What you can expect from it and in the second half Im going to give you a personal recommendation overview, any reason why I dont really recommend the game at the very moment so before we get into the mechanical parts of the game. Lets start talking about what is this game? Ballads of fungi is a very, very complex game at its core, its a city Builder, but uh in its uh, deeper scale. Ballads of Hong Yi is actually a game where you basically build up a nation. You start out as a small village, and your goal is to work yourself as a magistrate to the power to govern over all these things. You start out with the city here, and your goal is to keep the income of the city stable, make it grow. Then let it not go and succumb to diseases and the like and uh thats. What youre supposed to do as a magistrate you do that via building uh via building various buildings, theres residences for people, theres, different Industries, providing cloth, food, water, wood and or to work with, and also, of course, gold as the ever prevalent resource to make things happen. So you are also accompanied by your advisors, which basically boost up your uh. Your outcome and the key things in this game are. Quite simply, you are working with a cycle of Seasons where all those buildings you have so, for example, the cotton field here – is very productive during the Autumn, but not so productive during spring and winter, and every one of these buildings has a natural cycle to go Through and basically, your job is to find a uh, a mixture of buildings that give you a a solid income that will last you through the entire year.

While that all sounds pretty amazing – and I really got myself sold into that – this all does not come without problems, but before I go too deep into that a couple of things here on the side, so there is a talent tree thats. Basically, your unlock system and theres also a challenge system or a story system. So every map you play has a certain set of quests, so were going to see that in a second, when the timer appears go down. So after that, timer is down or being raided by the matches trade, and then we get to get to get raided, and then we have the control over a region. You have always to con to stick with three quests and then youre allowed to check out the rest of the area. So you start out with Hong yay and then you have to work yourself up to all these things, so the next region were going to conquer. There will be West Ridge here we will have to build up a new city with new challenges and for every city. We play and unlock we unlock new buildings and the like and that all sums up the gameplay cycle, roughly Ballads of hunger, has a lot of things going on and as it is typical for um Chinese games, theres lots of different layers, so theres space there. So, for example, a social play with the advisors they get hired away from other provinces.

So you have to work for your um for your people for not going away theres various layers that uh add in well different gameplay. If youve ever played Chinese games. You are familiar with that. They are really really addicted to all that social gaming, while that all is not bad and all and Ballads of hongi could at this very point, be a really good game. I want to get into the second part right now, and I want to talk about why I personally cannot recommend in what I think about it. So far I have right now, just uh just went up. I just went over the positive things, but lets talk about whats, not working too well here so were going to head on over to Westridge and with Westridge Im going to document. Why I cant play this game and why, until it is reworked, I cannot recommend it. I just cannot so we are going to buy our rights to go into West Ridge now, thats costing us 50 000 bucks and now basically, we get we set up on a quest. We put up our advisors here. These dudes boost our buildings, its very complicated. They bring up various different stats and its all very, very Arcane. You dont get a readout about what these numbers really do, but Im used to that in Chinese gaming. I dont mind I kind of like expect that but uh here now in West Ridge, so first off the game presents to you this wonderful plan.

This plan is awesome because this plan is somewhat balanced to produce all the stuff as good as possible. Now these buildings will achieve this plan, so you press confirm and then the plan is gone seriously its gone. You cannot, you cannot open up this plan again so either. You have noted it on a piece of paper which I did during my streams or you photographed it or you have a a grade, A photographical Memory, whatever might be the case, thats the plan and you have to work without a plan from now on, and even If you now follow the plan, so our jobs here in West Ridge will be pretty simple stage. One goal is ridiculous stage. Two goal is ridiculous and the last goal is to set up 300 people and survive for the last 300 for the remaining 360 days. I havent finished that in four attempts. Why is that? So? Because you have here in the very first mission, I have 15 different agricultural buildings, seven different uh buildings for um for building for for crafting things: okay, heres a bit its the part uh lock, but once you get into the second uh half of the mission you Unlock new build you, you unlock them, so theres a crap ton of different uh buildings and uh. Well, you dont get any overview of a case for real the only overview you have is found in this Ledger here, but this Ledger doesnt allow you to navigate to these buildings.

You dont have any highlighters about these buildings whatsoever. You have to Mouse over everything, theres! No filters or anything theres no tools to accommodate your pain here, no, nothing and by the end of this Mission, which is the very first sorry Mission, your city will most likely go down at least this entire screen here. If youre interested watch my streams and theres no tools whatsoever to find these buildings, okay, I thought like well, I have a good memory and the like its okay. So what really killed me then, though, was these service buildings. So you see that watch tower here is providing crime protection, theres, uh, various different security, uh buildings, so watchtowers against the criminality fire Watchers against fire. Everybody needs those in rack against insect infestation through agriculture Industries, hospital for plague defeats. So you need that in residences livestock Clinic, you get the idea so again, I cannot navigate this build to directly to these buildings and there is also no lens or filter whatsoever showing you. The coverage rage, rages, radiuses of these things and its a nightmare. You have a huge thing to manage and you dont have any tools to manage this huge thing and thats outright depressing. I really tried it from the bottom of my heart three times and by the third time I was outright frustrated and annoyed, and I I threw the towel whats even worse and adding insult to injury here. There is no time setting Ballads of fungi only has that one time setting you cannot make the time pass faster, why I have not a single phone, the other thing, the game.

Also doesnt tell you, while you are at Westridge the time in hongy passes forth as well, so you have to manage both ledgers at the same time, so Westridge and hongi are one, are arent have to be managed at the same time, at least you have something To do work during that waiting time, but all together, I dont want to say that Ballads of Hong yay is a bad game in itself. It is very complex. It really tries to put something there. This uh, this cycle of of Seasons, really does something it its really its. It could be a great game, but without those management tools, its basically like youre supposed to to solve a giant puzzle without knowing the picture and thats how it feels to play Ballads of hungy right now. Im really sad about that, because I really wanted to play that I really wanted to like it. I was quite hyped up about the release, but this game hardly feels like a full release. I hope the devs will just uh take this criticism because seriously with some good management tools, this game could be actually something where Id be at least getting an opportunity to decide whether I like the game or not, because at the very moment I cannot say whether I, like the game or not. I can only say I cant play it with a given tools because Im just not smart enough or not patient enough or whatever, but if the very first mission of a game freaks me out like that, I dont know, I cannot recommend it because I play a Lot of city builders, I play a lot of games in this genre and I usually well, I dont want to say Im a pro gamer or anything by all means.

No but Im quite accustomed to this kind of genre and learning the basics has never been such a problem and its a shame, because this game is visually stunning, it is so gorgeous. You know check it out. The the textures theyre amazing, its its looking magnificent theres. Even a mode in the game which allows you to travel through your City on Horseback, but guess what you cannot even build roads during the first mission, you have to literally beat the first mission to get the allowance to build roads. So all together, Ballads of huangier, is sadly nothing. I can recommend about at this very moment its uh, its like an athlete trying to make a big score and then just throwing a between his own legs. You know its its sad. I really hope that in the future we will see some corrections in these problems, because I I want to I want to like this game super. I love city builders, especially some with some gorgeous uh Outlook, like that, I would even be willing to forgive the quirky mixture of of genres. The game has because seriously the social gameplay of Chinese games. I personally dont like it too much, but I guess Im just not Asian enough for that. I Im okay with that, but altogether balance of hanging really needs to up their game. You know we have. We need some tools to manage such a behemoth and until thats the case the case no recommendation from my side, anyways, so thats the end of the video.

I hope you found that helpful and I really really hope that theres going to be a future where I have to uh. Take this video offline and uh make a new recommendation video because the problems have been resolved, but at this very moment yes, the game is dirty cheap, but it doesnt feel like a full release to me it it just doesnt. So I hope you found that helpful. Leave me a comment below leave me a thumbs up if you enjoyed and consider subscribing to my channel theres daily content up and Id be really really happy if you just smack that Bell and stay informed whenever something new is happening, also check out the support links Down there, if you like my work in general, theres people patreon and buy me a coffee as Ways and Means to give some support back Im, a small content creator. I have no big sponsorships behind me and I do all I do for free and I mean to stay that way. So uh yeah give them a look Id be delighted if you do so have a wonderful day either way.