We didn’t hear about the macbook pro either the 14 or the 16 inch m1x or m2. The fast amazing chip that was supposed to revolutionize our lives most likely because of some sort of shortage with either the semiconductor chip or the mini, led screen. So in anticipation, i had actually bought the surface laptop 4 in advance of wwdc and just in the hopes that maybe there would be an announcement and that i could just return this. I avoided opening it and then just in the hopes that maybe they would make a surprise announcement at the end of wwdc. I waited and then in just the hopes that they were going to announce it soon after wwdc. I waited even a little bit longer, but now i can’t wait. I have to upgrade my computer, so this is sort of an unboxing video, but i think at this point you already know what’s inside. I think the more important thing is is this decision of whether you’re going to plunk down a couple thousand dollars on either a windows product or a mac product, especially for someone like me who, every few years or so goes back and forth. So in 2016 i got a surface pro 4 and i had given up my macbook air and i made that big decision to just totally get out of the apple uh ecosystem. I gave up my iphone, went to samsung galaxy and did the whole thing went to the pc route again and i loved it.

I loved the surface pro 4. I got the i7 chip, the fast specs, 512 gigabytes of hard drive and 16 gigabytes of ram. I was able to do some video editing and it served my needs for that level, but, as my needs grew and then also as the computer aged a bit, it started really slowing down. It started overheating and if you saw from my instagram um, i had to use like external fans and even frozen foods to kind of cool it down, and so i really needed something that wouldn’t take hours and hours for video to render and export. So when i heard about that new m1 chip, i thought it might be a little bit too early to adopt, but when a lot of people are saying that it was so amazing and that it would just cut down time in terms of workflow, i was just Like well, you know what i think you know it’s worth, maybe jumping back into apple, even though i don’t like their storage system. That was the main thing i just it’s, like i couldn’t find anything it’s like. Yes, everything is like clean and pretty but it’s sort of like having like some housekeeper who puts things everywhere and you don’t know where to find them you’re just like. Where is this and and then she’s like making copies of everything and asking for more money to buy more cabinets all the time and and then like deleting things without telling you? So i did like the storage system of microsoft and when it comes down to it, you need to get to your files to work, and so i really like that part of pc, but if it does mean that i don’t have to stay up until 3 a.

m. To wait for a video to export – and i can just actually end at midnight, then that is worth going back to the apple system and then having a talk with the file housekeeper. You know and then kind of figuring things out and you know working it out. So that you know everybody’s happy so for the surface, pro 4 is actually able to live with the one usb port and that’s usb a not even usb c. I never used that dv port for the display never ever used it. I didn’t use it as like. A notebook as much as i thought i would they said that you know the top could even be an eraser on the pen. It just did not feel right to treat it like a two dollar notebook when it was like over two thousand dollars, but where it did come in really handy was signing like contracts like at this age like every now, and then you have to have like a Pdf that you have to sign – and they still ask to you – know for you to fax it and you’re, just like facts – oh my god like um, so that was really handy because you can sign things right away. If you have adobe acrobat sign it email it and you don’t even have to deal with a fax machine that sometimes like just those few moments, because you know usually contracts. They come up at times when they’re super inconvenient, but super important, and it really sticks in your mind like that, delivered incredible value and that’s, of course, something that you don’t get on an apple laptop okay, so let’s open this up let’s see what’s inside.

So this has the 11th generation intel core i7 processor, 512 gigabytes, hard drive, 16 gigabytes of ram at that spec level, there’s only one color matte black. Now in korea, because i’m in korea we can only get up to 16 gigabytes of ram. If you want 32, you have to just order it and from america and import it. So i was worried about that because i really do think that ram is something that you have to sort of try to plan out. If you want to get like a long life cycle out of your computer, because it’s a little bit hard, sometimes to upgrade sometimes that you can’t upgrade, but i decided to well maybe take the risk because i do not want to wait until 3 am to finish. Oh, my god, so, oh my god, it is nice. The me see. I think they really did go with this surface theme because, like everything about this is tactile surf even like the free little gifts that they gave like the notepad, the dope pen, the mouse pad the surface felt really good, it’s, very matte. Okay. So they said that you can open it up with just a very simple one finger. That is true. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Even this little paper thing has a nice surface, feel. Okay, now it just automatically turned on. I don’t even know how i turned it on, but this is the power button here.

It says just a moment just a moment. What was that in office, space accounts payable just the moment, it’s really hot in here, let’s see what else is in the box. So it takes you through, of course, the microsoft installation. You don’t really need to see that everybody’s seen that, since they were a little kid remember when you had to use the floppy disks to install windows like 3.1 and then when it was you’re excited when it was a cd rom with windows. 95. Those days all right, so the proprietary thing with the surface is this: charging ac adapter. That is also called the dock, and you know how like they’re, supposed to bring back the mag safe from the in the mac let’s turn down the air. This is very similar, so when you charge it and if you like, hit the cable cord, it also just releases safely so like if you’re like. Oh no, it comes out, but i didn’t realize there’s data that comes through here. So if you do get the dock, which i did after a couple of years, uh, you know after having the surface, and i keep looking over there because the surface is over there uh, i realized that’s how you get the extra data that gets sent through the Usb ports, it blew my mind i was like. Oh, i thought this was only electricity, but data gets sent through. So even this usb thing here, it’s not just to charge your phone, you can actually use it as like an extra data, port, it’s, so cool, so that dock, i think, is actually quite amazing, and i have the previous dock that’s usb a based.

The newest dock has the usb c ports on it, so that i think is, is definitely like a really cool thing. This new um surface laptop has one usba and one usbc headphone and then just the port here. But if you want to use the usb, can you also use it here? The thing that this doesn’t have that i really loved about the surface pro was the mini sd port, that little thing, because that was like a 512 gigabyte, hard drive right. You just put in a little mini sd that’s, another 512 gigabytes. You fill that up right away. You just like pop in another one – and i know there’s supposed to be some sort of like performance difference between like a real ssd drive and a micro sd drive. But i could never really tell the difference in actual usage, i never really stored video files on the microsd, but i do record audio on microsd and never had any problem with it and actually, when you think about it, microsd is what we use in the actual Camera to film i’m filming right now on a micro sd card, so that was really amazing on the surface, so that was surface pro 4 that i bought in 2016, this 2021. This is the surface laptop for, and this is not the surface book series that’s totally different. I think you can skip the surface book. I think surface laptop and surface pro that’s, where it’s at i don’t.

I don’t know about the surface book. I think that i think you could skip that all right guys.