9 inch let’s go Music. All right! Everybody welcome back to my channel, so there’s been an update. This is what’s happened. So, as you can see, here is the 2021 13 inch ipad pro and i’m thinking of downsizing, so i’ve bought the smaller version and i’ll. Tell you why i’m thinking of downsizing? This is my 2018 ipad pro 11 inch and since i’ve bought this 12 um 12.9 inch version honestly it’s, not the weight that’s the issue now with the magic keyboard the weight is crazy, but by itself the weight versus the 11 inch isn’t that bad the problem. I have is it’s more the distribution of it, it’s kind of not as easy to hold as ergonomic as the 11 inch, and, to be honest, i found myself kind of just being drawn to the 11 inch, even since i’ve bought the 12.9 inch. So i do still want to update. I do still want to upgrade so what i’m gon na do actually is. What i have done is i’ve bought the 2021 ipad pro um 11 inch version. Here we go so the truth is i’m about 99 sure i’m, going to return the 12.9 inch version um. The thing is with the led stuff, the led stuff is cool, but i just kind of think about it. How many, how much led or sorry hdr content do? I watch not very much on my ipad i’m watching like youtube videos, maybe like some like reality, tv shows or anime, or that kind of thing i’m, not really viewing hdr content, if i’m doing hdr content i’ll.

Just use this big screen this one here right, it just makes more sense so i’m. Just thinking that, because the real reason honestly, i wanted a 12.9 inch was for the hdr screen and i just can’t really justify it. So i’m gon na save a few hundred a few hundred dollars. Few hundred pounds and i’m gon na go with this one. Now the spec i went with is still the one terabyte version, so i still wanted the 16 gigs of ram. I still wanted the power. I still wanted the future proofing, but i don’t need that side screen anymore and in terms of keyboards. I have ordered the logitech combo touch 411 inch. Now i still have the 12 inch version coming in. I couldn’t cancel that order. Logitech basically told me that uh it’s too late to cancel so just return it when you get it so i’ll probably do an unboxing and comparison between everything. So well. If it comes in time so i’m going to compare the 2021, the 2018 and an 11 inch 2021 and all their keyboards together, so you know at least his content uh i’m a bit you know look. I should have known because i made a video last year. Comparing the 12.9 versus the 11 inch and i ended up choosing the 11 inch. I thought this year would be different. I thought maybe i feel different about it, because i’ve gone from the iphone 12 pro max to the iphone 12 mini.

I thought you know different different things might be going on this year, but look i i just really. The form factor of the 11 inch is just so perfect and if you consider screen size is really important. The further away you are from the further where you are from like the screen and if you’re watching stuff on ipad it’s touch screen, so you’re always going to be pretty close to it. So really you know in that extra screen real estate. I don’t know now what i hope apple is doing, please apple for wwdc. The only thing i need you really to do apple is fix that um external display support once apple fixed. The external display support, i might even be able to get rid of my macbook air. My because now i work from home, i got a work computer. I don’t know if i need a macbook air anymore, but we’ll see because i still edit videos on my macbook air to be fair, but i don’t know we’ll see but yeah. This is just it’s just so much easier. I mean it’s, not overweight thing, it’s, an ergonomics thing it’s, just the way you hold it it’s, just oh man, Applause, crazy, crazy, crazy, let’s! Put this over there there he is, you guys are familiar. You know how it looks. You know sure this is like the 100th unboxing video you’ve seen so yeah. You know standard stuff i’m, not going to go through too much of that um.

I would just really wanted to just tell the story of why i’m returning the ipad pro 12.9 inch. 2021 version and it’s because of ergonomics um the screen hdr stuff, is no, not something really i’m i’m gon na use. Probably so save a few hundred pounds get a better um. A more ergonomic, lighter uh tablet. Add a logitech combo touch to it. It basically becomes a little laptop um, it’s, very modular, because you can, with the logitech combo touch, you can remove the keyboard i’m going to draw i’m going to draw of it. You know losing i’ll, be honest. The only thing that the 12.9 inch for me, my personal use style, miss, is using the apple pencil because i do think using apple pencil to 2.9 inch is a better experience um than the 11 inch, but life’s all about trade offs. You got ta, give it a little. We have to give a little bit to get a little bit. So that being said, i’ve been saying it already more ipad pro content to come much much much much more to come.