I can guarantee youre a little bit confused about which one to go for i dont blame you, but ive got you welcome back to mark ellis reviews and thank you for subscribing. If you have, if you havent, the button is just down there, the ipad lineup in 2021 is a bit confused. I think im, therefore not surprised at all if youre confused, about which one to go for so in this video im going to help. You find the right ipad for you and youll be glad to hear that once you strip away all the strange naming conventions, the weird chip choices and all the numbers surrounding these ipads, its actually quite straightforward. First things, first ipad mini now a little disclaimer. This is not the current ipad mini. This is actually, i think, the first generation ipad mini so its pretty old. Basically, the ipad mini that you buy now looks pretty much like this. Its the same size pretty much. The screen is, i think, slightly bigger, possibly but its still, this form factor, but its great. I love the ipad mini. I always have done. I think the main reason for that is its size really, if youre the sort of person who does a lot of reading its a very compelling alternative to, for example, the kindle, although its more expensive, you get a lot more for your money. Obviously, its just a great device to consume content on its just really. You know great size compared to, for example, the massive 12.

9 inch ipad pro which ill get to later. The ipad mini is just a lovely size and it sits very nicely between the biggest iphone. You can get and the kind of 10 ish inch size of a normal, regular ipad, its just a lovely considerate size. Now the current ipad mini that you can buy has the a12 bionic chip in it, which is really fast, and it also supports the first generation apple pencil, which makes it quite an interesting little note taking device. However, i wouldnt buy one at the moment and the reason for that its 3.99, so its not cheap and at the moment, although we have to be careful with rumors, which ive talked about previously theres a lot of rumors surrounding a redesign for this and the idea Being that were going to see a kind of ipad air like redesign where they get rid of most of the bezels and it might have touch id in the in the power supply possibly face id. Ideally, it will be made compatible with the second generation apple pencil, which is about roughly about a billion times better than the first one. So if youre hankering after an ipad mini, unless you really really really need one now wait, i think well see a update of some description before the end of the year. Thankfully, you do have some other options now. This is the eighth generation ipad and its about the most ipad, looking ipad, the apple supply at the moment, and the reason i say that is because it looks like the old traditional ipad, because it is, it has the big bezels.

It has touch id and thats. It and its incredibly affordable. Now this one was very kindly sent to me by majormobiles.com, who i massively recommend. If you want to grab yourself a well priced brand, new piece of apple gear, like the ipad 8th generation, they are great, really simple, ordering process. This was 274 pounds at majormobiles.com. However, even if you go direct to apple for some reason, its only 329 pounds, you cant, get a cheaper brand new ipad than this. Now i was skeptical about this ipad because of the way it looks. If you compare this against the new fourth generation ipad air, for example, this looks like a much newer, exciting device because its a new design, but when i started using this, i was pleasantly surprised and again its because of that price. This was 274 pounds. Remember youre! Getting the a12 bionic processor in this as well its also compatible with the first generation apple pencil, and you can even attach it if you want to a keyboard because it has the kind of magic um whatever. That is data. Connection thing that you can add to a apple keyboard, so you can turn it into a little like a little mini ipad pro. If you want to its such good value and do the bezels matter, no does the fact that it has touch id matter rather than face id, no its thin its light. The screen is great, its such a good option.

If you want an ipad, but you dont want to spend apple money on getting one, this is unbeatable. Now, if you want to get one – and you want to save even more money on the asking price for it head over to majormobiles.com, grab yourself an ipad 8th generation and use the code ellis at checkout in doing that, theyll give you 10 pounds off whats, not To like now, the ipad air has always had this kind of middle ground position in the ipad lineup. So at the top, youve got the ipad pro. The bottom youve got the these kind of traditional old ipads and the ipad mini. This is always sat in the middle, and originally it was all about being light and airy, but now its this really solid middle ground option and its getting more and more solid and in fact i think, apple have created a rod for their own back with this Version, this is the fourth generation version of the ipad air. It came out last october. I think and ive been using it since then, and it is the best ipad you can buy at the moment – hands down theres lots of reasons for that, the main one being it is the exact same size pretty much as the 11 inch ipad pro and to Get the cost down theyve done a few things. They have basically moved touch id to the power button. Here you dont get face id like you do with the ipad pro.

It also doesnt have the pro motion display, which is basically a higher refresh rate display, which is great actually, if youve used it, it makes everything look smoother its very nice. You dont get that on this. You just get the standard refresh rate that you get on any old ipad. Really. The other thing is obviously the camera, the cameras, not quite as good as the cameras that you get on the ipad pro. So if youre, one of the people who takes photos with your ipad, not judging you at all its just, not quite as good camera, but its still pretty good. Now, none of those things actually matter the touch id on the power button. I think works really. Well. You get very used to using it its just very intuitive its fine. I dont miss touch id on this. I also dont miss the mish. I also dont miss the pro motion display, which i have on my big 12.9 inch ipad pro. I did it first when i first started using this. I was like, oh god, its a bit seems a bit jerky and just doesnt seem as smooth because it doesnt promotion is a very nice feature on the ipad pro. But if you havent used it before or if youre not doing an a b test between the two, if youre not using the two of these devices regularly youre not going to miss it, i dont sit there thinking. I wish this had a pro motion display it just doesnt, come into my mind now.

The other thing this obviously doesnt have is the m1 chip. Instead, it has the a14 bionic, which i think is the generation before the m1 chip that is now in the ipad. Pro but it doesnt make any difference at all unless youre doing stuff on your ipad that needs that m1 chip – i still dont know what that is: youre, just not going to notice any performance degradation in this at all its just just so fast. I dont know what apple were thinking when they made this, because i cannot recommend any other ipad if youve got a fairly decent budget to spend, i wouldnt say get the ipad pro. Unless you want a bigger screen which ill come on to, i would say, get the fourth generation ipad air, because its the best ipad apple has ever made. It even supports the second generation. If you put on the right side, the second generation pencil, which is an awesome apple pencil, its just got everything going for it. If youve got the budget for it, get yourself an ipad air now the ipad pro. This is the 2018 version, ive not upgraded. Yet to the m1 version, because i cant think of a reason to do it and its the 12.9 inch screen now. Ive got a question for you now. In fact, ive got two questions for you about the ipad pro. The first one is: are you the sort of person who wants to have that nice warm fuzzy feeling that youve got the best device money can buy, and the second question is: is a 12.

9 inch ipad screen more appealing to you now, if you answered yes to Both or one of those questions, then the ipad pro 12.9 inch is 100 for you, its a brilliant, brilliant tablet. Let me just get it out this keyboard case. I didnt mention earlier actually that the ipad air is also compatible with the magic keyboard case, making it even better but ill stop going on about that. Ipad were talking about the pro now, so if i get the 12.9 inch pro out of its case, its great i love this ipad and at the moment i use it mainly for photo editing. I put photos onto lightroom in on the mac behind me and then i edit them on lightroom on this, and i do that because the screen is lovely and i love the fact i can do with the pencil. The screen is great thats. The key selling point. I think, with the 12.9 inch ipad pro okay, the new one has the m1 chip in it. So again, if you want that feeling that youve got the best possible ipad with the best possible chip in it, the 12.9 inch ipad is 100 for you, but it is really expensive when you start adding the keyboard case, pencil youre well into expensive, laptop territory. Youve got ta have quite a good budget for this, but i do think its a great device for work. Actually. So if youre the kind of person who can get away with an ipad, pretty much for all of the stuff that you do for work its a great way to have a portable device that you can do all your work on and have a touch screen and Also use it, for you, know: media consumption purposes as well.

The ipad pro is the hardest ipad to recommend. Unless you want this big screen, i would not recommend at all. As i mentioned earlier, the 11 inch ipad pro. I dont see the point of that. While sorry to mention it again, while the ipad air fourth generation exists, theres just no reason to buy that 11 inch pro, and i would only buy this big one if you have a genuine reason for this big screen, because its unwieldy as an ipad in the Traditional sense, so if you just use your ipad to browse the web, perhaps do a bit of email and read the news and stuff like that, its a little bit unwieldy, you know lying in bed using. This is just a bit too big. If you do want that big screen get the 12.9 inch dont bother with the 11 inch get the ipad air simple. I really hope that helped and if youve got any further questions about which ipad to get just pop them into the comments and ill do my best to get back to as many as i can ive referenced the m1 ipad pro quite a bit in this video Im – conscious of that, i have done another video about this, where i go into more details about why im disappointed with that ipad and what id like apple to do to make more use of it. So if you want to watch that keep watching for a link to that video, but in the meantime, as always, thank you so much for watching ill catch.