I also got this pencil. This was 23 euros and i got it off of amazon and also got the tablet off of amazon for 170 euros. I got the tablet in the dark gray, color 32 gigabytes, and i also put these stickers on it because they’re cute um yeah. So this is my lock screen. So this is how it looks when you open it. I have this widget that i can customize and basically you have all of these designs that you can choose from. I have this one it’s on zero percent on white, um and yeah. This is my background on this page. I have how much ram i have left and how much storage i have used um. I have the folders right here and then the apps that i use frequently that came with the tablet on the bottom. So you know the camera. The quick the camera is okay. On this tablet, not the best, of course, but in my opinion, the only thing i would use it for is to send pictures of my homework to my teacher and for that it is completely fine, um, samsung, internet and the gallery and also the settings. You know that’s what the settings look like um. I also have dark mode on um over there, so yeah here this is the first folder i have the stores, so you know the placer in the galaxy store. I don’t really go into the gallery. Galaxy store because it’s not that good and it lags a lot um.

I have the right folder, which basically has color. This is pixar color notion, right, write, korean and samson notes. Um red korean is really fun. This is like the map that i use the most out of this folder i’m gon na turn on the pencil. So i can show you, but basically you can like practice and then you have a test. So basically, you just learn how to write korean and then you have the test, so no yeah, so that’s. Basically that um, i haven’t, used notion yet samsung notes. I don’t like samsung notes. Um color is just there for fun video. I have vlo cap cut pixart and send anywhere send anywhere is a good app. If you want to send this also works on ios, so you can send pictures or videos from a device to another device. I don’t know if it works for windows and mac, but i’ve used it to send pictures from my tablet to my phone um pixar. You know teddy pictures in these two videos – um social. I have house party, pinterest and twitter. I need to log into my twitter pinterest. I used to find um like backgrounds. I got this off of pinterest, um and house party. You know to call friends games. I have recolor minecraft among us in granny, so far, i’ve been only playing recolor and minecraft, sometimes among us with my friends but um. Basically, recolor is one of the like first games that i downloaded on this tablet and you basically have all of these and you can color them.

So i colored only these four because i recently got the tablet, but this one is my favorite. I have to say and it’s a really good app. You can also there’s like paid features which i’m not paying for, but you can minecraft also works so well on. This tablet, like i didn’t, expect it to work so well. I connect my playstation 4 controller to the tablet and play like that, and it works. Amazing among us also runs like fine um granny. I haven’t tried this out yet so i don’t know but and then i have the watch folder. I have netflix twitch and youtube twitch i use like for asmr in minecraft netflix. I watch kdramas um youtube yeah youtube, like i’m logged into like my spam email, so it’s not recommending me what i usually watch um but yeah, and then this is like all of the apps right here. If you swipe up, i have the samsung folder. So this is like all of the apps that came with the tablet that i don’t use: um and the google folder. I have google, google, chrome, gmail maps, youtube, drive, google play movies and tv duo photos and youtube music. I actually manage all like my gmails, and you know my emails through my tablet um, because my phone doesn’t support the like google services, because i have a huawei phone, so the google gmail app has come in useful play store. Is you know to get all of the apps and games um yeah that’s? That recommend me some games that i should play, because i only have four and i want to download more um internet camera gallery.

You know boring clock and all of the other apps that i have i’ve also just put into folders um. I also have ac screen recording that’s, not on my lock screen or my home screen, but yeah, just all of this stuff that i already showed you um and yeah that’s that i’ll probably do an updated what’s on my tablet soon, um, because i just got the Tablet and i like didn’t customize it as much as i would want to, but yeah that’s, basically it.