I just keep saying Taylor. Maybe one of them is eight facts. Eight players. Can you match the fact with the player Ill? Try it? Okay, who played drums as a kid Felix, did you play drums when you were a kid? No, no, okay! Oh my gosh. Can it be Taylor, Fritz Taylor, Fritz, maybe stuff stiff? I dont think Danny for sure not see. I go Casper Novak Daniel Daniel thats, when he is Daniel and ramsman. You saw his light to you. I think maybe Felix plays the piano. Could it be him that played drums as well? Um Robles the wild guess, yeah thats too easy thats me. I remember giving this answer yeah. I I would love to tell many facts about me, but probably theyre gon na guess all of them, so one random fact is going to be that when I was really young I played not for long. Maybe for one month two months I played drums, I was probably seven or eight and yeah Im sure nobody knows about it. I was really bad, so I stopped quite fast but yeah thats, a fact. More people believe that I was an Elvis Presley than they knew. He played drums, one of the eight once entered the court wearing a Darth Vader mask really, oh, my God, I feel like it could be Novak. I would think its not like. Maybe could it be Novak? Oh yeah, Novak Djokovic. That was, I remember that that was Novak in uh.

No, I Djokovic in Paris – oh, that was that was myself in the crazy young days. One player recently recorded and released an album, say, Andre uh, maybe Felix then Andre rubler. It has to be Stephanos. It is Have you listened, no uh Stephanos. I know you should ask this question before that. Stefano 65. – oh Steph, oh wow! Okay, so you get some like nostalgic romantic conversations from movies. You combine them with some beats and music, and you make a really nice nostalgic kind of type of beat. Stefan has released the whole album yeah all right, thats on my playlist. One player recently released the line of perfume uh Felix, an adult that was that was rather right should be Rafa, Rafael Nadal. That would be rough. I believe I think I saw some pictures so thats thats him. Yeah Rafa saw that a few days ago somebody didnt smell it on him. Today, though, ah, maybe me, one player went for dinner with the pop star, Shania Twain. Oh my God, what happened? He went for a dinner yeah with the singer. Shania Twain. Do you know Shania Twain? No, that dont impressed me much its one of her songs, no idea, maybe lets say Fritz Im going to go with Novak, Djokovic, so Casper for whatever reason, Im sure its Casper. I know thats Casper root Casper root. It is oh, my gosh that was a wild guess. Yeah, I mean hes good, looking thats uh.

That would be me, I believe yeah one player played trumpet when he was younger. This is quite a musical player. They left. Maybe I just keep saying it should be a problem either Felix or Taylor, but Im going to say, Taylor them. Who said Felix foreign. He looks like that. Hes got music, hes got musical Talent, hes got a musical sense. I wouldnt go with uh Ill go with Felix Felix. You didnt need to ask him. Thats myself, somebody won a Mario Tennis competition with a social media, influencer Addison Ray Daniel Medvedev. Maybe I know Taylor is good at video game, so it should be free, so thats the Hill area, Taylor Fritz, that should be Taylor yeah. He loves the video games. Somebody once appeared in a One Direction tribute video. Have You Done That One Direction? Wait: Im friends with the Nile so uh Im trying to remember. If it was me or not well, theres, one fact for each of the players so youve heard so it wasnt me. I guess no no idea and who thats Andre then thats thats, the one. I remember: could that be rude with thats Andre that was Andre youve seen it yeah Andre rublev youve, seen it rublev yeah, keep it in One Direction. One Direction tribute: video, okay, Andre Im, not even gon na listen in on the question thats Andre. I saw it many times was Mr rublev. Oh yes, yeah! You havent seen it this one to check out.

I got a ticket I dont know. Also, who is that hes? Not here? Is he gone that person disappeared Im fine, I was 15. Was nice experience? What kind of mediocre results I think youve done pretty? Well there? Oh, I did okay, you know the guys. Well, we got off to a rough start, but I did. I did all right. All right, weve done well. Youve done pretty well yeah fantastic yeah well played. I think you did pretty well too bad. I think I I can maybe Win It. You did very well, I dont know if we have a tournament, but it was in my head.