But here at the start of 2021, i have to say that there are three specific reasons why you need to be very cautious if you’re in the market for a new laptop and why buying one right now could be a huge mistake and no i’m, not just Gon na go out and tell you to buy an m1 mac instead, of course, there are still reasons to buy one and specific laptops that do make sense, so i’ll make sure to cover that at the end and give you some tips on how to get a Great laptop that’ll have great performance, a good all around experience and won’t cost you a ton of money like it did me. As many of you know, we’ve mostly been focusing on compact, 13 and 14 inch lightweight windows, laptops that have become the mainstream since they finally became decent in the last few years. Before that, most ultrabooks that were trying to copy the macbook air were failing miserably, their keyboards were way worse than 15 inch laptops. The displays were very dim and reflective track. Pads were horrible and the same thing goes with speakers. I bought an acer ultrabook four to five years ago and it was pure garbage and i ended up returning it for a mac that cost more, but the experience was so much better, even though the specs were worse, but when we started to review them every upgrade Cycle had decent improvements, starting with the build quality getting solid with companies starting to use less plastic and more premium materials.

As time went on, we got improved webcams battery life finally started to compete with max companies started putting in better ssds speakers were actually becoming usable. Keyboards were also superior to apple’s, butterfly keys, and even the diving board trackpads finally became responsive enough to use without needing a separate mouse. Not only that, but intel finally started stepping up and creating better processors as well when their 10 nanometer finally came out, which resulted in battery life that could beat out a macbook with older processors and performance. That was also a little bit better and some laptops were actually offering better cooling as well. They also had some unique features that we loved like windows, hello for login, slimmer, bezels and overall size as well. Of course, prices also went up at the same time to close to that or even exceeding apple’s macbooks, but that made sense due to how much better the components were. Because of that, we routinely started to recommend them and we’re saying that if you don’t need mac os, these windows laptops were definitely a better buy, and that was the case just six or so months ago, especially with the dell xps 13 9310. It was an absolute killer, laptop with the display that was just as bright and color accurate as the macbook pros, and not only that it was actually less reflective as well, which was a first for any windows laptop and the keyboard is actually better than apple’s brand.

New magic keyboard in their new max, but now i would be very careful buying one or any of the great alternatives that we reviewed. Why well here is why i am frustrated and here’s what’s changed in just half a year. First off, you guys know that the biggest change in the laptop space is apple’s m1 processors, but that goes way deeper than apple having better processor performance than last year, which i’ll explain, and i also have multiple other reasons to share. But we’ll start out with that. Back in june, after apple announced, the upcoming apple silicon max, the team was super excited and he started making a series of videos about them. Now. A lot of people, including me, thought that he was being way too hyped up about the new apple silicon chips, and you couldn’t really blame us all of the windows laptops that used arm processors that made huge promises in battery life and performance ended up being terrible Benchmarks were so so, but once you’ve factored in the price and the real world performance and especially compatibility these arm, machines showed us that arm wasn’t ready for the mainstream, but vadim wouldn’t give up. He dug into apple’s white papers and super long press conference. Videos designed for engineers and developers and found very interesting bits of information that made it into videos and got the attention of tech enthusiasts, along with even creators, which called him out on his grandiose predictions.

But you know what he was absolutely right when apple launched the m1 max, even though the machines looked exactly the same, we were blown away at the performance numbers, but we were still a little bit skeptical because they seemed too good to be true. At the same time, apple ended up effectively lowering the average price of the m1 macbook air to 999 dollars and, while at launch, i thought it was the least interesting, m1 mac. This machine is what is hurting windows laptops most in 2021 and after doing extensive testing, we found out that apple didn’t over hype, their m1 chips with the performance and battery life that they advertised, but they were actually being too conservative. In many cases, these m1 machines absolutely killed the intel based macbooks that came out earlier this year and did so while staying cooler and quieter and in many cases they cost less as well. Not only that, but in certain use cases my m1 mac mini smokes. My 15 000 mac pro and in many others it keeps up while costing less than 1 15 of the price, which is insane these arm chips are crazy and because of this, intel just pushed a huge media campaign trying to throw shade on apple and promoting different Windows laptops just to keep trying to sell their processors to these major brands and don’t worry i’ll, explain why this matters for windows laptops as well after a few months and tons and tons of testing in our long term review.

We finally gave our verdict that the m1 macbook air is the best mac to buy, as it performs almost as well as the pro, while being completely silent and costing 300 less. At the same time, and on top of that for just a few bucks, you can get it to outperform the pro for just 999 dollars and more than that, it is the perfect laptop or, as close as you can get and with us, everybody noticed as well Resulting in max sales growing 50 compared to the previous year, which is insane, and it makes sense why, for the first time, we had windows fans praising apple instead of hating on them, some buying m1 max when they have been avoiding macbooks for years or even decades. At the same time, i had posted a few windows laptops for sale, great ones like microsoft, surface book 3 and the dell xps it’s been over 6 months, since i posted that machine and no one wants to buy it, i priced it low, even though this thing Was 2700 brand new with 32 gigs of ram higher than a 4k display, literally specked out and now it’s priced down to a thousand dollars, and i can’t get anyone to buy it, and i can’t really blame them. Dell has also been dropping their prices. A 2700 laptop is now 1935, probably because they aren’t selling and even though it might be tempting to pick up one of these machines.

I wouldn’t recommend it. I said at the start that i’m not just going to suggest buying an m1 mac and i won’t, but that definitely is a better option. Not only is an m1 macbook air way, more powerful, it’s, also cheaper and at the same time the resale value will be way better. Every mac that i’ve posted has sold in just a few days, even the intel ones, not m1. My 1800 4 port sold for 1400 in one day, whereas the 2700 xps has been up for over six months and can’t sell for even a thousand, and i know some of you might say that you can only get 16 gigs of ram on an m1 macbook. But that 16 gigs performs way better than 16 gigs in a windows machine, as we showed off on our xps comparison in that ram section which i’ll link down below and when comparing two. Similarly priced mac and windows. Machines like the new lg gram, which is a great all around laptop the m1 air, is better in basically every single way and costs 200 less, and on top of that, you can sell it a year later for almost no loss, whereas nobody’s gon na want to Buy your lg, which is why dave lee had to make an update video saying that the macbook air is too good and that’s. The next reason why you probably shouldn’t be buying a windows laptop in 2021 unless it’s, maybe the end of 2021.

. Everybody now knows that, thanks to apple’s push arm is finally going to hit the mainstream. These machines have been out for years now with arm processors and windows laptops, but nobody cared because the software just wasn’t there, but as soon as m1 came out software companies scrambled to make their x86 apps work for arm, and this is massively helping microsoft as well. If you’re going to buy a windows ultrabook, it is going to be outdated faster than ever before, and it will be replaced by similar windows machines using upcoming arm processors. That will bring better performance in silent and cool packages with killer battery life, and you will soon want to upgrade just like many mac users did, but, unlike a mac, it will be very tough to sell it. So you’ll either have to give it away for almost no money back or just gift it to somebody that you know, because of that, if you want to buy a laptop in 2021 unless it’s a gaming laptop, i would either try your best to wait just a Bit longer for a great new windows, r machine or buy a mac in the meantime arm is finally here and it’s changing the laptop world, and if you absolutely need a windows laptop and you need it now buy it from somebody like me, who has a crazy Machine that they can’t sell and will give it away for relatively nothing, go ahead and check out vadim’s vid on how apple finally put the final nail in intel’s coffin right over there.

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