As in your switch will get very hot if you try and play any demanded game on it and if youre expecting good performance on any game made in the past two years. Well, boy, do I have news for you this video is going to be a criticism of the Nintendo switch with a focus on Minecraft being a game that should probably run better on the switch than it actually does well discuss things like performance user friendliness, and if You can even be good at Minecraft on the switch, so if youre interested lets get started, the official slogan for the Nintendo switch console is play anywhere anytime with anyone. This is at least somewhat true its portable, so you can take it anywhere and if you own it, you can play it anytime, you want, you can also play with anyone assuming theyre in the same room as you or you buy an online membership for four dollars. A month but thats besides the point, look for as good of an idea as the Nintendo switch was meant to be it really wasnt executed. Well, going back to my point that I made in the beginning its pretty much just the same as a tablet. If you take the mini controllers, called joy cons off the sides, it literally is a tablet touch screen and all lets dive a bit deeper into the problems that the Nintendo switch faces when trying to run Minecraft overall, the Nintendo switch is an extremely underpowered system.

If youre expecting to get good FPS numbers on the switch as compared to literally any other device that runs Minecraft Bedrock severely lower your expectations immediately, Im too lazy and dumb to figure out how to get actual FPS numbers on the switch. But if you have eyes you can see what I mean this is the average switch experience when youre playing on servers or in an intense world. Now Ive tried to look into the actual specs of the switch to see what type of Hardware it has, but that doesnt really seem to be out there, at least in a format that a normal person can understand. The CPU and GPU that it has is apparently a customized Nvidia Tegra processor. What is a Tegra processor again well according to Wikipedia Tegra, is a system on a chip series developed by Nvidia for mobile devices such as smartphones, personal digital assistants and mobile Internet devices. Boys. I think weve figured out why the switch runs like a bad Android tablet. Its literally got a smartphone processor in it heres a few more fun facts about the performance of the switch which system for a lot of users Minecraft on the switch takes an incredibly long time to load. What youre seeing right now is a video that a viewer sent to me and its on 12 times speed. The entire clip is like three minutes long and thats just how long the switch takes sometimes Also the battery life on the switch is kind of meh, its, not great, not horrible.

Personally, I almost always play in dock mode connected to my computer. Just so, I can use the computer screen instead of the tiny switch screen, but for people that play in undocked mode Ive, gotten reports of about three to four hours. All of this talk about the specs, though, is to say that you could probably buy a system thats about equivalent to the switch for much less money. I have a cheap Android tablet that I mainly use for testing Android stuff that I bought for a hundred dollars. You could easily find a wireless controller for twenty to thirty dollars and Minecraft on the Google Play Store costs 7.50 as compared to thirty dollars on the Nintendo eShop. If youre gon na get roughly the same performance on both of them, its better to pay 140 dollars. As opposed to four hundred dollars now, the specs of the switch are not the only problems that it has. I was also able to get a list of some pretty major bugs that affect it like, for example, sometimes, when you load up Minecraft on the switch youll randomly get an invalid game session, meaning you either need to completely close the game and reopen it or sign Out of your Microsoft account and sign back in both of these take a long time to do, theres also a bug where sometimes the server page, and maybe even the friends page doesnt load and the fix to that is you guessed it restart Minecraft.

Another bug is that sometimes youll start up the game and youre just logged out of your Microsoft account to fix this. You have to remote connect with a different device which again requires signing in through Microsoft. Now the fixes to all of these bugs that I mentioned arent, particularly difficult, but its just the fact that, because the switch is so poorly made, that you have to either take three minutes to restart the game or sign into your Microsoft account for the 5 billionth Time means that they can get pretty annoying after a while, but all of these performance issues and all of these bugs all kind of stem from one common thing. Its the fact that Mojang didnt really design Minecraft to run on this switch or on low end devices. For that matter I mean yes at the end of the day, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a port of the mobile version of the game, but since Minecrafts added their new rendering engine called render dragons the game performance on low end devices is tanked, and since we already Know that the switch is essentially comparable to a mid to low end tablet, I think it can be safely said that Minecraft is definitely not designed with the switch in mind at the moment. I also have a few more gripes about the switch that are more applicable to consoles in general, as opposed to just the switch I touched on it earlier. But, for example, you have to pay 3.

99 a month to be able to play online on the Nintendo switch. If you dont, youre, only able to play split screen or on local networks, granted Nintendo switch online does cost less than Xbox Live gold or Ps, plus with both of those being 10 a month, as opposed to switch on lines four dollars a month. If, for some reason, you didnt know, though, assuming you owned the game already its literally free to play online on PC or mobile Ive, just never understood game consoles obsession with making you pay to play online when the games already cost more anyways, it doesnt make sense. Also on the switch and on consoles in general, you cant use custom skins and you cant use custom texture packs. The only way you can get either of those is by buying them with mine coins on the marketplace, which once again costs real world money. You also cant join servers that arent featured on the switch or other consoles before I get 10 billion comments, saying um. Well, actually you can yes, I know you can. I have played non featured servers on the switch, however, its a really roundabout way to do it and the average player isnt going to know how to I understand why consoles dont, let you play non featured servers or use custom skins or Texture Packs its because of Moderation, but at the same time, why is it okay for mobile and PC to be able to its just inconsistencies like that that have never really made sense to me so to Pivot a little bit? Can you even be good at Minecraft, while playing on the switch? The simple answer to this is: yes, theres always going to be people that Excel on a certain platform that theyve played on for years, but it goes deeper than that the average player isnt ever going to be that good.

So what if I 1v1 an average player? How will that go? I got one of my YouTuber friends named stridwell to 1v1 neon switch and Id say hes pretty average as well heres how that went. Why are you? Why are you actually good? Am I actually good just just better than me, wow cool lets. Go all right: Chatham butterflying, the paddle and its not really working. I feel like I aim worse, while butterflying yeah, I oh, how many hearts do you have four and a half overall, the fight against stride went about as well as expected. We traded Blues next up, though I wanted to gauge how it would be if I win up against someone thats actually good at the switch. So I got a really good switch player from my twitch chat named Killer Hawk and we did some of the same 1V ones that I did with stride. Surely I would get absolutely destroyed here right right, foreign, Music, right Im, shocking that up as a lucky win. I dont really know what happened: killer, doesnt really know what happened and I proceeded to get destroyed in all of the 1V ones that we did after that yeah. I cant aim on a controller at all dude Im, just getting rolled yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it was, it was a good run. Oh Im dead, Im dead, okay, look. I also want to be one of the YouTuber named Jason, who plays on Nintendo switch and that also went about as well as youd expect Music yeah.

All in all, I think you can be safe. We said that you can be good while playing on switch, but the problems the switch, has results in huge limitations, as opposed to people that play at other consoles like the Xbox or Playstation, so whose fault is it for making Minecraft on the switch be perceived as Really bad, I think arguments can be made here for both Mojang and Nintendo. Mojang has made their game Run terribly on low end devices, youre not gon na get good performance if your device has bad specs thats just how it is. At the same time, though, Nintendo has made their system essentially equivalent in performance to a low end. Tablet like what did you expect was gon na happen. Something I realized throughout making. This video, though, is what, if thats kind of the point, what if its no ones fault, because the switch is intended to be something portable that you can play games on Wherever, Whenever and with whoever you want. Assuming you pay four dollars a month, I guess thats kind of the beauty of the switch you cant do that, but at the same time, why not just play Minecraft on your phone? I want to give a huge thank you to killer, Hawk and Jason for helping me with all the questions I had with this video I seriously wouldnt have been able to make without them. Also, if you found this video interesting, consider checking out the video that I posted before this, where I discuss why I think Minecraft servers are having a rough time in 2022.

, either way thats gon na, be it for me today.