The appeal of the gram lineup has always been a slight read form factor without compromising the performance and the recent 16 inch. Lg gram surpasses both in terms of portability and creativity and Ive, been using this laptop for a while. Now and no doubt it has turned out to be my favorite one to carry anywhere, and here are some reasons that made me prefer algebram over most of the laptops or even MacBooks Music. The first reason is the 16 inch LG gram laptop is exceptionally lightweight, like literally I carry this laptop from my home to the office without knowing its in my backpack. In other words, this device defies the laws of gravity by weighing just 2.64 pounds all thanks to its unbelievably sleek and slim design. So when I first pull it out of its box, I thought it was made from plastic, but its actually not LG used magnesium alloy. Instead of aluminum Mallet to reduce the weight but that doesnt compromise its durability, it even passed seven different military standard tests for durability conducted including drops shocks and temperatures. And, yes, you can open the lid with one finger. That indicates how smooth the hinge is. So, Im a saying, good job LG. As for its keyboard, its pretty comfortable tactile and has good key travel, I did not face any typing issues, while riding mail or content. In addition, its equipped with a numpad which comes in pretty handy while I work on Excel spreadsheets plus the trackpad, is larger than regular ones and also responsive.

The LG gram 16 has some important connectors, like HDMI 2.0, a 3.5 millimeter audio port, a Micro SD slot. Two Thunderbolt 4 and 2 USB 3.2 gen 2×1 ports. So by using Thunderbolt 4 I can expand the display pretty easily, which actually helps me to do multiple tasks in a breeze. After that, the display part comes to a point. With this gram laptop, I got a 16 inch IPL display with wqxg82560 by 1600 resolution. It also has an anti glare coating on it to reduce the amount of reflection. The display even comes with really good deep blacks, white points and color gamut, which actually helped me a lot with my video, editing and Photoshop. Also, the bezel on this laptop is incredibly thin on all sides. As I said earlier, you can expand the display by using Thunderbolt 4. to do that. Lg itself provides an LG ground, plus view display that you can use via a USBC cable anyway. The coolest thing is, I could not find any color differences between these two displays and they match everything precisely. There is another thing thats worth mentioning, which is by following my head and eye movements. The algae glance by mirror metrics can do things that transfer my work between the laptop and plus view monitor. It also blurs the counter when I look away, which I have found to be pretty cool, so you might think YouTube is lightweight design. There is a limitation in its performance, but there isnt, this laptop, is equipped with a 12th gen Intel, ultralight processor that delivers outstanding performance on the go.

Not only that the processor has even been paired with the latest lpdgr5 memory that has 5200 megahertz Buzz speed and the gram Ive been using comes with 32 gigabytes of RAM and 2 terabytes of SSD, which feels amazing with such packs. I stay focused on my tasks. Without facing any kind of buffering, anyway, there are options with 8 and 16 gigabytes of RAM as well. Also it has an Intel Iris, XE GPU, which is capable of driving an 8K monitor. But if you need something more powerful, you can buy this laptop with RTX 2050, which is modern enough to do your video, editing, graphic design or playing video games. This 16 inch LG ram laptop, not only comes with one but two SSD spots that are pcie Gen. 4, so you can export or import files effortlessly while doing heavy tasks, especially I found this laptop, pretty responsible working on Lightroom and Photoshop and for wireless connectivity it has Wi Fi 6E. This is the latest version of Wi Fi, which delivers the fastest Wireless speed possible. Now, even with all of these specifications, I found this laptop recently quiet just whatever you do. Dont turn off the fan to make it completely silent. If you do that, it might throttle its performance overall. From my side, it has Top Notch specification patients in an extremely lightweight design. Battery life is another key point of this lightweight laptop, so for that its equipped with an 80 watt hour battery and according to LG can provide up to 20.

5 hours of video playback in our own tests. It delivered up to 13.5 hours of battery life in mixed usage. Now, yes, I know the battery life depends on various facts, but still it can give you more than enough backup to get the job done. In short, there is nothing that can beat the LG Ram when it comes to the weight it ensures all Top Nut specs in the slim and Sleek design, and not only that it even provides outstanding battery life to make it through your daily tasks. So if youre planning to buy one Id say go for it well, thats all from my side, let me know what you think about the 16 inch LG gram, thanks for watching this video like comment and share with your friends, if you find this video to be Helpful subscribe to our Channel and hit the Bell icon.