What is on my tablet is the x6 lite i’ve been using this for more than six months now, and i would like to make some comments about this um. My overall experience with the tablet and there’s a lot more to talk about so let’s jump right into the video. This is my tablet. This is the tab. S6 lights. I, if i remember correctly, actually got this one from costco. If you don’t know, costco is actually a big supplier um in the usa, and if you buy especially electronic devices uh in costco, they are actually a lot more cheaper than um. Any other stores got the tablet, along with the cover, as well always around less than um three hundred of fifty dollars. If i remember correctly, use this mainly for uh, taking notes for class uh learning other languages as well as um. You know just drawing and socializing something like that. So this thing first is the first page um the main page on the tablet and, as you can see, i have the clock, uh it’s, a really a good, looking laid out that i made a few weeks ago. I think if you check out my old video, i have how to customize your tablet, a really symbol and make your tablet more aesthetic. So if you would love to make your make yours the same, please check that video out. So i have the clock. I have the calendar, it’s kind of actually um really convenient and really helpful.

For me, i have another one, this side as well, but uh this one i mainly um for school and this one for like more personal um events. So i have my um time. My like my relative birthday, my friend’s birthday, some kind of important events uh on the month. I will actually put down there and, according to so uh with the samsung, you can sync it with your other samsung devices, so it’s pretty convenient in that way, and i also have is um, so you now can also raw or drive using the s pen um On the calendar, which is really convenient, as i would say so, for example, on june 2021, you can see the bts anniversary. I can change the brain into a more a purple like color, and then i can draw on it like this oops it’s a way too dark bubble, oops and i can erase this uh. If you don’t know what this painting is a standard, a paint, an alternative paint for your s, pen for your tablet, samsung devices. So if you want to check them out, i have a complete, separate video talking about this review and showing you um what it’s like and how it works. So yeah. If you want to know more about it check my video that i will link it into the description below for you to check it out, so you can actually write on your calendar um. Sorry, you have to save first it’s not going to do it um automatically for you, you have to save so if you can save it and it will show right there on your tablet, this one is for more school like work like professional events, and i have An email right there.

This is my actually my school emails, so if any professor, if any important um, so if any important. So if any important email come from, my professor or my school that we got here and i get pretty quick access to see what it is, then let’s go to the this page. So this space um the first folder Music, the first folder – is for the samsung one and i only use um the voice recorder for my um. You know for something that i have to record in my voice. Obviously um, but i don’t you any of this app regularly. Even the reminder, one and my file is actually pretty useful and the galaxy store for access some exclusive uh galaxies apps. If you would like to say it that way – and i have this – is amora searching browsing. If you see most of the folder uh io was organized my apps into each separate photos with different themes, and then i don’t really name it with words. I name it with icons so yeah, so this is more searching browsing. Um apps! I have a google drive for my you know, thinking drawing and um a lot of the um a lot of school uh documents i saved in the google. If you don’t know what this is, the either google photos, it’s really amazing, apps that i just um discovered uh recently any if you um sync your tablet, your device to this app and with any your google email, then you would like you would be able to Access any photo taken on your devices anywhere anytime, just access to the google photo if you um.

If you want to know more about it, you can google it obviously. So i won’t talk too much about it. Uh there’s, youtube, music and dropbox um samsung cloud there’s. All the things for um, you know: clouds saving, um documents and files, and this is google calendar. It works. Similarly, with my google, like microsoft calendar this, actually, i have been used. Um, google application a lot since my high school and um. This is the classroom that i have actually uses a lot of things in my high school and i still have my high school email there um. So i have the econ 2020 period. Five it’s, actually a pretty fun to see the game of the menu archive classes. They all deleted the app and i kind of ate it, so i actually graduated high school last year, uh, even though i still have the email and to be able to access the google classroom. Not many of the ads do remain here. So if i click into this, i have you know, assignments or something if you are in high school. I bet that a lot of teachers using the google classroom. In my opinion, this is a really convenient um, app and platform. Great. I use naval dictionary because i’m um i’m studying korean right now is, i must have apps and i also have the earth uh. The google earth is actually a very interesting app, so you can use this like a dice or something and it will choose random location and you can actually learn a lot about it.

So this is toss a river in switzerland. I really like this app. I use it, for you, know, travel and this time academic, and you can also learn a little bit about the culture, but right in the app as well so move on is the amount of studying working folders. So i have outlook for email, uh, docs seats, slides one notes for taking notes. This o3 is a really good alternative for the microsoft um first, because it’s free. Obviously the function is actually quite similar and there’s. No really professional um high advanced function on this uh app. This is like an online platform. If you can sync and work directly from your tablet, your phone and your laptop or some slides that i’m having and so um let’s, see this one first. I have this um as my importing um import marketing plan uh, so yeah, because it’s, like you, have the access to do anything from this, and you can also it would be able to share this with your friends with your team mates, your group mates you can Just add there by email and they will be able to access this and will be able to edit this as you. So this is the apps that i use a lot for taking note on my class. So, for example, i have this is the photo from faux 2020 and the photo from spring 2021. I have a lot of classes, as you can see: um yeah and i separated into the semester and then the classes and then each week, any kind of lecture that i would take um.

So this is a math um, a math lecture that i took in the intersection semester at my school. So you have the pain you have the highlighter and also to sync it with your um email with your microsoft email and you will be able to access the same docs on your laptop as well. So i really highly recommend this app. Are there a lot? More version of this, if you use the um laptop the desktop version, but with the mobile mobile version like this, they give you just enough tools to work with so yeah, and then we have the soto xodo so yeah. This app is mainly for uh studying um. You can take note on these apps as well but i’m, using it for import the books um any kind of books that i have i imported under the format of pdf, and i would be able to write on it and would be able to study. So i have a lot of book about korean. This is one of them and i can you know, practicing drawing and doing kind of homework on this page as well. So you can obviously be able to uh write in the file with this app, which is really convenient uh. They have the pain, the eraser uh, the highlighter, which, in my opinion, is um enough. If you want to have it, you can import any kind of pdf file from your google drive and it actually will sync up with your google drive uh account and you can.

This is an app on um. This is a free, completely free app with just enough tools for you to use uh. So i highly recommend this i’ve been using this for months now and i have another a similar, app uh this one, but the person for the laptop on my laptop and i think, both of them together just work really well. So i really like this app. I use this a lot for studying and writing anything on pdf and some store of that stuff. So this is social media. As you can see, i have pinterest weavers for bts, of course, facebook instagram vlive for bts as well twitter link in daily motion. If so have super display, i will make a complete, separate video for this it’s, a really interesting app, and i won’t get into uh too much for this as this for now. So if you want to learn more about this app, please check out my video or click to the bell notification to get notified. When i upload a new video about this, a painter autodesk clip studio, rough animators that are all for drawing, and i don’t think i um need to talk more about that camera connect. So i have canon camera. So obviously, i need this app to download the photos from the camera to this tablet. Wirelessly and vlogs is my favorite editing, app um, unlike other editing, apps on um. I know other editing apps on your laptop.

This app is actually really interesting, uh. So the version that i have here is um it’s a premium version. I also make a video of how to use this app, so i will also link in this description below uh. If you want to check them out so yeah check them out. I use this mainly for editing any videos, uh upload on my youtube, so yeah i have a video with it to check it out, adobe’s game uh, just simply for skating um, my any kind of like books, uh documents or yeah just for skinning. Obviously i just spent x uh. This ad canvas is the three apps that i use a lot for my drawing and also for doing the thumbnail on my videos. Well, if you want, i will make a complete, separate video for that, but just for now you know that i use the three apps and the phone tour as well, but not that much uh, usually just free apps, to um, make the thumbnail for my youtube videos And i also have webtoon a red air. If you don’t know, is an app. If you have any um books that, under the format of ebook or anything just other than the pdf you would you have, you will have this app to be able to open the files and read that and webtoon. I have an english webtoon person and a korean baptist version just for my korean learning um, an app there’s, a lot of comics uh comics yeah, a lot of um comics uh that i like uh to read one of my favorite.

Obviously true beauty, um yeah. Actually, i just read two beauty on this app and i just downloaded for true beauty, so yeah. If you have any other recommendations for webtoon, then let me know in the description below and okay next uh is the learn. English learning app. So you can see. I plan on study, japanese korean and chinese um, so yeah. So you can see this is the two chinese apps. This three is for any other language learning. I will make a separate video for language learning because there’s a lot to talk about and elsa speak. It also what’s, not my favorite app, but i don’t use this for korean, japanese or chinese. I would say i have this for my um, my english speaking of practice, so i would like to talk more about it, uh later so yeah. So that is all what is what is on my tablet. As you can see, i don’t have quite a lot of uh game apps that i don’t really play any.