Today, Apple launched the M2 Pro and M2 Max macro Pros, together with the M2 Pro and M2 Mac minis, so weve got tons of new computers with the M2 Chip on the Apple lineup, but this is a huge drop from Apple. Three different computers in one sitting is a lot, although it was a press release like we were expecting, because these are a very, very small pup. So Im gon na react Im gon na show you what are the differences, the new specifications? All of that in my computer, so if you are excited not forget to drop like down below subscribe to, my channel lets get started foreign. So here we are on the Apples website. As you can see, we have the new Macbook Pros and Mac me. These two come by the 24th of January, and these devices are actually pretty cool, so first lets start with the Mac Mini, because I think this is the most interesting device out of these two. These Mac Mini now comes with more muscle, more muscle, according to Apple, this Mac Mini now is capable of having the M2 and the M2 Pro. So, finally, we have an M2 Pro Mac Mini. This is a very exciting prospect because it starts at 5.99 and its really really cool Apple did a whole video whole announcement. I think it would be an October event, but it ended up being just a January release other than that we got tm2 chip and dm2 pro chip.

The M2 Chip each look just like we had on the M2 MacBook Air, goes until 10 cores for the GPU and 8 cores for the CPU, its up to 24 gigabytes of RAM 100 gigabytes of memory bandwidth, just like we had on the M2 M2 MacBook Pro. I expect this M2 Chip to perform more like the M2 MacBook Pro other than the M2 MacBook Air, because this is a very well cooled device, and so I think this M2 Chip will be full liberated. No thermal issues quiet. Well, we have the M2 Pro now. The M2 Pro goes up to 12 CPU cores and 19 GPU cores. This is really really good. It goes up to 32 gigabytes of RAM and 200 gigabytes of memory bandwidth. So if you can look at it, I would say that this is a new generation of Mac Mini the M2 Pro Mac Mini will be, in my opinion, the best Mac Mini to buy, although if youre on a really really cheap Mac Mini the M2, its like The best value Mac ever made so lets go into the real specs of the M2 Mac Mini to understand what you can get, what you cant get and what are the prices for it, but before we do that, just listen to this! You can edit massive images in 8k prores files according to Apple only using the M2 Pro so yeah. I think that here, according to Apple, the M2 M2 Pro Mac Mini, is 4.

7 times faster than the Intel based Mac Mini the M2 Mac Mini is 3.5 times faster, so yeah, all of those are faster than the iMac 27 inch with the i7 inside. Of course, all of these is just Apples. Comparisons, so lets go into the orders page and see what we got, because we got three options for the M2 and M2 Pro Mac minis. First, we got the 599 option and this option is, I think, in my opinion, the most appealing option. It starts with eight CPU cores 10 GPU cores kilobytes of unified memory and 256 gigabyte of storage. This is the base model M2 Mac Mini, and I think this is the best deal ever in Tech youre, not talking about iPhones iPads, MacBooks everything. This is the best deal ever made by some tech company. You can get one of the best computers Apples ever made for only 600, noticeably no keyboard, no mouse, but I mean, if you guys, follow those. This is just the best deal in Tech. Ever then we have the second option, which is the eight core CPU. The 10 core GPU and the 8 gigabyte unified memory with 512 gigabyte of storage. Of course you can configure that with more so lets. First start configuring, the cheapest Mac Mini available and, as you can see, you can go to 24 gigabytes of RAM. You have 16., its always a 200 jump. Then you have the option to go to two terabytes of storage, just like on the M2 MacBook Air costs, you 800, then you have the option to select 10 gigabyte ethernet option and all these for 18.

99. This has 24 gigabytes of RAM 2 terabytes of storage, 10 gigabyte internet. I wouldnt choose this Mark me. If you are going to buy the M2 Mac Mini, I think that a 16 gigabyte option, with probably one terabyte of storage – 12.99 1300 for one terabyte computer, with six gigabytes of RAM and an M2 Chip fully fat empty chip. This is a great great option for the price of the base model: M2 MacBook Air. You can get one terabyte of storage and 16 gigabytes of RAM, but I think theres an even better deal within this, because if you have only 600 to spend the base model, computer only starts at 5.99, and this guys this is the best deal in Tech. Ever this is, in my opinion, the best deal ever made by a tech company and even myself, that I have a laptop that dont really need a computer Im thinking of buying one just because its so cheap and with this computer I can have two computers, but Let me know looking something which, if you want me to buy this computer to review and to test out and probably keep or return. I dont know, but I simply want to buy one to compare to my M1 Max MacBook Pro that I currently have. But now lets go into the other options because we have more to explore. Now we have the M2 Pro Mac Mini and the M2 Pro Mac Mini is so exciting starts at 12.

99. So you can get the M2 Pro Mac Mini at 12.99 with the beamed CPU. With the paint GPU option, the bin GPU option is very interesting. You have the 16 GPU option. You have the 19 CPU option its 300 to spend the extra three cores. This is a very interesting video to make so max Tech keep an eye on it. To see if its really worth it to have the extra GPU cores, but three cores is actually a lot of course other than that. You have the two options: 16 and 32 gigabytes of RAM included with the M2 Pro chip, and you have options until eight terabyte of storage, and you can spec out this Mac Mini a fully loaded, Mac Mini for four thousand and five hundred dollars. This, I wont, recommend because you have the Mac Studio, which is like two thousand dollars for a name on Max, and I think that is M2 Pro, although really good wont be touching the hills of them on Max, but its thats. Something to compare also on other videos – I wont, buy this computer its simply too expensive. Although I think that the base model version, the 16 gigabytes of RAM the M2 Pro and the 512 gigabyte of storage might be the deal to get 13.99. And if you remove the 10 gigabyte it to, let you dont need it its 12.99, so wait! 12.99. You can get 512 storage, 16 gigabytes of RAM and the M2 Pro chip hold on.

I think that this is the better deal compared to the other M2 Mac media, that I showed you before its about the same price and you have the M2 Pro which it will be for sure way better and way faster in GPU performance and CPU performance over The M2 regular chip, so I think that these M2 Mac Mini with the M2 Pro is really the option to get 1300 for an M2 product with a pro name on it. I think this is an excellent excellent choice: apple, good job, amazing computers, M2 for only 600 M2 Pro for only thirteen hundred dollars. In my opinion, these two computers are two ones to get the base models. No extra upgrades are the best value options on the Mac. Lineup right now lets now analyze the MacBook Pros, which were also supercharged by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. This MacBook are a way smaller upgrade than the M2 Pro and M2 Mac minis. You might be thinking. Why did I change the design? No, they didnt the Mac Mini also didnt change the design, but these computers have only got more power and the other computers are contrary to the Mac Mini. Now we have the option of the M2 Pro. These computers already had the option of the M1 Pro and M1 Max, and those two were really really fast. Let me see if I can find options to see what are the specifications on this M2 Pro and M2 Max.

I know they are really really really fast. You can see here that they have 12 CPU cores and 19 GPU cores, like I showed you before the same M2. Pro chip found on the M2 Pro Mac me and we have another one which is 12 CPU cores and 38 GPU cores before youre only 32. So we got a bump of six GPU cores and now we have even more RAM before it was 64, the cap for the unknown Max and now its 96 for the M2 Max. So if you need extra Ram, maybe thats worth it for you. If not, I dont think so other than that. Let me see if I can find here some type of comparison – charts yeah. Oh you can see here compared to what an Intel based MacBook Pro yeah against the M1 dm1 Max. You can see the M1 Max scores. Even higher than the M2 Pro, so this is the confirmation that the M2 Pro is faster. So this is the confirmation that M1 Max is faster than the M2 Pro. So before, when I was talking about the M2 Pro Mac Mini against the M1 Max Max studio, I think the tm1 Max Max studio 2000 version is still a better option, although the M1 Pro, as you can see a little bit behind the M2 Pro and the M1 Max is a little bit behind the M2 Max. The difference is almost edible. I would say its like about 10 percent 15 difference eh its not much if you have a name on Max macro Pro and the M1 Pro MacBook Pro.

Whenever one of those I dont think this one is worth it, I think they have increased battery life. Now the 14 inch is 18 hours. The 16 inch is 22 hours its better than before before it was 20 hours and 18., so they all increased it. On the 16 inch other than that lets go into the order now page to see how are the prices they have the same process, two thousand dollars: 10 CPU core 16 GPU cores 16 gigabytes of RAM. So this is the bin version, 512 gigabyte of storage. You can probably configure it the same way that it was before so yep 200 for the M2 Pro 19 GPU core, so its like more expensive yeah than 200 for the M12 Max and then more 200 and the starting price of the M2 Max 14 inch or At least the base model M2 Max with the 38 GPU course is three thousand hundred dollars its a lot of money guys, and with this you can go to 96 gigabytes of RAM and eight terabytes of storage. With the 96 watt power adapter, you get six thousand and three hundred dollars thats a lot of money for a 14 inch computer. As you can see here, you get tons of specs, but now lets check. The 16 inch lets now reach the 16 inch micro probe, because I think this is my favorite laptop ever on the Mac lineup. I love this computer. I have one the M1 Max chip so lets put the M2 Max.

You dont have the option of the binged version with the M2 Pro on the 16 inch. You just start with the non bane version of the M2 Pro. Then, of course, we go into the most expensive chip. Of course, then 96 gigs of memory and eight terabytes of storage and all of this for 6499, so 200 of a difference. This is found on the MacBook lineup. Very often the difference between the 16 inch MacBook Pro and the 14 inch MacBook Pro will always be 200. If you spec out with the same specs, the difference will be 200. It doesnt matter if its the cheapest model or the most expensive model, if they do have the same specs, the difference will be only 200 thats. Why, in my opinion, the best option for the MacBook lineup its the base model 16 inch, 32 gigabytes of RAM. Of course, and 512 gigabytes of storage costs you 28.99 its an expensive computer. I know, but in my opinion, totally worth it if you dont need 32 gigabytes of unified Ram because thats a lot and you just need a very big and fast computer to hold you on or at least because you like MacBook Pros and you dont – want to Wait for the M2 map – okay, 15 inch, then the 16 inch MacBook Pro base model starts. It 24.99 thats a pretty fair price for this computer. Its really good trust me guys more than powerful enough.

You get 140 watt USBC, you get 3 10 volt 4 ports. One HDMI port, which is now capable of outputting 8K, displays so cool. You have a new SD card slot headphone jack Maxi, 3 Port 512 gigabytes of storage. The amazing 16 inch display that I have on my M1 Max MacBook Pro and the Apple M2 Pro chip with 12 CPU ports, 19 GPU cores and 16 neural engine cores. So this is, in my opinion, the best value option. If you want a big computer and, of course, the complete base model, the 14 inch version is the best option for the the best value on the bank for the MacBook Pros Aldo its worth investigating the difference between the M2 Pro and the M1 Pro. Because if you can find the M1 Pro for about 1500 right now, then that would be it great great buy other than that. I think these computers are really really cool Apple, just launched them all and, as you can see here, 1999 for the base model. Macbook Pro 14 inch only six gigabytes of unified Ram, 512 gigabytes of storage, 67 watt, USBC power, adapter and all of the other features found on the bigger model the 16 inch. This is a great great option, although I wouldnt advise you going for the 14 inch. If you are starting to spec out more stuff, because these chips wont probably perform, has better on the 16 inch, and so I think its worth it to go for the extra extra size on the 16 inch.

If you were going to spend a little bit more money on performance, the 14 inch is very portable and the only price justifiable to spend money would be on storage. If you are a very storage heavy guy, then go for two terabytes of storage and the complete base model 16 inch MacBook Pro and the complete base model 14 inch micro Pro and for the price of 2600 thats a very, very good deal. But let me know in the comments below what you think guys. This is a very complete Apple lineup. Now we have tons tons of new features. We have the MacBook Pros. We have the Mac Mini all of those supercharged by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips and, of course, the Mac Mini with the M2 and M2 Pro is, in my opinion, the two pace models the best Max ever made. So what you thought leave it on the comments down below. For me, these are very small incremental jobs, but the new, cheaper, M2 Mac Mini, is definitely the show stealer. This computer starts at 5.99. This is hundred dollars cheaper than the older M1 Mac Mini, and it supports so many new features like 8K displays supports three displays at one time has the M2 Chip is so much better than the older M1 Mac Mini, and now it its even cheaper with the New high hand, performance of the M2 Chip like Ive, tested this chip, its very fast, very powerful, almost as powerful as I need.

So this M2 Mac Mini will be a banger. I will buy one and I will try one out. I really want to to show you guys how good really 599 dollar Apple computer can be in 2023.. So, if you are excited for that guys, dont forget to drop like down below subscribe to the Channel. I want to compare the attempt to Mark me to my M1 Max MacBook Pro other than that. I think its everything for me.