This talk Android that and we do Android screen comparisons every year. Well, 8 000 likes the yearly. Videos are going to drop really soon, but todays video is going to be different. It is spoiler. One UI is stock. Android and of course like on budget phones, you get core one UI, which is come on. You dont get screen recording on core one UI, but Samsung is now mostly launching phones with full one UI, and if you have a Samsung phone, you will love this video. So stay tuned till the end, but before we get to this whole, Google versus Samsung debate lets talk about iPhones for a moment and heres a word from our sponsor wondershare mobile trans. So if you buy a new iPhone trust me, transferring data from an Android to iPhone is very tricky or vice versa. So you can use mobile trans to transfer, WhatsApp chat messages, photos and everything seamlessly, and you can also transfer WhatsApp chats. Even if you have a WhatsApp business account, all you have to do is download mobile Trends, connect your Android, smartphone and iPhone. It will automatically detect the phones. Ask for permissions, collect all data and transfer it seamlessly. The good thing is iPhone doesnt. Let you transfer WhatsApp chats if you have a WhatsApp business account its better or when they share mobile trans. I previously used mobile trans to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone its a paid app and you can access it from the first link in the description and this coming black Friday sale.

You also get 20 off okay number one see Under 12, Google into introduce some really important. You know that the camera is active or if an app wants to know your location, you get the option to give an approximate location instead of a precise location. So this is all good kudos to Google, but Samsung takes privacy and security to a whole different level like for starters, you get knock security and this is hardware level security, meaning there is an extra chip inside Samsung phone dedicated to data security and another really good Feature you get is secure, folder, where you can keep personal files, folders pictures and even apps hidden, and it works really well like, for example, see I go to secure folder and I get the camera and when I click pictures from this camera, the photos are saved. In a separate Gallery, so this is my normal gallery and this is my secure folder Gallery. So my phone reads: every app inside secure folder to be a separate private version of the same app. And if you have the latest one UI 5, then you get this maintenance mode, but in case you have to give your phone to the service center or just a local shop to repair. There is always this fear that they might look inside my phone picture contacts, but when you activate this maintenance mode, this will hide all your personal apps and information, and only give limited access kudos to Samsung for taking data security and privacy very seriously.

Now, with Android 12 Google introduced this material, you theme with the icons setting page will take the color of the wallpaper that you have said looks quite good and with Android 13 they have further improved this feature and you get more options of selecting more color palettes. Like see here, if I send a yellow wallpaper the app icon, the setting page has this yellow theme. This is nice, and I really like this, but one UI goes beyond this like. There is a separate theme store in Samsung phones, where you can download and apply custom themes made by the Samsung Community. This changes, the entire look and feel of the phone like, for instance, Ill apply this mode here and see it not only changes the wallpaper but also applies. The theme on system apps, like the phone app or the message app now looks like this and then you get Bixby routine. Now I know people hate Bixby go ahead, do it in comments, but if you have a Samsung phone you should try Bixby routine. You can automatically initiate certain actions based on certain conditions like see this one. Every time I launch YouTube app, even if my phone is set to silent mode and auto rotate is off, the volume is triggered to Max and auto rotate turns on, and when I exit YouTube, the phone goes back to silent mode and auto rotate is Switched Off And this happens automatically and seamlessly. So one UI takes that customization feature to the next level and talking about recording one of the very few phones that can record your calls without is Samsung phones.

Now Google makes a call announcement when you record calls, because in us it is illegal to record calls without informing the other person, but Samsung. One UI is the only alternative where you can Auto record calls without any announcement, and you would be like everything is. It called recording, unethical well Im, not sure about ethics, but if you choose it for the right reasons, firstly in India call recording is admissible in code. So if you have any Shady calls, you can present your call recording as evidence and, secondly, people have their own reasons to record calls lets, not judge them and number four one UI has just nailed Windows management. Like you see here in the fold, I can open multiple, apps and split them like this. It is so seamless and you can even split more than two apps like see here, Ill split, three apps on Android tablet. All you can do is split two apps and in general Samsung one UI has more features to offer than Googles stock Android like, for instance, this Edge panel, where you can set quick shortcuts to your apps contacts. The compass, even a history of the clipboard and my personal favorite, is the Smart select tool so suppose I need to extract a text, but I dont want to take and save an entire screenshot. All I have to do is tap here. It automatically picks up a selection area, press done and hit this T icon, and it will automatically extract the entire text from the selected area.

You can then paste it anywhere. You want this is so handy or suppose you want to take a gif from a video instantly like meme content. All you have to do is hit the animation again make a selection, and now you get the option to record a 15 second clip and send it as a video file. Well, you can maybe get some of the features on a pixel phone youll have to download a third party app, so that will take up more space and ask for additional permissions on Samsung. All these features are natively built in and not just that you have the good luck module. It is developed by Samsung. It does not work with every Samsung phone, but a lot of Samsung phones. This allows you to change very rare features of the phone like, for instance, if I dont like this app switcher, I can simply go this in task. Changer app and select a different style like Ill select. This stack style and see when I open up switch. It now looks like this. This is so cool. Good luck is a dream. Come true for all of us who buy an Android for the power of customization. At this point, everyone would agree to Samsungs. One UI has better software updates like earlier stock, Android was known for faster and long term updates. But if you see things have changed now like see here on Samsung website, they promised to give you four years of OS updates.

And if you ask me that is a huge deal because Im getting a guarantee that my phone will not become old for at least four years, so, for instance, if I buy the s22 now, I can safely use that up until 2026, like just, for instance, the Single Tech feature that came out with the S21 series was made available in the s22, so say in the future when the s26 comes out with a new software feature. That software feature will even come to the s22 series on Pixel 7. You get a maximum three years of OS update, so if you buy a pixel phone now it will become old by 2025 one year before the s22, but credit where it is due. Google pixels will be the first phone to receive the updates way ahead of Samsung phones like just for reference. We have Android 13 running on the pixel 6A, since the middle of August and Samsung just started rolling out their Android 13 one UI, and that too only for Flagship phones. So, yes, Google gives you quicker. Software updates, my point being. If you buy a Samsung phone now, you are good to go for the next four years and last, but not the least this ones, the best okay, so on Pixel and most Android phones, you get this feature to cast your screen to a TV. That way, you can watch videos and use all the stuff on a bigger screen, but Samsung takes this to a whole new level with Samsung Dex like see here.

We have this touch, Monitor and Ill activate, Samsung Dex on it and see you get a full desktop. Like experience like you have a time at the bottom, you have the app drawer. So now you can open your files or even email on the bigger screen. What youd be like really was the use of this. I can simply connect the computer and do the same thing right. Yes, you can Im not denying that, but Samsung is giving you an additional option to use your phone as a computer too, and if you have a Samsung TV, you can wirelessly connect Samsung Dex without any cables. Google pixel, on the other hand, doesnt have any such feature. The max you can do is link your Android phone to a Windows, PC and then get notification, calls everything. But then again every Android phone, including Samsung, can do that and that is not as feature Rich. As Samsung Dex, but unfortunately, Samsung text is not available on every Samsung phone, like you get it with the flagship s22 series and even the Fe series except Samsung Galaxy flip, which I dont think is Flagship enough. Sorry, sir, like thats, his fourth daily driver and just to end this video Samsungs one UI, isnt perfect as well like you get core one UI with the budget. Phones that barely has any of the features of one UI. All the Samsung Dex feature, which is only available on their premium phones like 40, 50, 000 and up and then because NOC security, you cant, unlock the bootloader.

So if youre flashing, custom, roms and all stay away from Samsung, but the point here is Android is meant to be this way. Google makes Android and other Android manufacturers take Android one step further and in that department Samsung is doing the best, even when better than Google themselves.