Sorry i pushed the desk over and today we’re gon na, be reviewing my apple watch series four and what i think about this apple watch after four years of owning it so i’m gon na pop it off of its little watch band, because i don’t care um. This is a watch band, go on etsy and check out, bear huts, bear hugs and blanket forts or i’ll leave it in the description. My mom makes amazing etsy things she actually customized watch bands so make sure to go check her out uh this button. There we go: oh, my god, i’m gon na fill up this camera roll by the end right by the time. We’Re done here. We go got that skin on it. My arm is messed up so that watch. What is it? It has a 44 millimeter screen, a 46 millimeter and it’s got a little sensor on the back. The sensor will track your heart rate, blood pressure, so on so forth. Here i’ll unlock it. If i could actually type on this display, somehow it does have full texting capabilities, so it can track your heart rate. With that green light, as you see that’s the whole back of the watch, it has two lights, and here you get it inside view. That was scanning your heart rate. Apart from that on this tiny apple device, you also got ecg and many more i’ll actually go through a list of apps. You have messages, watch, timer, alarms, world clock, camera, remote, uh, a bunch of other apps that are sold on your iphone but i’m, going to read you the specs of my series, 4 apple watch.

So on my apple watch on my apple watch. It is a space gray, the space gray, series, 44 millimeter, aluminum and ceramic case uh it’s, gps and cellular and can fit a 50 millimeter band. I guess that’s kind of dusty. My watch is kind of juicy, not gon na lie kind of disgusting i’m sitting on my wrist let’s sign in and i’ll read you the about of my apple watch, so pressing that side button i’m in the settings. It actually has a very powerful taptic engine. For this tiny display and my battery health after four years, isn’t that bad, it is at 87 max capacity. Now this feels like you’re holding the iphone mini mini mini mini xl, mini it’s. Just the tiniest piece of electronic i’ve ever held sounds in haptics. Not bad let’s have maximum you, you do got crown haptics and you can cover the apple watch screen to mute it. On top of that, you have siri, it can listen to hey siri, raise to speak as you can see it activated and then close. My apple watch out as long as it’s, not touching the wrist. It will lock out the minute that you as an app press digital crowns in siri history, can actually detect stuff. So i don’t want to delete my siri history, always on control with silent mode and headphones only. It does have a master’s volume, hey siri, hello, good afternoon, that’s, not bad. Considering. This is a tiny like 5 watt, speaker that’s.

The max brightness of the apple watch display can go dimmer, though, and become almost dark in the human eyes. Let’S move on it does have bluetooth, and i have a prominent amount of devices connected in general. My apple watch is jason’s apple watch, it’s on version 7.3.3 it’s, and it has zero songs, seven photos, four applications and my capacity is 11 gigs. While i have 7.1 gigs available and it is on carrier verizon 15.0. This thing does not have a sim slot, at least i don’t think it does, and overall the build quality of this apple watch just feels amazing. First off it has tracking sensors to know when you raise it, but the cool thing is: is that you can change the orientation. I leave it on my left wrist and it has nightstand mode. So when it’s charging, it can give you time it can also control websites from this. My usage is kind of big, though i do use activity and apple store, contact photo and camera arcadia, which is a apple watch, game, calendar, mail, keynote, stop motion, studio, wallet, audio books, messages and a lot of the other apps have no data, but now let’s play That miniature game on the apple watch, so it’s controlled with crown as you can see, listen. This is what the speaker’s covered with the speakers on max uncovered. Let’S play a racing game Music. This is a very loud powerful little speaker and i crashed powered with the crown, not bad.

I keep crossing the trees, it feels for the most part. Okay, it does have a refresh rate of 120, which is not bad considering. This is an apple watch. The tiny display is 4k, 120. apple, beat ps, sony and microsoft to the rates of the 120 hertz. The speakers are insanely loud in the audio graphics and the audio visuals and the audio graphics. Yes, there are audio visuals in this one telling me what is going on. I got a 2180 score if you can’t tell okay let’s head in another race Music. Can you see that it’s just a crap, the digital crown, controls it all and let’s snap on the band, so it does say made made by apple in california, designed in taiwan instead of these grills. So you take your watch band and i do it like this. I flip it upside down and slide the band on the way it’s supposed to go, which is that and there you go. Your apple watch band is on now just clip it on to your wrist and your apple watch is ready to roll honestly. My display is kind of scratched and the battery life on this doesn’t last long anymore, but compared to like a series, 2 or series three, it beats it, but the series six, i think, i’m gon na get a new apple watch series. Six pick up to update my apple watch band i’ve upgraded, my ipad upgraded, my iphone and now my apple watch by the way in this video we’ll be talking about what’s on my iphone 12 and what is on its about page so let’s grab those devices and Let’S hit this video up, so my phone is actively charging.

It is undead, so we’re, just gon na do what’s on my ipad it’s very relevant to my phone in multiple ways. So right here is my 12.9 inch ipad pro with 120 hertz refresh rate on every ipad pro. This is the master of a mole with a beautiful 120 hertz, refresh rate face id that can work in any way. That’S spotify. This device feels amazing. You can’t see it on a camera. I can only catch 130 frames per second, this is running 120., so something i love about. The ipad is the fact that i can use this app called procreate. I can design things i design this. Let me turn the brightness down a bit and the color accuracy. Oh boy, is it look at that looks kind of dark and i also did a series s. I have very some artistic design and honestly like if i do something like this it’s very responsive. As you can see, it’s a very responsive device in the notes and i’ll show you how well pencil just works. Look at that look how seamlessly smooth that is with a little bit of latency that apple threw in it, and it has a pressure sensor. As you see pushing hard lightly brushing the pencil and then you can just delete it. There are also also a lot of gestures they have to get used to without the home button. One of those being the pencil let’s see yeah swipe down, bring down your menu.

Yes, swipe on the top right to bring up your brightness control, your media control, swipe up sleep in apps, left, go left and then bring up the control center or go right and have nothing. It does have magic keyboard, support and bluetooth support for many bluetooth devices. As this uses bluetooth 4.0 in order to join my beautiful ipad pro, i got beats. I kid you not beats beats studios 3.. These things are amazing, expensive, but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing. So let’s talk about what’s on my ipad pro. So, on my ipad pro, you have a 128 gigabyte model, lte cellular with five gigahertz network on this. Yes, this is like business grade stuff here, but on top of that, if you go to settings here, that’s my apple id, no one can see that oh well. I guess you’re gon na see it anyways um, you have a software 14.4.2. This is a 12 12.9 inch. Fourth generation ipad pro and uh. It has a warranty on it. It has 128 gigabytes, i have 110 available. I have 24 applications, 16 photos and one video on this device. It is using verizon 45.0 and, as you can see, here’s all the uh stuff, as you can see, that’s my apple pencil that’s, just my sied um i’ll show you how much storage i’ve used. This is mainly games a lot of the apps take up storage but there’s, also messages photos, icloud, media books and there’s other just system settings.

As you see, i do play call of duty mobile bite me bro and, as you can see, the keyboard is actually good. I have two keyboards there’s, english and emoji, like all like all things, and i actually think i can control the apple pencil and fill in settings. So you can see you have a double tap. I keep it on its base because i don’t care and see with scribble hand right, subscribe, Music or die subscribe or die that says oldie hold on yep. It has a delete feature too. As you can see, i can just scroll scroll, scribble gone very cool. Actually, as you can see, this is just my battery usage it’s been charging all this time, um i’m. Not going to do that. As you can see, i do run my camera at 4k 60 and i run my slo mo’s at 1080p 240.. I also do preserve settings. I don’t really mess with these settings much but, as you can see, i’m kind of fiddling with them right now always put your pencil on with the tip facing the volume buttons i swear to god. My parents do this all the time and i will fight them for this. It does use usbc now. The cool thing about usbc is that i could do something like this say you have a nintendo switch that needs to charge. Yes, this is my nintendo switch. Uh. Take your ipad, usbc, cable, something like this plug in the port and then plug in your apple device.

Like this, i forgot the switch doesn’t. Allow you to charge. Oh yes, it does now. It should start charging. Oh wait! I forgot hey bam. Dang nintendo! Don’T worry! I have something else that can charge via usbc my gaming watch. Yes, my gaming watch let’s see if this one works it does. It does allow you to charge, as you can see at the top. It says it is charging at the top. That is very cool. How you can charge any device? Really you can even charge your apple devices with your ipad. You don’t believe me so what’s your problem, bro what’s your problem, so that’s gon na end up this video for today. Thank you guys.