getting ripped off by people who take a cheap product, pretend it’s something it’s not and then try and rape your wallet to do so. Oh probably peen demonetized, I don’t get. The information in this video is far more important than any dollars are my doing from advertising. So there you go if you’ve got comments, I’m sure the shills I’m sort of the shells for the drone Expo will wait, and so, oh you’re, all wrong.

No it’s a fantastic product, you’re lying well, if I’m lying take me to court that’s. What I say thanks for watching people – hey if you like this video check out my back catalogue, this isn’t my first video, I never looked through my back. A log you’ll probably find something new that will annoy you something that’ll make you laugh and something that will just bore you to tears, but go never look anyway, and if you think this is worthwhile subscribe, you can there’s a button somewhere. I can even see it. People say: oh I’ll click the button I’m. Looking everyone can see them damn button or bill, but do it anyway and then you get notified when I put out another video most of them, you’ll completely ignore cuz that’s. The way YouTube works. You subscribe to a channel, but you don’t watch all the videos that come in. I understand it but subscribe and there may be more videos coming up specially if you’re thinking of buying a drone for Christmas for a friend or for yourself, because I’ll probably be doing a lot more drone reviews in the lead up to Christmas. You probably want to know what’s good and what’s, not unlike other reviewers, on YouTube I’m, not shelling product, as you can tell no one’s going to buy one of these. After this little bit of the video I, like I don’t, show products I don’t have affiliate links to the products.

In my description, no, I don’t because I believe the informations more important than making a buck by saying something is something that it’s not and just making money out of people and their innocence.