. We just came out with a new line of products with our latest version of BOOX firmware version 3.3. And every BOOX product is going to be enhanced by this new firmware.. Many of you are probably curious about how the new firmware looks and what useful features it offers. Lets explore. Among all the updates wed like to highlight the feature book data syncing. Data syncing, particularly for book data, is always a desired solution by our users.. With the latest firmware. You can now sync your annotations, bookmarks and fonts across multiple BOOX devices., Simply press the sync button. In the NeoReader and transfer the same book to another BOOX device., Then a notification will appear inviting you to sync the data., But please dont forget that the book needs to be in the same folder on another device. And the books must use the same name.. You can turn off data synchronization at any time in the Library., Tap the Settings button and choose Sync Settings to make it work.. If you have BOOX Assistant on your phone, you can even copy your books, notes and bookmarks and send them to other people.. Now you can also print a PDF document directly with the new 3.3 firmware. Long press a file, tap Share and choose the Print button.. After that you can choose a printer and print the document.. You can also print a note this way. Simply long press. A note. Convert it to PDF format and send it to the printer.

Aside from its fantastic data, synchronization and printing features. External linking support is a hidden gem in 3.3.. It was not possible to open external links on ebooks prior to version 3.3.. With the most recent update, you can easily open links built in a file and navigate to external pages, using our NeoBrowser. Speaking of links, heres a popular feature that weve finally added to our Notes, app. Its called the hyperlink tool.. You can use this new linking tool to insert links to a note page and an external web page. To add a link. You need to tap the Insert button on the sidebar.. Then it will take you straight to the place you want to go.. In addition to hyperlinks, you can include attachments such as audio and images in your notes. Tap the same button and youll be able to insert an attachment up to 20 megabytes in size. Therere, more surprises in the Notes. App.. The most recent firmware includes a brand new text, recognition program.. It allows you to edit copy and share converted texts.. Also, you can add, marks to the recorded audio to highlight important parts of the recording. When recording audio. You can add key points with marks. When you play back the recording. You can skip right to the important parts.. You can also change the names of the marks.. You might think thats the end of Notes, but we have one more surprise for you.. For the first time, a tag system is now in our Notes.

App., You can add a tag to any handwritten stroke by using the lasso tool.. You can also choose from the tags that are already there to categorize the notes.. We already have folders for our notes. In the Notes app., So why do we use tags? Tags are a useful tool that can help you find notes quickly.. When you tap the search tool in the upper right corner, you can choose a tag to look for and the result will show up in a few seconds.. It is much faster than a global search. To manage the tags, go to SettingsOptionsTag Management, where you can add and delete tags. If youve updated to the latest 3.3 firmware youll notice that weve redesigned the user interface to make navigation easier.. The first change is we added the optional navigation buttons on the bottom.. If you want to have a similar experience to your Android device, go to SettingsGesture Manager and select Navigation Bar., Then with a single tap, you can return to the home page enter the multitasking window and refresh the screen.. Apart from the navigation bar. The system. Menu has also been completely redesigned.. It now integrates more functions with a compact interface and assists you with more tasks.. You can access the menu by swiping down from the right corner.. You can split the screen, use BOOXDrop and send feedback by tapping the buttons in this function. Hub.. You can also easily adjust the front lights. Tap the Edit button to rearrange the icons.

If you want to change the controls.. Another new feature that you might enjoy is RSS subscription.. You can now read all of your favorite sources in one location. To add: subscriptions launch the PushRead app, select the RSS tab and then tap. Directory. Weve already suggested some public sources, but you can add more in the custom section. Thats all for the 3.3 firmware.. This latest firmware has upgraded the system to improve note, syncing stability and provides a slew of new features to help you accomplish more.. What is your favorite feature of the 3.3 upgrade Tell us in the comments. Im Jon with BOOX.