So recently i unboxed the samsung galaxy book pro 360. and this is actually a two in one device, meaning that i can use it as a laptop just like this. But i can also flip it over 360 degrees, and now i can use this as a tablet. So ive been using this device for a few weeks now and i think its actually a fantastic device for digital note. Taking now ive been digitally notetaking for the past three years, using this device right here and honestly, i think digital note taking is the best because well one i no longer have to use paper. I can also very easily add images to my notes, which i do quite often i can also better organize and save my notes. I can share my notes with other people when im working with them and, of course all of my notes are with me on just this one device and before i continue with the video, i want to thank wondershare repair it for sponsoring this video and supporting my Channel so as someone who loves taking pictures and who makes youtube videos having my photos and videos corrupted is one of my worst nightmares. I sincerely hope that you wont experience any corrupting. But if you do, you can try to save your videos and photos with the repair it tool. It is a software that can help repair, corrupted videos and photos, no matter how they became corrupted. It also supports many formats, including mov and mp4, for video and jpeg and jpg for photo now theres, also a tool called repair it online, which can repair videos directly in your web browser.

It is free and super quick and easy to use. So if you have a corrupted video – and you want to try out a quick solution, then this would be a great option but back to the repair tool. So it is available for both windows and mac and you can download it from its official website ill. Have a link to it down below Music, so first im going to try repairing these corrupted videos that wont even open now, if the repair failed or if youre not super satisfied, you can always try advance repair which will ask for a sample video that is not Corrupted and after the repair is done, you can preview the video to check its quality and then you can save your fixed videos to your device, so the process for photo repair is very, very similar. You also have the advanced repair option and of course you can preview and save. So. If you ever encounter videos or photos that are corrupted, then you can try to repair them using repair it online for free or download the repair desktop version for the full features. Ill have a link in my description where you can check out and try repair it and now back to the video. So i know right now it is back to school season and if youre a student, then you may be looking for a digital note. Taking device, of course, a super popular note taking device is the ipad pro.

I know lots of students have this um. I obviously have this myself and ive been using it for the past two years of university and overall i would say i am very happy with it. I use it a lot and its definitely been serving me well, although it definitely still has some flaws, but after using the galaxy book pro for a bit, i actually realized that, even though, of course, this device isnt completely perfect uh, it definitely has its own set Of flaws, but it doesnt have some of the biggest flaws that the ipad pro has so in this video. I want to compare these two devices ill talk about their styluses, the software, the operating system and also their physical features, and hopefully this video will be able to help you decide which note taking device to get and yeah lets just get started. Okay, so the very first thing that i want to talk about are the styluses, so the galaxy book pro works with the s pen, which actually comes with it. When you get it so you dont have to purchase this separately. On the other hand, the ipad pro works with the apple pencil, which you do have to buy separately in terms of their shape. These two are actually very similar. They are both rounded, with a flat edge, which i think makes it super comfortable to hold. Both of these are not very heavy either. Although the s pen is lighter than the apple pencil.

However, its not light to the point where it feels cheap, i would say its weight – is pretty similar to like a nice mechanical pencil. I prefer having a lighter stylus. I think its just much easier to write with one. So in this category i prefer the s pen over the apple pencil. Now the s pen actually has a button right here which activates the eraser tool. In most note, taking apps when you press it down the apple pencil doesnt have any buttons on it. It is perfectly smooth, but it does have a double tap feature. So when you double tap on the side, it will switch to the eraser tool, which i think is fine. But if you want to switch back to your pen or pencil tool again, then you will have to double tap again. So i think this is a lot slower than the button, and it can also get pretty tedious if you have to erase a lot and another problem that i have with the double tap. Is that its pretty easy to miss ive been using the apple pencil with the ipad pro for the past two years, but i still miss it quite often, in fact now, when im taking my notes, i dont even use the double tap feature that much anymore. Just because its not reliable, i just straight up tap on the eraser tool to get my eraser so yeah. I think the button on the s pen is a lot quicker and more reliable than the double tap feature on the apple pencil.

Okay and next i want to talk about the two tips. So the s pen has a rubbery tip im, not sure what material its made of exactly, but it definitely feels rubbery against the glass screen and the apple pencil has a plasticy tip, and you can definitely hear the difference between these two. The s pen sounds a lot softer against the glass screen. I think it feels much better to write on a glass screen with a more rubbery tip, because theres more resistance and also it more so resembles a real pencil against paper. The apple pencil feels kind of slippery almost and when i first got my ipad, i did kind of struggle with this, but after a while i did get used to it. So i dont really think this is a huge issue, but even if you cant really get used to the slippery feeling, you can always swap out the tip. There are many many third party options. Another way to do it is to maybe get a screen protector. I know the paper like screen protector is a very popular option, but, as is, i definitely prefer the s pen with the more rubbery tip, and now i want to talk about the note taking software options, so the galaxy book pro runs windows 10 and in windows. In terms of note, taking apps onenote is by far the best option and also the most popular one. The ipad pro runs ipad os and there are quite a few more options that are all very popular just to name some off.

The top of my head are one note, notability and good notes. I primarily use onenote so ill talk about that. First, i also use notability, which i will touch on later. I wont really talk about the other ones because they share similar drawbacks to knitability and also i dont have too much experience with them, but anyways. So i think window in general is just a fantastic app ive been using it on my ipad pro, but ive also started using it on the galaxy book pro, and i did notice that the app behaves very differently on these two devices, which i will definitely touch On but in general onenote, syncs perfectly and very very quickly, so i think onenote would be very nice to use for collaboration. When you share a notebook with other people, you can actually see all the updates in real time. Everyone can look at the notes on their own screen instead of trying to huddle over one single screen. Onenote is also pretty unique in that you get infinite horizontal space. I havent seen any other note taking apps with this feature, so in other note, taking apps, you do have to worry about the amount of horizontal space you have and lets say you want to add something to an existing line, but you dont have enough space. So in that case, you can maybe try shrinking the text in order to fit in more information. But in one note you can just scroll a little bit horizontally and add in the additional information and another great feature of onenote, which i think is very important.

Is that it is very, very accessible, it works on all kinds of devices: apple devices, android windows, linux and theres, even a browser version, and now i want to talk about onenote, specifically on the galaxy book pro. It is absolutely fantastic on this device. It is super optimized, the pen actually tracks perfectly, as you can see here when im drawing a line, the line is directly underneath the pen tip. I definitely appreciate this a lot and in onenote you also get both a pen and a pencil tool. I personally, like the pen tool more, but its always good to have options window also responds to pressure and tilt, and it has very good palm rejection. Overall onenote is super nice to use on the galaxy book pro. I was already a fan of onenote before, but after using it on this device, i think ive become an even bigger fan, but unfortunately onenote isnt as good on the ipad. I think the app is just not very optimized, as you can see here, the pen doesnt track perfectly. You can see the line behind the tip of the apple pencil and honestly. I think this is the biggest downside because it makes the 120 hertz refresh rate screen on the ipad feel even slower than the 60 hertz refresh rate screen on the samsung when im using onenote. You also dont get a pencil tool on onenote on the ipad. It does respond to pressure but not tilt, and there is still good palm rejection um.

So, overall, the ipad os version of onenote is still decent, which is why i used it for you know two years, but it just isnt the same as the windows. 10 version. Now another good note taking app on the ipad is notability. It is actually only available as an app on apple devices. So if you have a pc or an android phone, unfortunately you wont be able to access. Notability notability does support syncing. However, i found it to be not reliable at all. I actually deleted the notability app on my macbook, because after way too many times of my notability notes not showing up on my macbook, i just gave up hoping that it would knittability also doesnt have any features to support collaboration. I think the best that you can do is maybe to share your notes as a pdf, so yeah in terms of collaboration and syncing. I think onenote is much better. However, i do think that the writing experience is better in notability than onenote. I think the pen feels more responsive. However, you can see the line still visibly lags behind the pen, tip notability does respond to pressure and also has good palm rejection, so yeah in terms of the note taking experience. I definitely think onenote on the book pro gives you the best experience writing on. It feels absolutely fantastic. I also really appreciate the fast syncing all right and thats enough about the note taking apps. Now i want to talk a bit more about the operating system, because that actually is pretty important to the overall note taking experience the galaxy book pro runs: windows, 10 and, of course, windows.

Lets you do whatever you want to do so, if youre really into multitasking, you like to have a bunch of things open on your screen. At the same time, you can do that in windows. On the other hand, with ipad os, you are much more limited. You can have at most three apps opened. At the same time, however, the third app kind of blocks, one of the apps. So really, you can only have two apps open at the same time and thats the limit and another issue with the ipad operating system is the file structure. So i dont really understand how it works, like it just kind of confusing to use and thats. Why, over the last two years of university, i have never ever handed in an assignment on my ipad, just because im scared that something will go wrong at the last minute and i cannot afford to have that happen. So yeah with ipad os theres. Just the issue of you dont know what you can or cannot do, that is kind of like my biggest problem with the ipad and thats, why i dont really use it for any like serious work. I only use it for a very limited number of tasks that i know it can do well and now, with the galaxy book pro windows, is you know a full fledged operating system? You can do anything on it. Of course, uploading files is no issue at all. So with this, it is much more flexible to use, i think, as a student, you will definitely be able to survive on this windows device with no problems at all any applications that you need to download.

You can download it on this, any files that you need to upload within two seconds. You will be able to do on this machine, but with the ipad its much harder to survive on this alone. There are simply too many limitations. Okay and lastly, i want to talk about the physical aspects of these two devices, and the first thing that i need to point out is the aspect ratio, so the galaxy book pro actually has a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, which is a pretty odd aspect ratio, While i think thats fine for say media consumption, but for note taking, i found it to really not be ideal at all, and the issue is when im using this device horizontally like this, i dont have enough vertical space. So i end up having to scroll very often, and if i use this device vertically like this, then i dont have enough horizontal space. I write like two words and im out of space, so i end up having to scroll horizontally very often. On the other hand, the ipad pro is a 10×7 aspect ratio which i think is much more friendly to note, taking the galaxy book pro being longer and narrower really isnt doing any favors for note taking. So, even though the galaxy book pro is the bigger device, the amount of space that i have for note taking actually feels pretty similar to the ipad pro. And the next thing that i need to point out is the resolution.

So the galaxy book pro has a 1080 screen, whereas the ipad pro has a 2k plus screen and because of this, even though the galaxy book pro has an oled screen and the ipad pro just has a regular lcd screen, i still think the ipad pro screen Looks better because you cant see any pixels on the galaxy book pro. I can pretty clearly see the pixels, especially when im leaning in and writing on it, and another issue is that the book pro screen is much more reflective than the ipad screen. So thats. Definitely not ideal for bright environments, so yeah. I definitely think the ipad pro screen is much better and now i want to compare the bezel size, so the galaxy book pro has super duper thin bezels and i know typically, you know we like thin bezels, but in this case they are a bit too thin To the point, where its hard to hold a galaxy book pro without accidentally misclicking it – which i just did, i think the ipad pros bezels – are the right size. They are still very, very thin, but theres enough room for me to hold this device comfortably without accidentally clicking something on the screen. And, lastly, i think its worth mentioning that both of these devices are super lightweight. The galaxy book pro is heavier than the ipad pro, but again this device also has a keyboard and everything. So i think when the ipad has a case on it or maybe even the magic keyboard, the weight will actually be pretty similar between these two and thats.

Going to be it for the comparisons now, my overall thoughts are that the galaxy book pro is far from the perfect device. Its aspect ratio is really not ideal, and i also wish that it had a higher resolution screen. However, i think that the note taking experience on this device is the best, with one note being very, very optimized and the s pen having a button and also being the lighter one. Of course, i do still like my ipad pro. It is just so light and the screen looks amazing. However, in the near future, i think i would be taking the galaxy book pro with me to my classes and thats going to be it for this video.