Welcome, back to med school eu and the topic of today’s video is going to be which books and which study materials should you use for the imat exam Music? Before i go into specifics about the study materials and the books for the imap you’re going to need to pause this video and check out my previous one on the what is the imat and the structure of the exam and all the little things associated with it. Because you’re going to need to know that if you want to know what the hell i’m talking about in this video and the reasoning behind all of my suggestions, so let’s begin with section one which is broken down into two different categories and i’m gon. Na start off with logical reasoning, so what materials do you need for that? What what kind of textbook do you need for that, and the answer is nothing you don’t need any materials you don’t need any textbooks. All you need is practice, questions there’s, no magic behind it, there’s nothing to learn from textbooks. So all you need is search up some questions that are the the logical questions. You can look at the bmat exam that i outlined in my previous video on the study strategies or you can check out some of the other, similar exams that are on the cambridge assessment website that have logical reasoning, questions on them and you’re gon na have to Solve those if you want to know how to go along with this section, but i know some people have uh mixed opinions about uh, studying without a textbook.

So if you like, wasting your money and you like wasting your time, you can always check out textbooks online on critical thinking and logical reasoning. They will always come up on amazon and i believe even cambridge assessment website has their own textbook on logical reasoning. You can always check those out. The second part of the section one of the exam is the general knowledge. Now, how do you prepare for general knowledge and what the hell is general knowledge anyway, so basically from what i’ve seen is that the general knowledge questions could be about anything? It could be about literature, it could be about authors of a book. It could be about shakespeare, history of italy, the economic system. It could be about current events and usually i’m pretty sure. A lot of the questions are on current events or um, some of the recent big historical events that happened in italy or around the world it’s. Basically, to assess, if you’re a well rounded individual, that you’re not simply just a medical student, that you don’t have a singular platform now what you should do in terms of study material and like how do you prepare for all of these variety of questions that they May ask and the simple answer: is you can’t you can’t prepare for every single topic that there is to cover in in general knowledge um, so what i would suggest is you can always turn on your tv watch. Some news subscribe to your local newsletter.

Maybe look up some news about italy in the past year i bet there’s going to be a question on kovit, so maybe update yourself on what’s going on around the world, but there’s. Nothing particularly to worry about study material for this section. So next we’re going to look at the science sections and next comes section 2 biology. Now, as i mentioned before, the main focus is going to be biology and chemistry for the science sections. The most most of the questions come from those two subjects and it’s going to be really important that you cover all the topics that are on the imat specifications, for you to actually be able to score very well in those sections. So what i’m doing is? I am using my textbooks from my honor undergraduate studies, i’ve taken two biology courses and so here’s here’s, a textbook on genetics cells and molecular biology that i’ll be using uh for the biology section, and then there is so this one doesn’t have a lot of the Evolution and biodiversity type stuff, so the other course that i took was um on evolution, and this is the other textbook that i’ll be using for biology and making those biology anki cards. Now again, i understand that not everybody has been doing an undergrad degree and i hope you are not doing an undergrad degree because that’s not where you need to go and be admitted to italian med school. But if you don’t have any textbooks from your high schools.

You were not able to purchase them or or take them for yourself. Big thing that i would suggest with all of these science sections not only biology but for chemistry, physics and math – is that you check out ib textbooks, especially if you are concerned that your textbook will not cover some of the material that’s on the imac specifications. And it just doesn’t go enough in depth. If you use ib, textbook and and ib material it will, it will cover all of it more than enough, and – and why do i say that ib textbooks are are just so amazing students all over the world are learning the same type of material. I think it’s in about 140 countries around the world and they’re they’re learning the same type of material. But what i heard from my friends that are in ib and have graduated from the programs is that the material is a lot more in depth and it even covers first and second year, university, biology and chemistry, physics courses. So if you are worried that your textbooks will not cover some of the material on the ims specifications, then your worries will be solved with ib textbooks. Okay, so next section three is uh chemistry and chemistry same thing, so i can show you the textbook that i’ll be using, which is this general general chemistry. This is a first year textbook, from my undergraduate degree, that i’m doing right now and again, if, if you don’t have a textbook like this or you, don’t have a textbook from your high school.

I recommend that you check out ib, textbook and they’re. Actually, all of these ib textbooks are available online and i check out the prices they’re, not too expensive, so i think it’s worth it. If you don’t have a textbook – and you don’t know which one to use it’s it’s better to spend your money on the ib textbook and learn more material than not enough with the as level or the a level textbooks from from cambridge assessment. So section 4 and the last section of the imat exam is physics and math. So so, if you just take a step back and look at all the questions that pertain to each of the section, this section on uh, math and physics, is the smallest one. It only has eight questions, so there are ib textbooks. There are a level textbooks for physics and math. However, i would recommend that you don’t spend your money on just the eight questions. The simplest thing to do is to go, and if you don’t remember any math or you don’t know any physics and you’ve never done it before. The best thing you can do is just go on khan academy, or you can check out other basic youtube videos on how to solve titration problems and all the other things associated with the imat specifications. This is what i’ll be doing, because i don’t have any math textbooks anymore. I don’t i’ve never taken physics in my life, i’ve done calculus, but i’ve never taken physics, so i don’t know a lot of the basics around physics and i am not going to learn it because it’s honestly it’s only going to be about four.

Maybe five questions on the imat on physics and i’m, not going to be spending a single cent on on the textbook for four questions on the exam all right and in summary, this imat exam is simply based on high school knowledge. It does not go too far into detail about each of the topics that’s on the imat specifications and i can totally understand all the panic around this exam, because there isn’t any study materials there isn’t a textbook that’s, specifically designed for the imat. Now, if you don’t have a textbook from high school or or you don’t have any other study materials and you don’t know where to start. I highly recommend you check out ib textbooks and i’m going to leave links to amazon in this description box down below. So you can check those out and with that said, that will be all for today’s video. This was andy from med school eu and i’ll.