What are you buying? What model are you buying? What sort of configuration are you getting and you know thats fair, so I do usually make videos telling you when Im buying a certain product, what configuration I am getting and why Im buying that specific model. So its only fair again to tell you when Im, probably not going to be buying something and thats the case for this video here, because as Im sitting here right now, I do not plan on buying or I guess I should say, upgrading uh to the M2. Pro or M2 Max MacBook Pro because I kind of will be buying one, because I am going to be reviewing it for the channel but Im not planning on using that model that I will be purchasing for review and I do have to buy them because apple Does not send me review units and obviously I want to give you an updated review on the new M2 Max chip and just see how powerful that is, because that is still exciting to me. But I am not planning on specking that thing out for personal use. Um and listen this isnt a condemnation of these new M2 Pro or M2 Max MacBook Pros. I could probably get a lot more views if I start off this video with like an angry face and going uh Im not buying any of these Macs theyre, not good. I dont think that I think that these new uh MacBook Pros look fine, Im sure theyre going to be great.

I love my current MacBook Pro and these are only better versions of them and I think its fair that Apple introduced a spec bump update to these MacBook Pros, after the massive update that they gave us with these M1 Pro and M1 Max models. So I think theyre great uh laptops if youre going to to be buying one Im, not telling you not to buy one Im, just saying that I personally dont plan on upgrading to one. So let me walk you through that process on why Im not upgrading to the latest MacBook Pros and it was a process. It was a decision making process. I did consider it, but ultimately I thought Im gon na skip this time and thats kind of rare. For me, because, usually I do buy the latest models, because I do want to use them throughout the year and kind of see how they operate and usually especially back on the Intel days uh. I did run into kind of pain points over the years where its like, okay, this Mac, is starting to you know I didnt put enough memory into it or I didnt put enough storage into it, but this last time uh for this MacBook Pro I configured it Pretty well so let me walk you through this decision making process. So the first thing um when a new Apple product comes out is its its time for me to kind of take stock. Like did I make the right choice with the certain model I went with now with these MacBook Pros theres kind of two different models: theres the 14 inch model and the 16 inch model – and this is a good time for me to go.

Okay. Do I still like this smaller size, 14 inch model, or should I get a bigger 16 inch model and I recently just made a video kind of going over why I like this 14 inch model so much, and that is still true. I like that this model, you can basically spec it out to the max configuration uh, but you still get the smaller 14 inch size. So this is the smallest and most powerful Mac that Apple has ever released. I guess until the new M2 Max 14 inch MacBook Pro, so that was a decision that I really liked from Apple on the old Intel days. You could never spec up that older 13 inch model to match the 15 inch model or again, the 16 inch model. So I am still happy with this 14 inch model that I picked and I dont feel like. I need the 16 inch model um now. Another thing thing you should ask yourself is: is there anything wrong with the current configuration you have um and for me, like? I said before when I bought this, I kind of spec this thing out, so I got the max max M1 chip with the 32 GPU cores uh. I got the maximum amount of memory at the time, which was 64 gigabytes, and I even upgraded this with a lot of storage. I put four terabytes on it. Honestly, though, the the biggest reason I was considering upgrading was because, when um I got this machine and after I filled the four terabytes of storage, I was kind of like.

Oh no, I should have gotten eight terabytes of storage, but it wasnt a big enough pain. Point to me eventually, I would have to delete stuff off an eight terabyte drive too, and you know it wasnt worth spending like another four or five thousand dollars on a new 14 inch, MacBook Pro just to get four terabytes of storage when you can just buy External ssds and kind of solve that yourself, so in terms of my configure duration storage would be the biggest problem, but its not a big enough problem, but everything else on this machine um just runs great and its another. You know point you should ask yourself: does my machine run fast enough and yes, this M1 Max 14 inch MacBook Pro still runs plenty fast and its not even just like opening up apps or um, having like a bunch of different browser, tabs open like Im, constantly Editing 4K video in Final Cut Pro on this machine, constantly editing images constantly having multiple apps open at once and as of right now, I just dont feel really any significant performance hits obviously uh with any Mac that Ive owned theres, always the occasional kind of random Hiccups and bugs and stuff like that, but in terms of just like raw performance like this thing, can handle pretty much everything Ive thrown at I mean it. Does it handles everything Ive thrown at it? To the point where I look at these new uh, M2 Pro and M2 Max machines, and even though they are more powerful than what is what I have now um, I dont think that extra power is really gon na.

Do me any good when Im not facing major speed hurdle with this machine. Another thing you have to look at is what is new on these newer models and we kind of went over the specs in them. Obviously they have the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chip and thats great, but I just went over how I dont think the additional speed would really help me, but these new Macs um they do have upgrades, despite not having major upgrades now, obviously uh. If youve been watching the channel, if youve been watching the rumor videos, you knew to expect a spec bump update and thats pretty much what we got so when youre looking at the major design of these new products, theyre exactly the same, you put a 14 inch. M1 Max MacBook Pro against the M2 Max 14 inch. Macbook Pro put them on a table. Youre not gon na, be able to tell the difference um that that means that they have the same great mini, LED display at 120 hertz. They have the same 1080p camera. They have the same keyboard, the same trackpad, the same speakers. Everything about the outward design is the same and again, I think, thats. Fine, these MacBook Pros were a major upgrade apple, does not upgrade the external design of these laptops every single year, its probably going to be quite some time until they do that and in terms of the feature set, they didnt have to add anything new.

These are already so good, so I was not disappointed with the lack of new upgrades. I really just wasnt expecting them for the next uh iteration of this upgrade, but they did add helpful internal upgrades here that do make me like a lit like salt, like not salty, just jealous, like Im like side eyeing it still these new models and going. You know, maybe that would be nice, so uh. One of those upgrades would obviously be Wi. Fi 6E. I actually have a Wi Fi, 6E router and uh when you have a Wi Fi 6E device with a Wi Fi 6E router uh youre, going to get faster. Uh internet speeds, especially if you have like a faster connection. I have a gigabit connection at home, so yeah. If I got the new Macbook Pro, I would get faster Wireless speeds. I dont use ethernet when connected to my MacBook Pro so yeah. That would actually be an upgrade that helps me um and then the bigger upgrade, I think for a lot of people is going to be this new HDMI port theres, an HDMI 2.1 Port inside of the new M2 MacBook Pros, and this HDMI port on the older Models just a 2.0 Port, so on the newer ones, you can actually drive an 8K display at 60hz, the HDMI port, which is cool. I dont have an 8K display, but it also means that you can drive faster refresh rate displays uh on that MacBook Pro.

You can go up to 240 hertz at 4K, which is kind of cool. Now I dont have a 240 hertz monitor, but I actually do have like a small 42 inch, OLED LG TV that Ive kind of sometimes used as an external monitor, with this MacBook Pro and its its kind of cool like its like a really big monitor. But with that new Macbook Pro, I could actually get the 120 hertz refresh rate that that TV has, and that would kind of be nice because it would match the refresh rate that is offered on this MacBook Pro. So they would both be 120 hertz. I could get that on that new HDMI cable, so those are kind of like the upgrades for it and again they are a little bit tempting for me, but they arent enough to Warrant spending so much money on a new model and by watching this video at This point, you might go okay, these are this is not an exciting upgrade for these new Macbook Pros, but I kind of think it is in a way um theres. Other small improvements, like I think, theres like an additional hour of battery life on the 14 inch and 16 inch model, so thats cool, even better battery life, for these MacBook Pros, which is always welcome, but the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips themselves do fascinate me This is the first time we are seeing a follow up, uh to the pro level chips right.

We we got the M2 Chip. That was a follow up to the entry level M1 chip. This is our follow up to the pro chips and on, like the Mac side of things like you can get like a 12 core CPU like the multi core performance, and that is probably going to be really good. Um on the GPU side, youre going to get uh, I think 38 cores on the max chip. If you upgrade that and then on that bigger Max chip um. One of the pain points like if, like if youre better than me like, if youre a professional watching this video one of the pain points, may have been like memory like. Maybe you need more than 64 gigabytes of memory. I think thats very, very, very, very rare, but Im sure there are people out there who could always use more memory and now, on these uh newer laptops, youre going to be able to configure that up to 96 gigabytes of unified memory. So that might actually be a big pain Point fix for some users, which kind of that brings me to this point of the video Im telling you why Im not upgrading, but should you upgrade, and maybe you should, because not everyone is like me right if you Are smart? You probably wait out the first generation of Apple silicon. Now there was nothing wrong with the first generation of Apple silicon. These were great products, but uh, usually General buying advice when, whenever theres, like a new piece of technology or like a processor changer something thats just like really untested, this was like the first time Apple was making Pro level chips for their MacBooks.

The smart decision would probably be let me wait and see how this plays out, what if it was like a big mistake in like the old Intel MacBook Pros were running faster than these, thankfully, that wasnt the case like these were better in every way. In terms of power in terms of uh, just efficiency draw like with the chips and stuff like these were powerful and very efficient chips. So there was nothing wrong with these, but you may have thought: okay, Im, not gon na buy the first iteration. Let Me Wait for the second generation. Well, this is the second generation. So now is a good time to buy um also, you might be on, like those older Intel, MacBook Pros, and I recently made a video kind of going over. Why? I think at this point, if youre on one of those older Intel MacBook Pros, you are really missing out by not going for Apple silicon. It is quite a game change uh, with these newer Apple silicon, computers, uh. Even if youre getting like an older M1 Mac, they are just so fast. They are so responsive and again they are really efficient, leading to not only great battery life. In a lot of these laptops, but also usually really good, thermals too, to the point where, like they dont even heat up that much, I guess that remains to be seen if thats a problem on the M2 Pro or MC Max chip, but uh, at least for This version, like I, have been so happy with the power and the efficiency of these laptops, and also just the general Hardware on the newer designs, which is why Im not upgrading and thats the video like I, I it wasnt that exciting, but thats the video, and I hope I hope it helped you out in your own uh decision making process on whether or not you should buy these new M2 Pro or M2 Max MacBook Pros now listen.

I could be totally wrong too. I am again planning on buying one to review for the channel and maybe when I get to that review, the M2 Max is just gon na like blow me away and theres. Some like unforeseen thing that I didnt talk about in this video so and then Ill have to make another video going. You know what I was wrong about these MacBook Pros, theyre, so good and and all that stuff, so yeah. So if you want to see if I was wrong, get subscribed to the channel, if you like this video, make sure you give me a like, but most importantly thank you for watching and let me know in the comments below do you plan on purchasing any of These new Macbook Pros and why I want to know why and if you are, I hope, its an exciting upgrade for you all right. Thank you. So much for watching and hopefully Ill see you in the next one take care.