Fleek is a platform that is an option for you to select items from. They have quite a bit of stuff and started back in 2021 with two friends. Those two friends ended up building something in the Silicon Valley. That is now known and growing in a community of resellers, not only in the States but also overseas, so depending on where youre at some items may take a little while to get to you all of these are going to be Venture shirts. Most of them are going to be single stitched, and this one is going to be my favorite. My second favorite is going to be coming up, but I like these two shirts a lot, but this one is my favorite and Im going to show you it first. So with this, this vintage – oh nieta, tag right here, Ive only seen this tag around three or four times within six years, and in this bundle I think theres around two or three of them to include this one. So this right here I really like the pattern and I like the style style. This is kind of style that I look for especially the heather gray, its kind of like that old school Army, heather, gray fatigue, physical training has Durango on here. Then it also has some Maiden West some more information to me to look up, because that might be some key words that people are looking for that are already out there for me to list this stuff, not single stitch, but its one – that I really really like, And thats one thing Im going to say right now, sometimes single stitch doesnt mean its worth more than something that has a double Stitch.

Next shirt is going to be this hopaland. This is going to have a cocoa Pele, with kind of like a western style or a second style and its dated right here, 1993.. So this has an Emmy tag which is new to me, but I looked it up and it is vintage. I like the color, and I like the style, and this one seems like it may even fit me when it comes to items no matter what platform is on. I always look from the lowest price to the highest price and, depending on my budget, I may end up reversing that for on the highest price to the lowest price, and the reason for that. I learned from those prices of items for me to look out for as well, so the platform isnt just something that you could buy from you could also learn from it as well. You should check out everything its gon na take a while, but take your time in selecting what you want and if you have any questions, theres several methods of messaging, the seller, you could either chat with the seller. You could leave a message at the bottom of the listing. Has a little chat option. You could go ahead and email the company. You could even ask if you see something that you like, but you want to hand pick the items you could also set a time and date, an appointment like with the seller, to where you get to select some items that are either three options is what I Recommend the hell, no pile the I like it, but Im, not sure if I love it and want to sell it and the hell yeah.

I want this file so that way, when youre done with the hell, yeah pile and youre done, with the things that the seller has and you want to go back and look at the maybe pile. You may change your mind and getting some things, but it does make a good way if youre looking at the seller and like what they have, they might have more stuff for you, the next time, so its good to have a way of communicating with people and Not just cut it off right there and then for that one time on fleet folks. There are a lot of options, so much options that I just get mesmerized and know that I just want to have it all, but I got ta start somewhere and see what I could do with what I got and then reinvest after saving some profits and moving Forward and moving up at the same time got a Colorado. Tea has a really nice graphic. Design on here has Perry mountains on the very bottom. So that helps me because Im not very geographically oriented in certain places, and then this is going to be on a vintage Fruit of the Loom tag. This is size XL. It looks like its cracked, but its not. It has like these dotted pixel type of screen print thats on here, and then the Colorado itself has a little bit of a goat Shimmer, which is really nice, really nice material for this being vintage, and it has a little subtle puff on the mountains right here.

The white tops so with that. I really like this shirt Im going to see how they do and price them later, but for right now, Im just reviewing the quality of these shirts see. If what I picked was good to go. This was worth 271 dollars, and that includes free shipping. Through the listings on fleet, you could see if the listings are free and I believe they all are, but the thing is its included, so it is, but it isnt free anyway, but theres. Some things that are on fleek that people buy out so fast. That youd be amazed, and you just have to be on top of it to get those type of things before, because they do show you what has sold in the past and theres. Quite a bit of stuff that I wish. I knew that I would have been on that even more to get my hands on them because theres some fire on there. But for me I got my own style and what Im looking for and what Im trying to build on rather than other people, you do you Ill. Do me, but check out Fleek for yourself, youre, completely different, but very, very cool. This ones gon na be from Austin Texas. This is going to be pecan loggers. I like the back on here. If you cant taste it. Why bother? I, like the back of that, its just something just somebodys at a bar, somewheres drinking and people are nosy and they see something they read it and theyre like.

I could relate to that and some other people are like I dont I dont, I dont get it Im just gon na step. This way. We got this shirt right here and this is a pretty unique shirt and Ill. Tell you why, so I do like the air balloons that are on here. We have Riverton Wyoming this sure, and this is going to be like that Tarheel blue, baby, blue color. So this has a best screens tag on here and whats, pretty cool about that tag. I believe thats from 1993, and this is marked printed 1993 so coincidence it just looks calming it says a lot about you when you walk around with certain things that youre not wearing all black and thinking. You look tough because I dont think I look tough folks. I think I just feel comfortable and thats what Im going for, and I think thats what youre trying to do too is be comfortable not only in what you wear, but also where you shop from and search for items from like Bleak. This one is one that I really really like. I think this is going to be my my second favorite, its going to be like a pink or a fuchsia color, and I do like the design it has this. Let me see, maybe a rose. If you see a rose, but it definitely has a hummingbird and then right here has Colorado and and then theres chain 88 right here, so 1988 T thats what Im assuming and thats what Im going to go with.

This is a single stitch, t, shirt and very very nice. This was a larger size. Ill definitely rot this to me. I dont care, if its pink, yellow green camouflage, if Im comfortable wearing that Im, definitely gon na rock it, and I know my style is also something like other peoples style. This is pretty dope. If I dont say so myself. I got one shirt for you left, but I got a little bit more information for you, folks, fleek its a nice site. I like how easy it is to look for stuff. I like how you could set the high and low prices low on High new recent listings, older listings. I, like that its not just certain items that are loose. Sometimes people just want to buy into a bell which has become more and more popular and, as you saw in that photo before they got a lot of bills and Im sure theyre getting more and more after time, also theres. Some things on fleek that I also like as well that you could use a search engine and break down what youre, looking for and also look at items that are like the typical names that we all know and love Teresa and look for for a really good Price, I do like the listings that they have a breakdown per item of what they cost, not just the max number. So that way you get an idea and also remember that shipping is included.

I believe in all of the items that are listed so think about that that goes hand in hand with the way youre trying to do and if it works, for you consider checking out Fleek last item that I got for you folks, ladies and gents. I called this the mystery shirt because I dont know what om stands for and I try to look for it all that I could. This has a date on here, 1991 om state. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean so heres the thing for you folks. It doesnt have to be correct. Just the best reply, the best comment of what om stands for it could be funny. It could be serious, it could be the actual truth. The best comment for what OEM state stands for is gon na win this shirt or they could get his select any other shirt that they had message me in the comments: what size, what shirt leave the timestamp of what you saw that so it helps me break It down, rather than watching my own video, overs and overs, because I wont get any watch time hours for that thats, not how you do stuff on YouTube. Folks, the old school Jersey tag. I really like this design. I also really like Fleek Im, looking at it more and more and Im also looking into getting more than what I just showed you. I had a total of 25 shirts half of the stuff I didnt share with you, because I just didnt want to be in a crazy long video.

I wanted to share with you some valid information, thats very useful, to know about when it comes to fleek. If you want to find items that are not listed and youre having trouble finding either on fleek or in person, you could message them and say what youre looking for they even mention it on their website. On top of that, they also do returns. They do a customer guarantee policy for you as well. Some things dictate, and it takes three days of when you received your item, to have a complaint to do a return or certain items are ruined or messed up or wasnt. Exactly whatever have you, I think three days is a very reasonable time frame to look through your stuff and say some things arent right and you want to fix it its very important to bring up those type of stuff and not just all the stuff. That sounds really nice, because there are things that just happen: human error, but for the most part I really like what Im seeing from Fleek and Im seeing a lot of upgrades. For example, I just saw earlier that they didnt have before the last time, or at least when I was looking on my phone. You get a look on your phone or you get a look on your PC, but I was looking on only through my phone and saw it later. The listing was only a certain price when I jumped on my PC earlier on my tablet.

I saw that some listings had the option of say: 20 items, 50 items, 100 items and, as you click through them, youre going to see their price range for them. But again you get to also. You could also set a an appointment, a time and date with the seller to hand pick your own items just for you that you get to choose from, and I think that is key in customer service, and I really like that about Fleek. Amongst other things, they have quite a bit of stuff from Carhartt to reworked items, to blank things, to Y2K type items, to Vintage, to grills, to higher end items to names like Montclair, and you just got to see it for yourself folks, theres too much stuff. For me to mention, take a moment and check out what Fleek has to offer for you and also when you do that after youre done. Let me know your honest opinion of what you think about Fleek work within your budget, see what they have available for you, and I hope you find some stuff that you really like. Thanks for watching Im studying Las Vegas.