If youre interested in finding out what are the best apps and most of these are also free to download, I recently upgraded to the M2 iPad Pro in 12.9 inch along with the 2nd gen apple pencil on my old iPad. I was running out of storage space, so now that I have 256 gigabytes, I went on an app downloading spree and Im super excited to share with you what I found. I have a lot of apps to go through so Ill. Try not to spend too long on each one for my iPad accessories. I bought this case on Amazon, as well as the apple pencil sleeve that Im using Im, also using a paper, fill screen protector, because I do a lot of handwriting on my iPad on my home screen. The wallpaper is from my freebies Vault, and these custom icons are for my most used apps and here are shortcuts to my digital planner and manifestation journal in goodnotes app. My channel is all about digital planning and good notes. Lets you import in PDF digital planner files, which you can write on with your apple pencil. I use my planner to stay, organized and track things like my schedule to do list, goals and habits. I also use goodnotes for digital journaling and you can get templates for tracking anything you can think of like this reading Journal. I also have caller note, which is a totally free note, taking app. It has lots of useful features, and this is what I recommend for digital planning.

If you are looking for a good notes alternative, I have a free digital planner as well as tutorial videos, if youre interested in finding out more. I love to customize my iPad home screen with wallpapers, widgets and icons, and here are my favorite apps Ill use Photo widget to create image, widgets and theres a huge selection of cute and aesthetic widgets for things like time and date, calendar battery quotes and more. I also have widget Smith, which has similar widgets but theyre more of a minimal style. I would say another easy way to get image. Widgets is with Pinterest app, you can browse images and save them to different Collections and display them using the Pinterest. Widget Bears is a cute app that lets you create countdown widgets for things like birthdays, upcoming events and deadlines on my home screen. I also have this widget from zenflip clock and the animated pixel widgets are from MD clock. I love to draw digitally on my iPad, and this is how I make all of my digital planner stickers. I have tried out different drawing apps and procreate is my favorite and I think its worth the price, its just super intuitive and easy to use, and you can also create your own brushes for free drawing apps. I also have Sketchbook, which is good. If you just need the basic tools I had so much fun playing with art set, it has realistic tools like oil paint and the colors blend in with so much realism.

I cant wait to create a painting with this for pixel art lovers: pixel able lets you create your own pixel art and you can choose your own grid size and create layers. Next, I have some apps that I think are really useful tools. I use iPhone app for installing custom fonts to use in my digital planner and you can find a ton of free fonts if youre looking for aesthetic color, palettes coolers lets you browse and save different palettes and you can copy and paste the hex codes into note. Taking apps like goodnotes this next one is actually a website, but I use monkey type all the time for typing practice, and you can also create a shortcut on your home screen. I also have the calculator app which you can have open in a split screen, and I like that you can customize it with different color schemes. I currently use my digital planner in goodnotes to track my daily routine and habits and help me focus on my goals and priorities, and here are some great apps that also help with productivity Ive been using the Pomodoro Technique to stay focused, which is where you work On a task for 25 minutes and then take a break and this Forest app lets, you grow trees for your forest and if you stop the timer before its complete, you kill the tree. So theres an incentive not to smile to do is a cute app for tracking your daily habits.

You can choose their frequency and when you complete a habit, you just tap on it to color it in and theres also a widget for your home screen. If you need a more detailed habit tracker this one lets, you track exactly how much progress youve made on a particular habit like the number of steps you walked in a day and you can get stats over time. I love making to do lists and you can structure them into a daily timeline using structured, and you can also get notifications and widgets for your home screen. Then I have routinery where you create routines like a morning routine, and then you add habits into this routine. You said how long each habit takes and then you start the timer to begin doing. It Ive been trying to focus more on self care recently, and here are some great self care. Apps Finch lets you take care of a virtual pet and when you complete self care exercises, it helps to grow your pet and your own rewards. You can set daily goals and theres lots of mindful exercises you can do. Then I have insight timer, which is a guided meditation, app and theres, also soundtracks for relaxation and sleep, and you can also add inspirational quote widgets to your home screen. If you like quotes on your home screen, I am is a super simple app that gives you daily positive affirmations. I also have stobic app, which has daily quotes and prompts for you to reflect on and journal about with the aim of improving mental health and changing negative thoughts, and I can definitely see it doing that.

I prefer to journal with words, but if you dont want to write anything daily Bean lets, you keep a Daily Journal where you tap on different choices, to record things like your mood, emotions and daily activities, and you can also add in a daily photo Ive, been Wanting to read more and I like to be able to keep track of what books Im reading or would like to read Im currently using my reading journal in good notes, but here are a couple of apps that are also great reading list. Lets you quickly find an ad Box by searching the title or scanning the barcode. You can write books and write a note and create different books lists. I also have Goodreads app, which is great for finding new book recommendations and reading book reviews. Next, I have a couple of coloring apps for relaxation, because I find it more enjoyable to color in digitally. I have Lake app and, although Im not a fan of the color wheel, I love that you dont have to worry about going over the lines and you can either color in using brush Strokes or you can fill an area with a single tab. I also have color by number for pixel art, and this one is super, easy and fun to do. Next, I have my favorite photo and video editing apps. I mostly use these on my iPhone, but these can also be used on. The iPad in shot is easy to use and you can add video transitions effects, stickers and text.

I also like cap cut for video editing, which have similar features onto my photo editing, apps, I have Lightroom, which has tools for editing your photos like brightness, saturation and hue. I also have Prisma, which turns your photos into art, style, paintings and theres lots of different artifacts to choose from. I have a couple of learning apps, and these are great for learning. New skills like languages Ive been using Duolingo for improving my Chinese and the lessons and quizzes are very good and fun to use. I also have Quizlet, which lets you create your own study, flashcards or you can find ones created by other people next Ill run through some of my most used default Apple apps. Shortcuts app is super useful for setting up custom shortcuts for apps and files, and I also use this for linking between my digital planner and Apple calendar. I will definitely be making more use of the Calendar app now that I have links from my planner, and I made a separate video about that. If you want to know more, I use the reminders app for displaying reminders on my home screen and I like that. You can drag and drop handwritten notes from apps like goodnotes anyways. Let me know what are your favorite apps and if you have any recommendations, please give me a thumbs up. If you found this video useful and dont forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell to be notified, when I post new videos check out my other videos in the meantime and Ill see you in the next one.