We do tech and also to my studio without any power, so thats. Why? If youve seen some of my previous videos theres, usually a lights, theres, usually petrol lighting and everything? Currently, i dont have any power so im making do with some portable battery power lights, but anyways for today we are going to take a look at the g story. Gso156 portable gaming monitor. Now, if you have watched some of my videos before you probably came across a va soos or something something something a name there, we go its nice, big and large, and that was also a portable gaming monitor. But it was super expensive and it was a 17 inch model and it ran at hertz, and it had also like a built in battery and a standard everything. So here we have it now it is from a g story. They do have additional monitors as well. Were going to take a look at this, one were going to play some games later on once im actually on the farm, and we have power again all right. So we can see that this is a 165 hertz a monitor with one millisecond response time 50.6 inch in display it does support freezing the cool thing about the monitor is that you can actually use it with consoles, and i know a lot of console gamers, like With the new generation consoles, you can play at high resolutions, and i think this is going to be something thats perfect for that, especially if you go, if you go on the go, if you go on the road, so here it is, we can leave it to The side it really feels kind of nice.

It has like a nice flap there. Then you have a micro usb to a full usb otg cable. You have your hdmi to a mini, hdmi, adapter cable. You have your type c to type c, cable and then, lastly, you have all right, so this is actually a type c to dual type: a ports so thats quite interesting. I havent really seen that yet, but this is probably for like power to get like additional. All of the needed power out of it so lets quickly open it up and see how it looks so. First up you have a nice little flap that just goes open like that. I think thats going to be magnetic and does have a nice soft inside on the outside as well, and then here it is its actually really light. So well take a look at the stand a bit later, but here is the display under the back here. You do have some air vents there or it could be speakers ill have to check. You do have two screws here: thats, probably these two. So possibly if you want to vase amount them, you do have the option there so quickly for all controls on these sides. You have your control wheel here, which is one of those that just bounces it back. I believe you can push it in as well to select then on the other side. Here you get all of your. I o ports, so here you get your audio jack, so you get two type cs: a mini hdmi and then also your mini usb.

There are micro, usb ports all right, so, as you guys can see, i finally have a power again, and this is how the set should look so im really glad about that, and also in the meantime. I fiddled around with the g story, monitor and i figure out the stand. I dont know if it actually before the power its on, but it kind of works like that where all you need to do is fold it over like this. It kind of sits like that with the cover covering the screen and then also here at the back, so it covers there. Then all you do is flip this one open, lift this one up and then it kind of rests like that, where this doesnt really bend any further than that, so it stays in place and go. It can go a bit forward further as well just make sure theres enough grip on the table and, of course, theres magnets here so make sure that they stay in place stay in place because they do move a bit, but otherwise kind of works. Well enough, but anyway for the cables. I fiddled around with this as well trying to figure out what works where and i found out that you do have multiple options to set everything up. So first up lets quickly just pop this one down see it kind of falls off quite easily there, but anyway, so first off for display you have between you have two options: you can either use it with the a mini hdmi or you can use it with The type c, so this type c cable, has display and power where you only need a single cable, and that is primarily the one that im probably going to use because its really more convenient.

Otherwise, you need to power the device, but you can also do with this type c, cable and then pair it up with the hdmi or you can use this cable with two usb as and then going into type c. The problem with that is youre, primarily probably going to use it with a laptop and laptops these days. Dont have many ports all right, so i ran into a bit of a problem with my arrow 15, where the hdmi just didnt want to work and when i use with the display port over type c, because that runs off of the cpu. I only unfortunately had the integrated graphics to actually work, and it was, i was able to play cs go, but not at the frames that i would have wanted. So, unfortunately, were gon na move on to our other laptop here. Ill fix the html on that one. But were currently using the predator triton 500, the acer got everything set it up quickly here, so i got my keyboard up. My mouse everythings connected here and im currently running off the hdmi now to power everything im using just the normal type c. Now the cool thing is that you can actually run it on the hdmi and also of type c at the same time, and it looks like you have a picture in picture mode here – ill test that out, i havent checked it yet, but currently this on the Bottom type c is just for power and then, when i plug that out and actually take that to the top type c port, then its actually going to give me display over type c as well, then im gon na get like three displays here there you guys Can see, i actually have three different displays and when i go into the settings here, you can see display 3 is the hdmi and then display 2 is the display port so lets readjust our frame rate here.

So i already see that we have 165 hertz on the hdmi. One display is currently also already 165 and our normal display is 144.. This display is faster than our internal display, so thats pretty cool both also 1080p, so youre inside this online and grow your business. No, i dont want to so you got a multi window, so you can enable that, where all right its kind of freaking out a bit here, its kind of freaking out um lets just see if i can get it to work. So you have your picture in picture mode where you have one with the hdmi and then picture size you can adjust, make it larger. You can have sub with two inputs whats the type c. So now its switch to type c but as you guys can see it doesnt work the best and i need to adjust the the brightness here because apparently every time it switches or you disconnect, you have to adjust the brightness which isnt that bad. But i would have preferred it was just like 150 or 100 the entire time. Alright. So it looks like you can put them side by side as well, but it like cut out there right away there we go, but it gives that kind of sucks. It would have been cool if it worked all right, so its definitely not perfect. It kept like disconnecting here and there and then and everything didnt want to make up its mind so, but we can quickly listen to its speakers, so it is currently on max here.

We can check out the menu, so you have a audio game mode as well. Music, disconnected much louder. All right got it back its weird, like it didnt happen on the previous, well didnt happen as frequently but yeah thats. The speakers and i have to say im actually quite surprised at how good the colors on this display are as well its not like perfect, but its its almost its entirely good enough id, even like edit videos off of it its good enough. If you need to do any heavy color grading work, then of course you have your laptop with the better display or external display for that. But this is a gaming connection. Gaming, one and my internet is really really bad nice all right, so we are instantly dead. Ah, all right, i just connected all right so were back, but now with it switching between the two displays and its also the audios on that system. Now all right, so we just adjusted some of the settings and now im getting to around. Like 200 200 frames. Im still getting into the feel feel of it and its and its nice. Now, usually this no youre not going to knock me get lost its not perfect. There is a tiny bit of like a delay or yeah its a tiny bit of delay like input, latency or so on, where it doesnt feel as smooth, but its still very good. Ah, what is wrong with me? I just want to say im definitely getting in getting into the field off the display.

Oh no and behind you whoa. That was a pretty good shot. If i have to say so, myself thats what would be the size? No, i took my hand off all right now, as for the size of the display, it is only 15.6 inches, so its its a tiny bit small but its its big enough. I think if you have like somebody here so i think if you do have like a console and you want to go on the move, maybe you have um a thing there. So i think if you do have like a console or like a mini pc, i think, with a mini pc. This could really work where, if, if you are able to reach actually 165 frames on that mini pc but um, otherwise i think, like the 17 inch would still have been a better it. It does give you that slightly larger display for gaming, but you are sitting quite close to it, so i dont think its going to be that big of a bother so thats pretty much it for a look at the g story. Ga156 gaming monitor portable, a gaming monitor pretty fun, and i definitely im definitely going to use this now, where i think this is really going to shine is where, if you actually have like again a console – and you want to go on a move – maybe like youre Able to play connect your console into your car and you can play on the road like something like a nook.

I think thatll be so so good, then youll be able to get like good performance up, because those are pretty good and then also you have a nice small package to take along with you pop it in a like a laptop bag and thats thats. All now the sound is also okay, the colors are actually pretty decent and then its its 1080p. So youre not going to get anything too too crazy, but i do believe they do make a 4k 60 hertz one as well. Now again, issues disconnect and stuff like that, but i think ill get over that just to have like an extra display. If i go somewhere, especially because i do go to the farm quite a lot and having this along with me, where i dont need to leave a monitor there or take one of the larger displays with it, i cant do that, but its just so much more Convenient but yeah thats pretty much it. I do hope you guys enjoyed it. I will possibly make like a little review on it as a well going some of the specs and then so on some of the features, but maybe like a short or something ill, see how that goes, and then, of course, in the vlog theres going to be A bit more fun going on behind the scenes, so yeah thats pretty much it thanks for watching guys. I do hope you enjoyed. If you did please like share, subscribe and comment.

Like always, i will leave link in the video description where you can get it and i will take all of you next time cheers guys Music.