And I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience with this and their customer support department, both good and bad, because I think it’s it’s instructive to see how companies deal with customers when there are problems – and I certainly had a few with it. So you know the too long didn’t read on this is that this is a 1800 computer as configured it doesn’t perform as well as one should at this price point, but you’re paying a bit for the the industrial design essentially, and they did a very nice job With that design, the computer is very nice to use very comfortable. I wish the screen folded back a little bit further, but they really nicely executed the hardware layout here. The trackpad is the best Windows. Trackpad you’ll find really nice hardware design. Overall, however, the system doesn’t work very well, and that was part of my issue with it after this is kind of the longer term experience with it. So it worked fine for the first two or three weeks, but Microsoft continually like pushed down updates to this thing. To the point where it just stopped working the way it should and one of the problems I had with it initially is that about a week or two after I finished the review, it started switching back and forth into tablet mode, even when it was docked to The keyboard and I’d like to have it do that auto switch when you detach the screen, because I do like to get the tablet functionality when I don’t have a keyboard and mouse attached and then, when I put it back in, it goes back into that tap.

That come desktop or laptop mode and that’s worked very well for me on other computers on this one. It just kept switching back and forth all the time it was driving me crazy and to the point where I really wasn’t using this all that much because I kept running into these issues with it. I always have another loaner in from some other company to get what I needed to get done on Windows, so I did finally reach out to Microsoft. Support they, of course, having wiped the whole thing out and reinstall windows essentially to see. If that corrected the problem and it didn’t and then along the way, I also had the issue. A lot of other folks were having called the hot bag syndrome, where, even when the computer was on standby, it would start doing something. In the background running, the fan really hot and a lot of folks were putting this in their bag only to take it out and get a steaming hot computer and a dead battery that they had to then recharge. And I had this happens and just while I was sitting on my desk back there, the thing was going one afternoon as if what is going on here, I had the thing off essentially and apparently it turned itself on to do an update or something, and then It just ran into this hot bag syndrome as well. So you know it’s not what an 1800 a two thousand dollar computer should be, and I was really starting to see other computers that were performing better for a third of the cost.

Like that big Dell, we looked at so there certainly wasn’t a performance reason for this and then the fact that it really wasn’t working all that great led me to really want to get this problem resolved so that maybe just sell it or get rid of it Or whatever, so I sent it off to Microsoft, repair after this reboot thing, didn’t fix it and they sent it back to me. Unfortunately, it came back with nothing fixed and they created a problem too, because they put a dent on the side of it. So you see on the side of my surface book here, I’ll get in a little bit closer on my other camera, so they basically put a dent into the side of the computer when I got it back, it didn’t look like this when I got it, but You can see now it’s supposed to sit flat here and something impacted this thing when it was in there repair, shop or somewhere in between, and I needed to get that rectified because I had sent it in infrasound. It came back dented so I said alright well called back Microsoft, support and see what I can do with it. So I I think I started with the chat thing and they said they’re having a trouble getting my information pulled up, so just take it back to the store that I bought it from. Of course, I couldn’t do that because I bought it from their store directly.

So then I decided alright, you know let’s fill out another RMA and I went into their RMA system and it said I already had an active service request on this device and then it had reset my warranty to like 1900 or something so I couldn’t get anywhere There so I figured I would pick up the phone and call support, and after an hour on the phone the woman says to me. Well, you know what as bad as this problem is. They have like this overseas outsource tech support. Of course, she says to me that they can’t access my account at all she’s. I don’t know why I can’t access it, but I can’t get access to your account and there’s nothing. I can really do for you, so just go to the website and fill out the RMA thing, and I said I just did that I’m trying to do this and it won’t. Let me do that. Can you at least help me get that part working and then she hung up on me. She actually literally victus, took the phone and hung up on me and I was just flabbergasted so I called back – and I talked to somebody else who basically said this same thing to me, which is they can’t access. My account bring it back to the store he bought it from. I was caught in this loop and I I was so frustrated. I threw the phone down and I said what the heck can.

I do. I mean I’m, stuck with this 1800 thing. That’S now damaged that I had no responsibility in damaging and no one seems to be interested in fixing the problem. So I did what any modern consumer does. I went on Twitter and had a temper tantrum and apparently that got the attention of a few folks. In Microsoft, because I got a bunch of different emails coming at me from a whole bunch of different departments – they’re, not all of them being very helpful – one, of course, being the surfaced, support team, who said just bring it back to the store you bought it from Which is exactly the problem that the person on the phone said, but a couple days go by, and then I got a cryptic email from someone from the Xbox Live Support Team, which was weird saying that they noticed. I was having trouble getting into my account and I wrote back, and I said this thing’s, like a scam to me. I said I’m having trouble with my Xbox account I’m having trouble with my surface account and the person wrote back so to represent the surface side. Also is a Microsoft account escalation, blah blah blah blah and I kind of thought it was a phishing scam. So I just said you know what I’m just not going to. You know respond to this guy’s, an email this doesn’t seem legit. Then I got a phone call on a number that I don’t give out to anybody and except the Microsoft apparently, and it was from their escalation department.

She initially said she was from Xbox Live, but then clarified to say this actually incorporates a bunch of different Microsoft accounts and what they’ve done, which is actually a good thing, is they have gone out and identified people who are at risk for being phished? In other words, people that might have a media social media presence that might lead somebody to try and call up customer service, and you know, extract information from the customer service people. So what happens is those accounts are completely cut off from their offshore tech support people because they don’t trust them apparently to do the right stuff to protect people’s data, maybe – and they don’t get out anything because the account is just inaccessible to them, and I was Supposed to be notified when I was placed into this high risk group – and I wasn’t, so that is partly why I was led to this issue and they you know they certainly were apologetic about the dent and how everything was going on with this thing, and they They said, what can we do to make it better? I said you know what I just want my money back at this point. I said I’ve had this thing since October: it hasn’t worked the way, an eighteen hundred dollar computer work, and I really would just like to get a refund on it and they agreed to to do that. So that is why I am boxing this thing up and sending it back, and you know again it’s.

It kind of pains me to do this, because this is really the nicest Windows computer I’ve ever used, at least from the standpoint of the hardware, but the software integration with it, especially from Microsoft, who actually makes the operating system it just wasn’t there. For me – and the nice thing is – is that it’s very easy to Reeboks this so it’s going to go back in a very good condition, the dent that they somehow got into the thing when it went over there, but you know really is something at this point. I can’t recommend this generation of the hardware. They have apparently pushed down an update that might address the hot bag issue. I don’t know if it’s going to address the issue, I was having with the tablet mode going on and off, but at this point I’m so frustrated with this thing, I’m. So frustrated with the way the customer support worked on it that I think it’s time just to send this back now, one of the things that I have near sort of near me as a Microsoft store, I didn’t try bringing it back to the store there, but I had a feeling I would just be met with a similar reaction because they probably wouldn’t be ale to get access to my account either at the store. So I really have to deal with the tech support here on a lot of these things and the store experience I wasn’t able to rate – maybe if I buy another one of these and have a problem with it, I’ll try the store.

Rapid. The store is like an hour away, so you know drive an hour. There drop this thing off, drive an hour back and have to go back and repeat the process. You know four or five hours out of my dove. My work schedule is not an acceptable solution to me. I just want to send it back and get the issue resolved and I wasn’t getting anywhere there. So, thankfully everything is on the up and up. I will be getting a full refund for the surface book and I don’t know if this is how they would treat everybody in a similar situation that I had so I’m, hoping that this is not just because I’m a YouTube person – and I have a following. I hope this is how they would treat other customers also, we don’t know how they will, because, obviously I wasn’t able to be treated like a normal customer here, but hopefully that’s what they’ll do to try to make things right for folks, because for eighteen hundred dollars It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to work and the fact that I really couldn’t get the use that I could get out of it without significant annoyance for eighteen hundred bucks over that span of time. I made this something that I really can’t recommend to anyone, so I was definitely attracted by the shiny object. Definitely legitimately work great during our review period that I had used it for the purposes of making that initial review video, but my opinion is definitely soured on it.

However, I am NOT soured on Microsoft, so I’m probably going to look at the next generation of this to see, if maybe they improve some things on that next iteration, because it is really nice hardware – and it kind of pains me to have to give this back. But it’s just not working. For me, this is a LAN siphon. Thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporters shebeen.